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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Nirvana is total garbage.

[x] Wade Barrett wins any championship
[x] Dean Ambrose Debuts
[] Damien Sandow wins any championship
[] WHC and WWE Championship are unified
[] Christian wins another main event title
[x] Chris Jericho returns
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[x] CM Punk vs The Rock

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Grateful Dead is absolute shit.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

I cringe at whoever says The Shield's theme is one of the best ever. It's not even worthy of an NXT regular.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Originally Posted by TehJerichoFan View Post
Grateful Dead is absolute shit.

I work at Trader Joes alongside this chick who also works part time at a Starbucks. Yesterday she was wearing a Grateful Dead shirt. She just reeks of "STICK IT TO THE MAN" syndrome while still working FOR the man. She's a walking oxymoron. The majority of my coworkers also just talk about weed all day and how it's so awesome and how they're gonna go smoke so much dank after work. One of my supervisors even chimed in and said that he should show us some of his plants back in Cali that he decorates for Christmas at times...........seriously. I work with a bunch of morons. All hail the retail empire.

(i don't have anything against marijuana, just the idiots who talk about it 24/7 like it's Katy Perry's vagina or something)

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Does anyone else absolutely hates Iron Maiden's spamming of the definite article "THE" in their song titles?
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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

I'd say that ST Anger is the only truly bad Metallica album.Unless you want to count the one they did the guy from Velvet Underground, that sucked too. While Load and Reload weren't as great as their early stuff, they still have some real good songs on them.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Is this an unpopular opinion ?:

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Avenged Sevenfold are damn talented, easily one of the best modern rock/metal artists of this era. (no idea if unpopular but I have heard a lot of people claiming they're sellouts, music is crap etc. on other sites before).
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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

^^ Yeah, I saw those comments too. I don't think they are that bad. M. Shadows has a distinctive voice and its pretty good. Guitar work is all right. However, it is so hard for me to like this band for some peculiar reason. Chris Jericho loves this band and they got some all right songs.


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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

It's hard for me to get into Sevenfold too. I like beast and the harlot and Buried Alive though.

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