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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Basic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:crying: Crying Crying
>:) Devil Devil
:laugh: Laugh Laugh
:serious: Serious Serious
:surprise: EEK! Surprise! EEK! Surprise!
0:) Angel Angel
:frown2: Frown Frown
:nerd: Nerd Nerd
:smile2: Smile Smile
:x Kiss Kiss
:grin2: Big Grin Big Grin
:wink2: Wink Wink
Standard Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:( Frown Frown
:rolleyes: rolleyes rolleyes
:clap Clap Clap
:yum: Yum Yum
:) Smilie Smilie
:agree: Nod Nod
:dance2 Dance Dance
:$ Embarrassed/Sad Embarrassed/Sad
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:sad: Sad Sad
:evil Evil Evil
:avit: :avit: :avit:
:shocked: Shocked Shocked
:confused: Confused Confused
:dance Dance Dance
:faint: Faint Faint
:cool2 Cool Cool
:no: No No
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:lol Laugh Laugh
:side: Side eyes Side eyes
:cheer Cheer Cheer
:gun: Gun Gun
:p :p :p
:bored Bored Bored
:mad: Mad Mad
:ban Banned Banned
:D: Cheese Cheese
:cuss: Cuss Cuss
:frustrate Frustrated Frustrated
:popcorn Popcorn Popcorn
:cool: Cool Cool
:angel Angel Angel
:ex: Excited Excited
:shrug Shrug Shrug
:evil: Evil Evil
;) Wink Wink
:genius Genius Genius
:| Straight face Straight face
:flip Flip Flip
:cussin: Cuss Cuss
:rep Rep Rep
:D Big Grin Big Grin
(N) thumbs down thumbs down
:woolcock si si
:bow Bow Bow
:bs: BS BS
:o blush blush
:mark: :mark: :mark:
(Y) thumbs up thumbs up
:topic: Off Topic Off Topic
fpalm fpalm fpalm
:argh: Argh Argh
:hb Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
:hmm: hmm hmm
8*D 8*D 8*D
American Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:berried berried berried
:barkley Barkley Barkley
:jabari Jabari Jabari
:jonjones Jones Jones
:bosh2 Bosh Bosh
:antonio Antonio Antonio
:allen1 Allen Allen
:lance Lance Lance
:jordan5 Jordan Jordan
:pac Pac Pac
:cutler Cutler Cutler
:lel Lel Lel
:owens Owens Owens
:drake2 Drake Drake
:rose2 Rose Rose
:kobe3 Kobe Kobe
:wall Wall Wall
:dahell Da Hell Da Hell
:george George George
:pornstache Pornstache Pornstache
:chan Mind Blown Mind Blown
:bbrown2 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown
:whoo Whoo Whoo
:ben3 Ben Ben
:done Done Done
:jordan Jordan1 Jordan1
:waffle Waffle Waffle
:cry Cry Cry
:goofy Goofy Goofy
:embiid Embiid Embiid
:abed Abed Abed
:mcgregor McGregor McGregor
:costanza Costanza Costanza
:realkobe4 Kobe Kobe
:connery Connery Connery
:ann1 Ann Ann
:verlander Verlander Verlander
:bigal Al Al
:jordan4 Jordan Jordan
:moody Hank Hank
:steebiej Steebie Steebie
:tommy Tommy Tommy
:drake1 Drake Drake
:love2 Love Love
:wade Wade Wade
:mcgee1 McGee McGee
:leslie Leslie Leslie
:dean2 Dean Dean
:hayley3 Hayley Hayley
:kobe2 Kobe2 Kobe2
:homer Homer Homer
:curry2 Curry Curry
:dredead Dre Dre
:johnny Johnny Johnny
:tyrion Tyrion Tyrion
:romo2 Romo Romo
:ty TY TY
:tyson Tyson Tyson
:monta Monta Monta
:hayden Hayden Hayden
:keek Keek Keek
:stephenA3 Stephen A Stephen A
:harden2 Harden Harden
:lelbron Lebron Lebron
:sadbron Lebron Lebron
:kermit Kermit Kermit
:westbrook3 Westbrook Westbrook
:wayans Wayans Wayans
:ugh2 Ugh Ugh
:ron Ron Ron
:squirtle Squirtle Squirtle
:hayley2 Hayley Hayley
:mcgregoat Mcgregor Mcgregor
:kobe Kobe Kobe
:dez Dez Dez
:mcgee Javele McGee Javele McGee
:patton Patton Patton
:romo Romo Romo
:lenny2 Lenny Lenny
:denzel Denzel Denzel
:toomanykobes Kobe Kobe
