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Emotional songs (dem feels...)

Here is where you post songs that get you especially emotional. Whether it's just the music, the lyrics, or both. Doesn't have to be just sad songs either. Maybe some are inspiring? Bring out the rage?

I'm gonna start with Still Unbroken by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is the real loner/outlaw anthem. Always gets me right at the end with "I ain't never going dooown!"

Watching From A Distance by Warning is just soul crushing. Sung by a man on the verge of tears it seems and the music itself is so dense and heavy and dreary. Song is about the deepest, most hopeless case of unrequited love. It's perfect.

Solitude by Candlemas mostly speaks for itself. The vocals are very powerful. Especially at the end.

I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. Without embarrassing myself too much, the vocals and melody are beautiful.

Bodies Under the Falls by Panopticon starts off as this chaotic bit of discordant flutes and guitar and drums (though if you're like me, you'll hear the harmony and beauty in that). At about 4:00 minutes, it breaks down into the quaint bluegrass piece that steals my soul away to Kentucky (who I haven't seen in forever). At the 7 minute mark, the two worlds blend it's one of the most beautiful things ever.

Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells is all about the atmosphere. It hits me like a cool breeze on a very warm day (there's some poetry for the day, no homo).

Sacred Worlds by Blind Guardian.... The most impressive bit of vocal work I've heard in power metal at least, maybe all of music. If power metal turns you off, don't let it do that for this song, it's closer to being a classic power ballad with some orchestral work in there. First time I heard this song was a religious experience. No song since has replicated that first impression.

Score to a New Beginning by Fairyland. Yes, the band is fruity as fuck, but I'm a sucker for frilly harmony and soaring vocals.

Tiger! Tiger! by Slough Feg. Really speaks for itself. Especially the last minute and a half or so. It really does take me away to some far flung and lost ship in outer space. Which is, I guess, what the song is about.


Anyway, I could go on for a VERY long time and will probably post more if others do so.
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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

Here's a song I stumbled across two days ago. Hit me square in the feels.

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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

My username first and foremost. One of the saddest yet most well written songs ever. The lyrics are so heartbreaking.

The closing song to one of the best rock opera/concepts albums I've ever heard. It's absolutely amazing that The Decemberists could bring so many emotions into what on paper is one of the most ridiculous concepts ever.

My favourite and the most underrated The National song ever. Melancholy at it's finest. Final minute or so is breathtaking.

The vocals and melodies in "Red Hands" by The Dear Hunter are incredible. In the context of the concept album this song is in and the character's revelation that he was being used all the time brings the perfect crescendo of despair and hopelessness

The Mixture of anger, angst and pride in this song by Verse manages to display the personal battle, struggle and overcoming of drug addiction. Fantastic 3 part hardcore song. Part 2 is one of my favourite hardcore songs ever.

One of the best and most emotion driven instrumentals. The perfect representation of nature and winter as a whole mixed in with a bit of neo-pagan pride. Agalloch are the shit.

One of the most misanthropic and angry bands out there. Pure rage.

The most soul crushing band I've ever heard next to Warning (as the OP already shared Warning). If there is one band that could make me suicide it's Worship.

I could do way more but I'll leave it at that for now.

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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

VNV Nation - Illusion. It helped me through alot. The video Dollface by Andy Huang fits really really well.

An Autumn for Crippled Children - Yes I know...Love & Death...Always. Powerful shit right here. One of my fav songs.

Hocico - About a Dead. This is one of the songs I put on when I have to let out some shit.

Laleh - Ängeln i Rummet. Swedish song. A cover song but I think this version kicks the original´s ass. I always think of my mother when I listen to this. She loves her angels. She´s been fighting illness after illness for so long.

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Jimmy Eat World- Hear you me.

This song represents my exact feelings for my grandfather. He gave me somewhere to go at a young age, instilled a work ethic in me that my parents lack. He worked so hard his whole life on the railroad long hard hours to provide. He was the most giving and caring person. I've yet to meet someone with a bigger heart than him. The last thing he did before he passed was come get me from school when I was 17 because I felt sick. He passed in his sleep 50 min after we got home. I never got to thank him for everything he did for me. I work as hard as I can to carry on the reputaion he left. To work for everthing you have and not take the easy way out.


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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

Basically that entire album is like a nail through the heart.

VAST has a ton of songs that are depressing.

Yeah. Just... yeah.


She's alone. I'm alone. And now I know it.

God damn.

There's a couple good ones on "Still".

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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

I love Björk, and I absolutely love this song. Hittin me right in the heart.

I love this song by Metallica. Gettin dem feels every time I listen to it. Reminds me off when I hit the bottom years ago.

A beautiful trance song(yeh, I know, trance -vomits a little-, but this track hits the heart]

Great song for that anger management

Another great song for that anger management

A song I listen to when I just want to scream "fuck this shit!" to the world.

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Re: Emotional songs (dem feels...)

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