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Pretty voices, DARK songs

Idea for this came up in another thread when noticing it’s a good time to be into female singer songwriters who lean toward a dark/ eerie/sad/strange or occult atmosphere, theres a few great notable ones around atm but this kind of thing is nothing new really so here’s some new and old from different places and genres but all with a common theme, spoiler tags to avoid page crashes
Spoiler for newish/recent stuff:

Thread was sparked by some talk about the new Marissa Nadler album so that’s as good a place as any to start

If this whole type thing were an actual scene/genre then Chelsea Wolfe would easily be the current reigning queen of it

Sabbath Assembly take their inspiration from a weirdo 60s hippy satanic cult, picture virgin sacrifices when you listen to their shit

Jess Williamsons music is not really all that dark, but she’s sings ghostly songs about the devil and she’s plays the banjo! Count her IN

Spoiler for vintage shit:

PJ is UNFUCKWITHABLE, whole catalogue is gold

Judee Sill’s music is not that dark on the surface but takes on new light when you hear her crazy life story – heroin, prostitution, madness, death

Joanna Newsom’s Ys album- not that dark either but godamm, how does she come up with this stuff?, like Ive played music a long time, I have a bit of knowledge how things work - a few chords, verse/chorus/verse, etc, I have no idea how anyone puts something like this together, its humbling to listen to, I gotta get some new chops. She’s smoking hot too btw
(warning – her squeaky voice is a put off for lots of people)

Diamanda Galas is the baddest, most terrifying woman ITT

Bonus – Witchy Woman ROCK
Spoiler for WWR:

Jex Thoth feat the lovely miss Jess Toth, also of Sabbath Assembly, if youre not feeling this tune I don’t think we can be friends, bro, THAT organ

Extra bonus- some more random shit sort of on the same lines
Spoiler for spoiler:

This one really creeps me out

I used to see this girl playing around town a lot a few years ago, dunno whatever happened to her

I think that’s enough for now, post some more if you like em, or let my thread die a sad lonely death, the kind that one of these women would sing songs about, whatever the fuck

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

Aw yiss, this thread's going to be sweet. Looking forward to running through some of the gals you posted that I don't already know. Wolfe is no doubt the reigning champ though. I'm glad you included Cat Power since I recently got into her stuff and it's awesome, not as much the recent releases but everything from the 90s is great. Moon Pix is superb.

I'll add two:

Spoiler for :
Soap&Skin: Hard to define - some of her stuff is experimental, especially her second album, but it's all very dark and gloomy and her bad upbringing makes everything of hers very personal. Not to mention she's only 23.

Zola Jesus: Electronic and industrial with a touch of goth? Something like that.

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

On PJ Harvey, this is probably one of the biggest moment in music singed by girls i know

Spoiler for Teclo:

Funny Story: One friend traveled for vacations to England, he was on the airport and saw PJ Harvey waiting for a flight or something. He's like the biggest fan on earth so immediately went to her trying to obtain a signature, so he asked, PJ looked him for a moment, said "NO" and then walked away from him, nothing more, she only said "NO" and walked. The woman is fucking PUNK

Would I write a book? Or should I take to the stage?

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

Been waiting on this thread

Have nothing to add unfortunately.
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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

This is probably the first thread in this section I'll be part of actively.

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

Originally Posted by AlienBountyHunter View Post
I'm glad you included Cat Power since I recently got into her stuff and it's awesome, not as much the recent releases but everything from the 90s is great. Moon Pix is superb.
The Covers Album was the first CP I heard and still my fave, all her albums tend to have a few tracks I love and a load I always skip but that one holds me the whole way through.
Asdf's PJ story also reminded me I know a guy who has a great story about escorting Cat Power around on a press tour and her being a gigantic schitzo pain in the ass the whole time, tbf Im pretty sure she's been to rehab a few times since then.

Zola Jesus is a great shout too , and another release on the great Sacred Bones label, I swear that label doesnt put out any bad stuff.

Originally Posted by L-DOPA View Post

Have nothing to add unfortunately.
ah mang, and I left a Julia Holter shaped hole in the op for you to fill.

wait, that didnt sound good.

Originally Posted by Sono Shion View Post
oh man, thats the stuff right there, blissful track, I gotta listen to more of that band.

Thought of a few more I'll post later.

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

I thought Julia would have been too obvious .

But fuck it, since we're on that subject.

