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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

I don't know if he's the sort of "Rock" you're looking for, but if you want a GOAT singer, it's got to be Freddie Mercs. Unparalleled

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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Not in the GOAT Catagory but was aleays a fan of Adam Duritz as well.

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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Originally Posted by SN0WMAN View Post
Roy Orbison mention

In fact this list is pretty perfect except for the omission of Thom Yorke.
Orbison is LEGIT. Guy is the top crooner imo.

Yorke is very good but imo he isn't on the same level as the others I listed. Maybe it's the restriction that the more electronically-driven Radiohead tracks place upon his vocals, but that style makes some of his lyrics appear slurred instead of sang. Then again, Exit Music is a very good example of how good Yorke can be.


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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

I agree with pretty much everything said about Cobain, a profound influence on lyrics I write. He just had such a raw power and scream that is contagious to many listeners. Here's my list, taking singing, vocalist, and frontman star power into consideration:

Godly Level
Freddie Mercury
Jim Morrison
Ronnie James Dio
Chris Cornell
Robert Plant

Kurt Cobain
Layne Staley
Mark Lanegan
Eddie Vedder
Aaron Lewis
Rob Halford
Bruce Dickinson
Ronnie Van Zant

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WWE signs Kevin Steen
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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Is it just me, or could Morten Harket be mistaken for Roy Orbison on this track? Figured I might be straight trippin'.

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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Scott Weiland. SCOTT FREAKING WEILAND, guys. Also I'd definitely put Trent Reznor there, somewhere. He doesn't get as much recognition as a vocalist as is due. If only for DAT SCREAM alone. It's erotic.

Originally Posted by Bossdude View Post
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Re: GOAT rock Vocalist/ singer suggestions

Originally Posted by THE MIGHTY KRANG View Post
I totally understand the difference. 'Vocalist' covers such a broad range of styles, while a singer just covers the spectrum of...well, singing. Carrying a tune.

For example, I think Dave Vincent from Morbid Angel is one of the all-time great metal vocalists, but he never sings. Well, except on 'God Of Emptiness'.

Anyway, best singers:

Robert Plant
Ronnie James Dio
Ian Gillian
Layne Staley
Chris Cornell
Paul Rodgers
Mike Patton
Bruce Dickinson
Rob Halford
This, plus THE BOSS~! and Mercury

edit: But if we have to choose one as the best, I'd go for you BULLY.

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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Meh, I think Scott Weiland is a good singer, not good enough to be classified as one of the all time greats. Fucking love the first two STP albums though. Trent Reznor is a good shout however.

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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Shawn Smith and Roy Orbison.
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Re: GOAT rock vocalist/singer suggestions

Captain Beefhart

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