:miranda Miranda Miranda
:marc Marc Marc
:butler Butler Butler
:will2 Will Will
:lebron8 Lebron Lebron
:homer3 Homer Homer
:StephenA2 Stephen A Stephen A
:ralph Ralph Ralph
:maisie2 Maisie Maisie
:hayden2 Hayden Hayden
:westbrook2 Westbrook Westbrook
:rudy Rudy Rudy
:blessedmirotic Mirotic Mirotic
:lenny Lenny Lenny
:millhouse Millhouse Millhouse
:bron Lebron Lebron
:obama4 Obama Obama
:newblacksoup Soup Soup
:sharpe Sharpe Sharpe
:wilson Wilson Wilson
:durant3 Durant Durant
:ai AI AI
:krillin2 Krillin Krillin
:favre2 Favre Favre
:nice Nice Nice
:zbo ZBo ZBo
:cudi Cudi Cudi
:kd KD KD
:skip Skip Skip
:dead Dead Dead
:costanza3 Costanza Costanza
:cgm CGM CGM
:melo Melo Melo
:suzanne Crazy Eyes Crazy Eyes
:leo Leo Leo
:brie Brie Brie
:bron2 Bron Bron
:kobe5 Kobe Kobe
:reggie Reggie Reggie
:wtf2 Psyduck Psyduck
:carl carl carl
:newblackwagg Wagg Wagg
:calvin Calvin Calvin
:durant Durant Durant
:sansa Sansa Sansa
:paddlin Paddlin Paddlin
:watson Watson Watson
:demar Demar Demar
:romo5 Romo Romo
:homer2 homer2 homer2
:stephenA4 Stephen A Stephen A
:rust Rust Rust
:jt5 JT JT
:kaep Kaep Kaep
:costanza2 Costanza Costanza
:drose Rose Rose
:kemba Kemba Kemba
:tucky Tucky Tucky
:shaq2 Shaq Shaq
:noah2 Noah Noah
:bum Bum Bum
:hayden3 Hayden Hayden
:gaga1 Gaga Gaga
:littlefinger Littlefinger Littlefinger
:kawhi Kawhi Kawhi
:newblackvic Vic Vic
:brady2 Brady Brady
:positivity Chris Chris
:skip2 Skip Skip
:deandre Deandre Deandre
:lowry Lowry Lowry
:lenny5 Lenny Lenny
:rodgers2 Rodgers Rodgers
:favre Favre Favre
:homer6 Homer Homer
:jt4 JT JT
:rose Rose Rose
:kobe4 Kobe Kobe
:davis Davis Davis
:jay2 Jay2 Jay2
:dirk Dirk Dirk
:jim Jim Jim
:ellen Ellen Ellen
:cam cam cam
:kobe8 Kobe Kobe
:curry Curry Curry
:cousins Cousins Cousins
:honoraryblack honoraryblack honoraryblack
:duncan Duncan Duncan
:draper2 Draper Draper
:kg3 KG3 KG3
:peyton2 Peyton Peyton
:rg3 RG3 RG3
:grande Grande Grande
:bigphil phil phil
:posey2 Posey Posey
:out Out Out
:mcbuckets Mcbuckets Mcbuckets
:hitgirl3 hitgirl3 hitgirl3
:peyton Peyton Peyton
:homer5 Homer Homer
:jt3 JT JT
:jay Jay Jay
:boogie Boogie Boogie
:obama Obama Obama
:jaydamn Jay Jay
:brady4 Brady Brady
:hansen Hansen Hansen
:ti2 TI TI
:saul Saul Saul
:homer4 Homer Homer
:nerlens Nerlens Nerlens
:banderas Banderas Banderas
:silver Silver Silver
:kobe7 Kobe Kobe
:kappa Kappa Kappa
:jbutler Butler Butler
:dwight Dwight Dwight
:marvin Marvin Marvin
:pau Pau Pau
:dean Dean Dean
:safeplace Safe Place Safe Place
:kg1 KG1 KG1
:doh Homer Homer
:aryha Arya Arya
:brees Brees Brees
:lelbron2 Lelbron Lelbron
:kobe11 Kobe Kobe
:floyd2 Floyd Floyd
:stern Stern Stern
:hitgirl2 hitgirl2 hitgirl2
:coleman Colemand Colemand
:jesse Jesse Jesse
:jt JT JT
:shaq Shaq Shaq
:kobe9 Kobe Kobe
:floyd3 Mayweather Mayweather
:maisie Maisie Maisie
:creepyshaq Creepy Shaq Creepy Shaq
:mcw2 MCW MCW
:kobe6 Kobe Kobe
:xmaskobe Kobe Kobe
:brady Brady Brady
:kyrie Kyrie Kyrie
:krillin Krillin Krillin
:blake Blake Blake
:lawrence JLaw JLaw
:toast Toast Toast
:rodgers Rodgers Rodgers
:benson Benson Benson
:deebo Deebo Deebo
:kappa2 Kappa Kappa
:kobe10 Kobe Kobe
:lincecum3 Lincecum Lincecum
:jordy Jordy Jordy
:hitgirl1 hitgirl1 hitgirl1
:mj2 MJ MJ
:walt Walt Walt
:fuckedup Fucked up Fucked up
:yoshi Yoshi Yoshi
:ann2 Ann Ann
:kanye2 Kanye Kanye
:red Red Red
:jordan3 Jordan3 Jordan3
:woah Woah Woah
:StephenA Stephen A Stephen A
:luck Luck Luck
:wiggins Wiggins Wiggins
:harden Harden Harden
