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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

Cool idea, I'll do a few. Just favourites though, not what would necessarily be on a greatest hits album.


1. Serve The Servants (In Utero)
2. Scentless Apprentice (In Utero)
3. Heart-Shaped Box (In Utero)
4. School (Bleach)
5. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (In Utero)
6. Paper Cuts (Bleach)
7. Negative Creep (Bleach)
8. Milk It (In Utero)
9. Lounge Act (Nevermind)
10. Stay Away (Nevermind)
11. Tourettes (In Utero)
12. Something In The Way (Nevermind)


1. The Saddest Day (Petitioning The Empty Sky)
2. Fault And Fracture (Jane Doe)
3. Axe To Fall (Axe To Fall)
4. Drop Out (You Fail Me)
5. Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast (Axe To Fall)
6. The Broken Vow (Jane Doe)
7. Bitter And Then Some (Jane Doe)
8. Color Me Blood Red (Petitioning The Empty Sky)
9. Eagles Become Vultures (You Fail Me)
10. Death King (You Fail Me)
11. Slave Driver (Axe To Fall)
12. Jane Doe (Jane Doe)
13. All We Love We Leave Behind (All We Love We Leave Behind)


1. Everything In Its Right Place (Kid A)
2. Paranoid Android (OK Computer)
3. Sail To The Moon (Hail To The Thief)
4. Exit Music (For A Film) (OK Computer)
5. All I Need (In Rainbows)
6. Karma Police (OK Computer)
7. Fitter Happier (OK Computer)
8. Idioteque (Kid A)
9. Climbing Up The Walls (OK Computer)
10. Videotape (In Rainbows)
11. Lucky (OK Computer)
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (The Bends)

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

Originally Posted by The Manowarrior View Post
I think the OP meant that the song has to be the same number as it was in its original album (i.e. if Seek & Destroy was number 9 on Kill Em All, it has to be number 9 in this 'best of' album and you have to pick between all the songs that were number 9 on all Metallica albums) and not that there has to be the same number of songs as on the band's first album. I may be wrong, though.
Originally Posted by birthday_massacre View Post
This is correct.

You can put as many songs as are on the longest album, but each track has to be the same number as it was on the original album (you can't use a track number for a best of album).

And just to be a little more clear, they don't have to be hits per say, just your greatest hits meaning your favorite songs from the band.
OH NOW I GET IT. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I'll do my revised Megadeth list then.

1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - (Rust In Peace)
2. Washington is Next! - (United Abominations)
3. Addicted To Chaos - (Youthansia)
4. Five Magics - (Rust In Peace)
5. Burning Bridges - (The World Needs A Hero)
6. Lucretia - (Rust In Peace)
7. Tornado Of Souls - (Rust In Peace)
8. Angry Again - (Hidden Treasures)
9. Psychotron - (Countdown To Extinction)
10. She-Wolf - (Cryptic Writings)
11. Ashes In Your Mouth - (Countdown To Extinction)
12. Victory - (Youthanasia)
13. 13 - (Th1rt3en)
14. Evil That's Within - (Cryptic Writings)

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)


1. We Care Alot
2. Caffeine (sorry Epic)
3. Midlife Crisis
4. Surprise You're Dead!
5. Zombie Eaters
6. The Real Thing
7. Malpractice
8. The Crab Song
9. Digging The Grave
10. War Pigs (GOAT cover)
11. King For A Day
12. What A Day
13. Midnight Cowboy (GOAT cover 2.0)
14. Just A Man

Wow, none from Album Of The Year. Just the other songs are so stellar in comparison.

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

Originally Posted by blarg_ View Post
Your rule definitely makes this harder to compile, but also extremely limiting to make a great compilation with the right flow. Very fun thread idea though, maybe you can make a new one eventually asking for genre compilations.

Anyway, I can't think of who my favorite band is, but I thought i'd begin with Nine Inch Nails. I used to be an unabashed hardcore fan growing up and seen them Live more often than I can count. Double CD SWERVE, and the second CD is centered around heavier tracks with two moody pieces for breathing room.

1 All the Love in the World (With Teeth)
2 Into the Void (The Fragile CD 2)
3 The Frail (The Fragile CD 1)
4 The Wretched The Fragile (CD 1)
5 Closer (The Downward Spiral)
6 Ruiner (The Downward Spiral)
7 Sin (Pretty Hate Machine)
8 Only (With Teeth)
9 The Big Comedown (The Fragile CD 2)
10 God Given (Year Zero)
11 La Mer (The Fragile CD 1)
12 The Great Below (The Fragile CD 1)
13 Right Where It Belongs (With Teeth)
14 Hurt (The Downward Spiral)
15 Almost Home (The Social Network Soundtrack.. I cheated to get Zero Sum in there)
16 Zero-Sum (Year Zero)

1) Head Like a Hole (Pretty Hate Machine)
2) Wish (Broken)
3) Heresy (The Downward Spiral)
4) March of the Pigs (The Downward Spiral)
5) Something I can Never Have (Pretty hate Machine)
6) Gave up (Broken)
7) Just Like you Imagined (The Fragile CD 1)
8) Suck (Broken)
9) A Warm Place (The Downward Spiral)
10) Erasure (The Downward Spiral)
11) Meet your Master (Year Zero)
12) Reptile (The Downward Spiral)
13) The Downward Spiral (The Downward Spiral)
14) Black Noise (Hesitation marks)
I'd shuffle them around a bit and throw in some stuff off "Still.." (And All That Could Have Been) but great list.
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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)


Little easier with so few albums.