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

My favorite is, of course, Miranda Lambert. The songs where she is killing someone always appeal to me for whatever reason.

My favorite might be Sin for a Sin. Here are a few of the lyrics.

"Bad things come with consequence, what feels good hurts in the end... don't wanna think about that now." - She knows she's going to kill him and she knows it will hurt her in the end but she doesn't wanna think about that now.

"Fire and brimstone, dirt and a headstone. Bury 'em baby, all of our sins... hear the thunder, six feet under... hit your knees, wont don't it again" - The thunder is the gunshot after she makes him kneel because he wont get a chance to do it again.

My favorite line however is...

"Guilty pleasure, ease the pain... whiskey running through my veins... to late to save you now."

Spoiler for Sin for a Sin:

You gotta consider that country music, these days, isn't that dark... especially for a female artist. Miranda broke alot of boundaries and a hell of a lot of rules with her style and that's why she is so loved by the outlaw country type of crowd.

Here's another one. Gunpowder and Lead which is about her killing a lover that abuses her.

"I've got two miles til... he makes bell and if I'm right we're headed straight for hell" - Shit's about to go down and both might die.

"I'm going home gonna load my shotgun, wait by the door and light a cigarette. He wants a fight well now he's got one. And he ain't seen me crazy yet. Slapped my face and he shook me like a ragdoll. Doesn't that sound like a real man. I'm gonna show him what a little girl's made of
Gunpowder and Lead"

"he pulls in the drive, gravels fly...he doesn't know what's waiting here this time" - gonna unload that shotgun on him and he doesn't even know what's about to hit him.

The best line is "his fist is big but my gun's bigger... he'll find out when I pull the trigger".

Spoiler for gunpowder and lead:

She also goes into dark subjects like bank robbery, fighting, violence in general, taking peoples souls via sex. There's nothing occult in her stuff but she likes to delve into the dark side of the psyche which is very rare in country music these days. At least in country music that you hear on the radio.

This is probably my favorite lesser known songs of hers. It's called, "Down" and has a dark side if you pay attention.

Spoiler for Down:

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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

Oh cool, Hanoi caved in and made the thread Good to see my musical PM penpal Sono in here too.

Some good stuff posted in here already. Julia Holter and Zola Jesus have put out some stellar releases last year. PJ Harvey is a very good throwback shout. And WOW, didn't know someone else on here knew about Coco Rosie.. defo a good shout for fans of Bjork.

Of course, with a throwback I have to mention The Dreaming era Kate Bush. Songs like "Get out of my House" are eerie and haunting (though some will argue that her voice is an acquired taste). There's so many places you can go with this thread since "Dark" music is hard to define. If Cat Power is mentioned, then you can make an argument for hundreds of female singers.

A few shouts to start off with varying in style and mood (most from 2013 since tonight i'm suffering from long-term memory loss), i'll post more if the thread stays active. Good job Hanoi, even better job for using spoiler brackets

Spoiler for Chelsea Wolfe - Feral Love:

Spoiler for Carmen Villain-Lifeissin:

Spoiler for Zaku Makino - Come Undone:

Spoiler for The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble- All is One:

Spoiler for Cold Specks- A Case For Shame:

Spoiler for Rachel Zeffira-The Deserters:

Spoiler for Russian Circles:

Spoiler for Emika - Wicked Games (Chris Isaak cover):

Spoiler for Fever Ray- If I had a Heart:

Spoiler for OOFJ- DEATH TEETH:

Spoiler for Clara Moto - How We Live In Each Other:

Spoiler for Lightning Dust= Loaded Gun:

Spoiler for Grouper - Vital:

Spoiler for Mazzy Star - California:

Spoiler for Carla Bozulich - Pissing:

Spoiler for How To Destroy Angels- A Drowning:

Spoiler for iamamiwhoami - Sever:
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Re: Pretty voices, DARK songs

oh I knew blarg would come through with the good stuff , loads there Ive never even heard of, gonna go through them all. I know its a pretty loose theme but it all makes sense in my head.

Thanks for contributing too LC, to me all the best country music has that strain of darkness or sadness running through it, read a great book called Nashville Babylon a while back and now even when I hear the upbeat old stuff I cant help but thinking of all the madness, pain and misery most of the artists were going through. Some of the stuff is downright shocking.

Got a few more lined up I'll post in a bit.

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