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The Beatles

Alright, look, I know they're in my name, so you can tell I may be a bit biased. However, I feel that there cannot be a music section without a thread on the Fab Four.

The Beatles.

Left to right: John Lennon, Ringo Starr (aka, Richard Starkey), Paul McCartney, and George Harrison,

These four men were single handedly responsible for not just rock, but music itself as we know and understand it. Many know them as the mop topped teenage sensation, but I find few today really do understand just how deep their musical prowess went.

Yes, they STARTED as a boyband, but by 1966, they were doing THIS:

Listen to the tone of the guitar! The lyrical depth! This was all in 1966, and they are just on the cusp of a heavy metal-iah sound here, guitar-wise but not quite. This was the album, like Rubber Soul before it, where they said, "You know what, no! We're tired of the media and the pretty-boy image they bestowed upon us, we want to mature as ARTISTS!" and when they could no longer tour, they went into the studio and would create the genesis of more than a few sounds. Including:

The first record with backwards music on it:

This one also features what Ringo himself would consiffer his best drumming. I would disagree, but moving on..

Their songs also covered a myriad or emotions. Yes, love songs were one, but beyond that were themes like, oh, say...Suicide.

And the birth of metal, finally realized since Revolver, two years prior:

It would take me ages to list all the ground the Beatles broke musically, but if you want find out, just listen for yourselves. I'm sure many here find them tame by today's standards, but the point of this thread is, whether you like them as a group or not, as individuals there are no more important four people in the history of rock. Without them, chances are your favorite band or musical genre to come along since might not exist. At least, not in the same form, to the same degree.

Each one of them was a genius in their own way, and I hope someone here who might not have heard much of them can be inspired to now.

This isn't even mentioning their solo work, which continues their experimentation even further.

So, are there any fellow Beatles fans here with me on this one?

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Re: The Beatles

Yes I own all their albums on CD. I grew up listening to them from my parents LP's. Revolver and Rubber Soul are my two favourites. My top 3 bands:

1: Rolling Stones
2: The Beatles
3: Led Zeppelin.

All were making music before I was born (ie 1977).
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Re: The Beatles

Absolute GOAT band

Recommend the anthology from the 90s with all the raw cuts on it as some of the demo versions of some of the songs are better than the final product, your mother should know (Take 1) and the original strawberry fields before john completely reworked it.

Favourite project is either SPLHCB or MMT. Hippie 1967 beatles is my favourite incarnation of the band.

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Re: The Beatles

Never understood the hype behind The Beatles, never really gotten into any of their music except a few songs. I get that the majority of people think they're awesome but I was always more of a Rolling Stones guy (probably influenced by my dad.) I do like Blue Jay Way, Tomorrow Never Knows, Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day In The Life, My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Comes The Sun, Eleanor Rigby, Helter Skelter and Yesterday but as I said, not really their biggest fan.


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Re: The Beatles

I LOVE The Beatles, I will be going to Beatles Week in August for the 11th year. My fave member is George,My fave song is between Something and While My guitar gently weeps,my fave album Abbey Road.

Thanks to for the sig.
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Re: The Beatles

Along with Zep, the 'GOAT' band IMO. The most perfect 'studio' band you could ever wish to find.

Revolver being my favorite album, but im a big fan of their more 'poppy' early work too TBH, stuff like Misery, This Boy, and stuff from pre -'65 i like just as much as their more 'advanced' material.

Have so much bootleg material too lol, with a shitload of studio stuff and alternate takes. Amazing band.

'Hey Bulldog' is not only just a forgotten Beatles song IMO, it's a forgotten song full stop.

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Re: The Beatles

One thing I've always wanted to know...

The haircuts! Why initially the same? I know they all had different hairstyles later on.

Back, after three years...
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Re: The Beatles

Huge fan. Have the Stereo CD box set and the newer Beatles U.S. Mono CD's re-release. I have like three of their records on LP, plan on getting the rest but money is tight. Also have the Anthology DVD's, Love, all of their greatest hits etc. Even have the John Lennon box set, George Harrison box set, nearly all of McCartney's solo albums etc. I have a really big collection now that I think about it.

For me, they are absolutely the greatest in history. Even as a boy band they were exceptional. Their first album was written in such a short time and was excellent. By Rubber Soul they were innovating. "Tomorrow Never Knows" remains one of the best tracks of all time. I believe (not 100% sure) that they are also credited for having the first concept album (Sgt. Pepper), and the first music video (I think it was Paperback Writer). Sometimes I go through months not listening to their stuff (as I'll explore other genres) but I will always come back to the Beatles.

Got to see Paul McCartney live two years ago and it was probably the best concert experience I ever had. Hearing songs like Lovely Rita, and Paperback Writer live were such amazing feelings. McCartney is my favorite Beatle and has the best solo career, but Harrison and Lennon were great too.

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Re: The Beatles

Probably makes me sound rather sad lol but fuck it, my wall is covered with various pictures, posters, LP's, singles on vinyl, and various other Beatles related stuff.

Most are pretty common, but i do have a pristine Magical Mystery Tour EP and a couple of US vinyl albums that will fetch a few quid.

One if the happiest days was the first time I step foot in the Beatles shop in Liverpool, I was like a big kid in a candy store.

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Re: The Beatles

I think that bands throughout the 70's outdone the standards set by the Beatles, but that being said I'd probably consider them #1 . Most of their material until their later albums are just exceptional.
@Rockhead I wouldn't really consider McCartney having the better solo career. If Lennon was still alive, who knows? He was creating, imo, better content than McCartney who was bombing with that Wings fiasco.
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