1. Vicarious
2. Prison Sex
3. H..
4. 10,000 Days
5. Schism
6. Swamp Song
7. Parabola
8. Ticks and Leeches
9. Lateralus
10. Right in Two
11. Pushit
12. Triad
13. ∆nima

Sooooo hard keeping:
Hooker With a Penis out of #7
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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)


1. For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
2. Ignorance (most difficult choice)
3. Emergency
4. Misery Business
5. When It Rains
6. The Only Exception
7. Whoa
8. Crushcrushcrush
9. Still Into You
10. Fences
11. All I Wanted
12. Decode

I accept rep.

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

A few more, not technically 'bands' though, so sue me.

Elliott Smith

1. Needle In The Hay (Elliott Smith)
2. Alameda (Either/Or)
3. Ballad Of Big Nothing (Either/Or)
4. No Name #2 (Roman Candle)
5. Pitseleh (XO)
6. A Fond Farewell (From A Basement On The Hill)
7. King's Crossing (From A Basement On The Hill)
8. Alphabet Town (Elliott Smith)
9. St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith)
10. Oh Well, Okay (XO)
11. 2:45 AM (Either/Or)
12. The Biggest Lie (Elliott Smith)
13. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (XO)
14. I Didn't Understand (XO)

Chelsea Wolfe

1. Feral Love (Pain Is Beauty)
2. We Hit A Wall (Pain Is Beauty)
3. Tracks (Tall Bodies) (Apokalypsis)
4. Demons (Apokalypsis)
5. Movie Screen (Apokalypsis)
6. Boyfriend (Unknown Rooms)
7. Moses (Apokalypsis)
8. Hyper Oz (Unknown Rooms)
9. Halfsleeper (The Grime And The Glow)
10. To The Forest, Towards The Sea (Apokalypsis)
11. Widow (The Grime And The Glow)
12. Lone (Pain Is Beauty)

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

Originally Posted by The Manowarrior View Post
01. Careful (brand new eyes)
02. Pressure (All We Know is Falling)
03. Emergency (All We Know is Falling)
04. Misery Business (Riot!)
05. Here We Go Again (All We Know is Falling)
06. The Only Exception (brand new eyes)
07. Whoa (All We Know is Falling)
08. crushcrushcrush (Riot!)
09. Still Into You (Paramore)
10. Anklebiters (Paramore)
11. Born For This (Riot!)
12. Decode (brand new eyes)

System of a Down

01. Suite-Pee (System of a Down)
02. BYOB (Mezmerize)
03. Sugar (System of a Down)
04. Boom! (Steal This Album!)
05. Spiders (System of a Down)
06. Chop Suey! (Toxicity)
07. Mr. Jack (Steal This Album!)
08. Question! (Mezmerize)
09. ATWA (Toxicity)
10. Science (Toxicity)
11. Lonely Day (Hypnotize)
12. Toxicity (Toxicity)
13. Aerials (Toxicity)

No Doubt

01. Ex-Girlfriend (Return of Saturn)
02. Hella Good (Rock Steady)
03. Just A Girl (Tragic Kingdom)
04. Get on the Ball (No Doubt)
05. Underneath It All (Rock Steady)
06. Hey You (Tragic Kingdom)
07. Marry Me (Return of Saturn)
08. New (Return of Saturn)
09. Squeal (The Beacon Street Collection)
10. Don't Speak (Tragic Kingdom)
11. Dreaming the Same Dream (Push and Shove)
12. Staring Problem (Return of Saturn)
13. End it on This (Tragic Kingdom)

A Day to Remember

01. The Downfall of us All (Homesick)
02. All I Want (What Separates Me From You)
03. I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of? (Homesick)
04. Dead & Buried (Common Courtesy)
05. 2nd Sucks (What Separates Me From You)
06. You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance (And Their Name Was Treason)
07. Violence [Enough is Enough] (Common Courtesy)
08. You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic (What Separates Me From You)
09. 1958 (And Their Name Was Treason)
10. If I Leave (What Separates Me From You)
11. Another Song About the Weekend (Homesick)
12. If It Means Alot to You (Homesick)
13. Heartless (For Those Who Have Heart)
14. You Should've Killed Me When You Had The Chance (For Those Who Have Heart)
15. Since U Been Gone (For Those Who Have Heart)

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

Black Sabbath (Ozzy Era)

1. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
2. You Won't Change Me
3. Symptom Of The Universe
4. Wicked World
5. Electric Funeral
6. Lord Of This World
7. Looking For Today
8. Laguna Sunrise

Black Sabbath (Dio era)

1. Computer God
2. Voodoo
3. TV Crimes
4. Heaven and Hell
5. The Mob Rules
6. Die Young
7. Walk Away
8. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
9. I
10. Buried Alive

Black Sabbath (Other eras)

1. Trashed
2. No Stranger To Love
3. Devil & Daughter
4. When Death Calls
5. Zero The Hero
6. Danger Zone
7. Valhalla
8. Nightwing

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Re: make a bands greatest hits (with a twist)

My AIC list varies from Krang. (note: nothing from the glam days)

1. Them Bones
2. Man in the box
3. Rain When I die (hard choice between Rain When I die or Sludge factory)
4. Down in a Hole
5. Whale and Wasp
6. Don't Follow (this is a murder's row between LHL, Rooster and Don't Follow. Hell, I would put these three up against any band's six spot)
7. Junkhead
8. Breath on a Window
9. Godsmack
10. Confusion
11. Black Gives Way to Blue
12. Angry Chair
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