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Do you own any instrument?

Do you own any music instrument? Can you play any?

I bought an electric guitar just two days ago and I love it. It's like the best thing in the world for me.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

Two bass guitars, an acoustic guitar, a full set of harmonicas, and an ukulele. I'm adept enough with the bass, and decisively novice with the rest due to a lack of patience and commitment.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

Drums & Harmonicas .

best in the world

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

I have an acoustic guitar. I have played on and off since I was in high school. Not so much lately, but I always enjoy it when i do.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

Im all over this, was actually contemplating starting an instruments thread.

I teach guitar and drums, have 6 guitars in my house atm and a few more scattered amongst friends and family!, theyre mostly all pretty cheap though (except for my fancy Taylor), cant keep drums at home for obvious reasons but I do also have a bass, mandolin, bouzouki and keyboard here as well as a couple of old samplers, drum machines, amps(inc my beloved 70s hiwatt, most expensive thing I won) and a shitload of effects pedals. My apartment is basically a sanctuary for unloved equipment, love fixing up old crap people are throwing out.

Theres also a fucked up old piano in my hallway some old tenant left, always tempted to start working on it.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

I used to have a tenor saxophone when i played in school but i sold it awhile ago. I don't play but my dad has a few guitars that I'd love to learn on how to play someday.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

I'm a vocalist first and foremost, but I do own a 7-String Schecter Hellraiser copy. Only bad thing about it is, I can't go back to playing 6 strings and no-one else I know has a 7 string so I can't even jam with anyone, which is why I started a solo project.
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Re: Do you own any instrument?

An acoustic guitar sitting in my Dad's attic that he got as a goodbye gift from an office he used to work with.

Never seen him use it, nor will I ever.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, old drum set, and hand drum. Had a keyboard, trumpet, trombone (those two were from junior high/high school days), harmonicas, and mandolin, but they all either got sold, lent out, or jacked at some point.

I'd like to pick up a six string banjo, mandolin, ukelele, and harmonicas again, but money's tight.

Music's such a great thing.

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Re: Do you own any instrument?

Acoustic guitar.

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