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NXT needs Castle!

This guy is absolute money! Example ROH got 221,000 viewers last week with him on the show, this week without him 141,000

The guy can wrestle, and is just oozing with charisma. The only thing is he might be to similar to Tyler Breeze but if Castle brings his boys with him I think they could have a epic hilarious feud

Who else supports Castle to NXT!
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

I like him just fine in ROH.
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

I don't want to see a watered down version of Dalton Castle in the uptight PG enviornment of WWE.

And we'd never get GOAT signs like this at Full Sail:

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Re: NXT needs Castle!

Dalton is fucking awesome. I love watching him in in NXT. He's one of the few wrestlers in general that I actually agree with the idea he's better off where he is. Joey Ryan the same way. I wish they could do their gimmicks on WWETV, but until they give up on this PG shtick.

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AAYYEE! WE WANT SOME BAY-LEY! And New.Day.Rocks! And if we don't get Owens/Zayn at WM I will vomit with anger and disappointment.
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

Yes. A thousand times yes.

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Re: NXT needs Castle!

Yes. Times a million.
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

KEEP DALTON AWAY FROM WWE YOU MOTHERFUCKING FUCKS!!! NO, NO, NO!!! Dalton needs to stay in ROH. in NXT, they'd take away his boys and the gimmick would lose all it's magic. And WWE can't work with the guys they have so just no, let him stay where he gets used properly with good booking.

And before people say "he only said NXT", going to NXT means going to WWE or rotting in NXT until your release. Dalton shouldn't be left to rot anywhere and he deserves more than what he'll get in WWE. Indy wrestlers shouldn't go to NXT if they can afford it, I'd rather live comfortably and be respected than take the bigger payday and be a sellout who gets remembered as a joke.
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

Castle and the Boys in NXT would be so pleasing for me. I hope it happens one day.
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

That would be amazing. Maybe wait a little bit, as my body is not ready for it...yet.
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Re: NXT needs Castle!

He's one of those guys that I think would totally work in NXT, but would not work on main roster. The crowd need to be properly in on it, and up for silly amounts of fun.

It's actually amazing how over he is with the ROH crowd. 5 years ago they would've shat on a gimmick like that.

Originally Posted by Rocky Mark
it seems that some people here only know how to complain

punk wins the title at mitb, complain
triple h returns , complain
zack ryder gets a role that garuntees he'll be on tv on a weekly basis , complain
punk goes over cena AGAIN , complain
kevin nash returns , complain
jennifer aniston gives you a blow job , complain
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