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Electronic Music

Alright I know there was a thread on this a little while ago but seeing as it's past the forum cut-off I'm guessing it's okay to start a new thread.

This is the place to discuss all things Electronic. Whether it be dance music, ambient, alternative or just rockin' electronic-based bands I want to try and see if we can't get a nice little thread going. I'll get things started by posting a few songs I'm loving at the moment and some of my favourites in general.

All I ask is please no Skrillex. It's rubbish.

One of my favourite tracks right now as it was really the soundtrack for my trip to America last year. Destructo is a pretty prominent American promoter (responsible for the HARD festivals and last years breakthrough Holy Ship! festival in January) and he's got one of the most promising sounds coming out of the barrels of shit that America is producing in terms of EDM.

A sweet little collab that was just released today actually. Anna Lunoe is a long-time Aussie DJ that's been doing residencies all around the world and she's launched a campaign to get into production this year. Flume is an outstanding young artist from Australia who has been creating nothing but buzz on the Future Talent label here in Aus. I can see this being a sleeper summer tune for the American clubs this year. Lovely groove.

She's also very attractive which helps.

Love this song. Love this band (probably my second favourite band of all time behind LCD Soundsystem) and this song just gets me. The synth after the chorus shreds and they were spectacular when I saw them live in 2010.

So I'm done waffling for now. I'm not going to keep bumping the thread but I'd hope it stays active enough for me to regularly post tracks that I'm digging. I'd love for people to post some stuff they're into as well that way all our tastes can broaden. JUST NO SKRILLEX!!!
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Re: Electronic Music

I could go on and on..

Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada is a Canadian IDM band that excels at subtleties. Their music is like the aural equivalent of watching a movie with bad tint. Half nostalgic, half hazy and unnerving. One of my favourites.

Aphex Twin

What's not to like here? Probably the biggest creative force of IDM. The timbres of the percussive effects in the song above rule.

Deaf Center

A smart mix of contemporary classical, ambient and IDM. Deaf Center's is laden with wintry melancholy but with a sense of urgency. This isn't mood music.

Kona Triangle

A mixture of Flying Lotus styled drums and Boards of Canada esque nostalgia.. but mixed with a more tropical flavour.


A relatively recent discovery of mine. I particularly like how the track functions like the memory; fuzzy, unclear. Fennesz's music is a creative take on nostalgia, through use of warm effects, harsh electronics buried behind a wall of fuzz..


Black metal band gone electronica. I like the inclusion of the sax.

I apologize in advance for any video that can't be embedded.
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Re: Electronic Music

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
All I ask is please no Skrillex. It's rubbish.

So the fact that you personally don't like Skrillex is the reason his music shouldn't be posted in an electronica thread?

Shouldn't it be because Skrillex doesn't make electronica music?

Regardless, initially posting because I like electronica and I'm open to suggestions.

Listening to all links.

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Re: Electronic Music

Trance is my favourite genre of music, not as popular as other forms of EDM or Electronic music in general

Some old classics:

(My personal favourite):

The genre has fallen off somewhat in the last few years but there is still some great stuff getting released occasionally

Some others that aren't strictly trance but a fusion of genres:



Some others:

(Huge drop in this track)

Just a small selection

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Re: Electronic Music

I personally enjoy Crystal Castles. I think they have a really cool sound.


My favorite song from them is Courtship Dating.

Plus, they have a song with ROBERT FUCKING SMITH

Fuck yes.

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Re: Electronic Music

Really enjoy Blaqk Audio... Formed by the vocalist and guitarist of AFI.

My personal favorite and one of their new songs:

"Everything anybody ever valued or struggled for... it's all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?"
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Re: Electronic Music

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Re: Electronic Music

Everybody just listen to...

Cornelius - Point.
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Re: Electronic Music

Here's a few tracks to sink your teeth into, i'll post more later.

Spoiler for 1:

Spoiler for 2:

Spoiler for 3:

Spoiler for 4:

Spoiler for 5:

Spoiler for 6:

Spoiler for 7:

Spoiler for 8:

Spoiler for 9:

Spoiler for 10:

Spoiler for 11:

Spoiler for 12:

Spoiler for 13:

Spoiler for 14:

Spoiler for 15:

Spoiler for 16:

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Re: Electronic Music

*immense bump*

So clearly this thread was a forgotten beacon of light among this section and lets see if we can breathe some life back into this piece. All of the recs won't be lost in vain. Damn near inspired to take a gander at all that is new to me. I would have implored massive praise for Blaqk Audio, yet to behold there already has been. I'll simply add to it. They're stellar. Arguably the high point of electronic music for me right now. Cex Cells is on levels of being my life support these days. The Love Letter & Snuff on Digital. Oh, as a certain modern day wrestler would say - feed me more.

Knowing myself too, I could slam in a bit of a plug towards Enter Shikari. I know they're not solely an electronica band, but the influence is high. So, screw it. They're in it now. Brilliant. My adoration is nearly status of worship. Scratch that. It's well past that level by this point. It's also a segway into the front man of the group - Roughton "Rou" Reynolds - side project: Rout. It's enough to get a rise out of me. I dig it. The man knows how to push the buttons of the electronic devices into pushing the buttons of my heart.

btw, all the embedded videos in here have made this page near dreadful to load up. so, that's why I avoided post a few myself. I'll do so if anyone is interested in what I was blabbering about.

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