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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

I'm a fan of ICP and most artists related to that type of music like Necro, La Coka Nostra, AOTP, Hopsin etc.

And 2Pac/Biggy music is terrible.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Gangnam Style is one of the best songs of 2012.

I don't even listen to this type of music, but this song is so catchy.
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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions


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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Originally Posted by JohnTheRevelator View Post
Gangnam Style is one of the best songs of 2012.

I don't even listen to this type of music, but this song is so catchy.
No one can dispute that.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Dave Grohl has surpassed Kurt Cobain in every aspect. Better musician (guitar, drums) and sings his ass off. Cobain wasn't that great on the guitar but he did write some good stuff, however Grohl has overtaken him. This will never be acknowledged by the majority as the majority believe Cobain is an untouchable God. Truth is if he didn't kill himself his legend wouldn't be half of what it is, as it is with any musician who dies, they become glorified.

People who whinge that Guns n Roses are nothing without Slash piss me off. Thats usually the first indication that they know fuck all about the band. If they knew anything about the band they would include Izzy and Duff who were just as important to that band as Slash, Izzy Stradlin arguably more so. Also if they hadn't imploded like they did they would have become the most important, most influential band since the Beatles. The biggest waste the music industry has ever seen.
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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Bob Dylan is fucking shit.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions


-ELO are better than the Beatles.
-Animals is the best Pink Floyd album.
-Born in the USA is the worst album Bruce ever made.
-Johnny Ramone was a better guitarist than Joe Satriani.
-post-punk > punk
-99.999999% of post rock is terrible.
-Isis blow.
-the demo is always better than the album.
-first 4 Manowar albums rule.
-the first 2 Kings Of Leon albums are world class rock n roll records worthy of CCR comparisons.(theyve been utter shite ever since tho)
-people who instantly disregard all chart pop music are morons, like any genre theres good and bad and if you cant even tell the good pop from the bad then you aint got much hope with the more obscure stuff.

Originally Posted by asdf0501 View Post
Possessed says hello.

- Michael Jackson was a great musician but not worthy of "Greatest Pop Artist of All Times", he was Good on his own but his best work was when he was working with Quincy Jones who help wroting a bunch of the themes and producing the discs, after that he begin to rip other artists (like Prince, who is a better musician) and heavily depend on Gigs and Videoclips to held his own.

- The most Influencial bands of The Century are The Velvet Underground and Black Sabbath (letting aside The Beatles)

- Ozzy, being a great frontman, is a overrated hack who has made a career getting the credit for other's man work (Iommi, Butler, Rhoads, Lee, Daisley, etc)

- Madonna pretty much sucks

- The Rolling Stones die after 1973 (this is probably not really unpopular)
^all these are pretty much spot on, La Isla Bonita rules though.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Bunch of unpopular Metallica opinions coming....

Gotta get my Hater-Face on!

I'll put Slayer's first 5 full length records against Metallica's anyday. Same with Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament and Overkill. Great, great records but their contemporaries never got their due. Metallica is hard rock thrash and easily the most boring member of the Big 4.

Somebody explain the appeal of post '89 Metallica to me. Please. I gladly take John Bush Anthrax over it.

How have they remained the biggest metal band in the world? No band has EVER rested on its laurels as much as Metallica. Everything they did in the 1990s was a watered down blatant cash grab to absolute shit. Symphony orchestra gimmick, really? So hack, so cheesy.

St. Anger, Death Magnetic and Lulu is the worst three album run in American thrash.

Kirk Hammett is a hack. Lars Ulrich is a disgrace compared to his contemporaries. Guys like Sandoval, Hoglan, Lombardo and Benante. He is an embarrassment compared to what modern metal has been producing lately.

The most talented member of Metallica has always been the bassist. JASON NEWSTED. Yeah, I said it. Newsted's pick playing should have elevated this band to a whole new level. Instead they hazed the shit out of him and the fans have rejected him. Everybody is in denial about Cliff Burton's skill level. Look, he died in a car accident. He didn't get canonized as a saint, people. Newsted-Trujillon-Burton. Stop worshiping Burton's corpse. It isn't a big insult to say Burton is 3rd when the other two smoke the shit out of almost every metal guy who ever picked up a bass, so settle down.

Replace these lame fuckers with Testament or Overkill in the Big 4. So many LAZY people making it big.
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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

^was gonna put post 89 talica sucking in mine but figured it was a pretty popular opinion.

Agree with most of that except the part about Newsted being better than Cliff, GTFO.
I wonder who'll replace Trujilio now that he's busy being muscle for Seth and Dean in the Shield.

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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

- The Last Kiss is Jada's best album
- Recovery is a solid 7/10 album and Eminem's 4th best album not counting BmE
- Diplomatic Immunity and Come Home With Me are classics
- Paper Trail is T.I's best album
- Wu Tang Forever is Wu Tang's best album

Looking back on my last post:
It was pretty ignorant to say Q>Kendrick, I didn't even listen to Section 80 at that time
I changed my opinion on BP3, a good album. 7/10
Pretty ignorant for me to say that Doggystyle wasn't a classic, even though I'm not a fan of that album/Snoop
No idea why I said Meth>Ghost/Raekwon

I still stand by the rest

Originally Posted by CREDMI View Post
You're fucken damn right, you've rustled my jimmies & I assume everyone else's!!! I tell you what, I'll pay your airfare over to Melbourne, it will only be a one way ticket though, because I will KILL you, you child molesting fuckwit!!!
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