:seguin Seguin Seguin
:rivers Rivers Rivers
:megatron Megatron Megatron
:floyd1 Mayweather Mayweather
:flacco1 Flacco Flacco
:brow Davis Davis
:kanye Kanye Kanye
:trout Trout Trout
:buffer Buffer Buffer
:aryamad Arya Arya
:smokey Smokey Smokey
:westbrick Westbrick Westbrick
:lincecum1 Lincecum Lincecum
:archer archer archer
:obama3 Obama Obama
:draper1 Draper Draper
:bosh Bosh Bosh
:bbrown3 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown
:andy Andy Andy
:jordan2 Jordan2 Jordan2
:tom Tom Tom
UK/Aussie/Whatever else Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:vangaal Van Gaal Van Gaal
:rvp2 RVP RVP
:moyes7 Moyes Moyes
:kolo2 Kolo Kolo
:jones Jones Jones
:twat Twat Twat
:hendo2 Hendo Hendo
:whiteknight White Knight White Knight
:vettel Vettel Vettel
:sadpanda Sad Panda Sad Panda
:Hutz Hutz Hutz
:moyes6 Moyes Moyes
:kolo1 Kolo Kolo
:hummels Hummels Hummels
:mario Mario Mario
:siddle Siddle Siddle
:hendo Hendo Hendo
:hazard Hazard Hazard
:johnson Johnson Johnson
:penguin Penguin Penguin
:suarez2 Suarez Suarez
:penaldo Penaldo Penaldo
:mcbain McBain McBain
:moyes4 Moyes Moyes
:loveit Keegan Keegan
:datass Ass Ass
:dino dino dino
:coutinho Coutinho Coutinho
:des Des Des
:suarez1 Suarez Suarez
:costa Costa Costa
:klopp2 Klopp Klopp
:fergie Fergie Fergie
:berry Berry Berry
:potatosmiley Potato Smiley Potato Smiley
:ndiaye Ndiaye Ndiaye
:phil1 PHIL PHIL
:snrub Snrub Snrub
:ken Kenwright Kenwright
:panda Panda Panda
:stevie Stevie Stevie
:martinez Martinez Martinez
:klopp Klopp Klopp
:terry Scumbag Scumbag
:bozza Bosnich Bosnich
:arry Arry Arry
:carrick Michael Carrick Michael Carrick
:cattermole Cattermole Cattermole
:rvp RVP RVP
:dyer Dyer Dyer
:frankie Frankie Frankie
:gower Gower Gower
:carra Carra Carra
:gabby Gabby Gabby
:mk1charlie4 MK1 Charlie MK1 Charlie
:messi Messi Messi
:kenny Kenny Kenny
:warner1 Warner Warner
:washed Washed Washed
:torres Torres Torres
:hendo5 Hendo Hendo
:moyes2 Moyes Moyes
:bigron Big Ron Big Ron
:bush Bush Bush
:bigtone Bigtone Bigtone
:hesk2 Heskey2 Heskey2
:kean Steve Kean Steve Kean
:terry1 Terry Terry
:moyes8 Moyes Moyes
:koala Koala Koala
:benteke Benteke Benteke
:heskeymania Heskey Heskey
:lenny3 Lenny Lenny
:pique2 Pique Pique
:moyes3 Moyes Moyes
:kun Aguero Aguero
:xabi Xabi Xabi
:clarke clarke clarke
:hesk3 Heskey Heskey
:barry Barry Barry
:darren Darren Gibson Darren Gibson
:bruce Bruce Bruce
:robben2 Robben Robben
:redknapp Redknapp Redknapp
:welbeck Welbeck Welbeck
:poyet Poyet Poyet
:sturridge Sturridge Sturridge
:riley1 Riley Riley
:xabi2 Xabi Xabi
:cesc Cesc Cesc
:moyes5 Moyes Moyes
:pep Pep Guardiola Pep Guardiola
:jlc2 JLC JLC
:willian Willian Willian
:evra Evra Evra
:mangane Mangane Mangane
:blatter Blatter Blatter
:avb AVB AVB
:bigirimana Bigirimana Bigirimana
:troll Troll Troll
:harris harris harris
:kagawa Kagawa Kagawa
:jlc JLC JLC
:carr Carr Carr
:xabi3 Xabi Xabi
:jose Jose Jose
:tlk TLK TLK
:moyes1 Moyes Moyes
:downing Downing Downing
:max Max Max
:whatasexyman Becks Becks
:cahill Cahill Cahill
:disdrogba Drogba Drogba
:frankie2 Frankie Frankie
:ayoade Ayoade Ayoade
:theo Theo Theo
:connery2 Connery Connery
:brodgers Brendan Brendan
:darkbarry Dark Barry Dark Barry
:dozy Dozy Dozy
:mk1charlie2 MK1 Charlie MK1 Charlie
:omghendowithabeard Hendo Hendo
:wenger Wenger Wenger
:neymar Neymar Neymar
:frankie3 Frankie Frankie
:woy Woy Woy
:dancingpenguin Penguin Penguin
:ozil Ozil Ozil
:xmasparty Dance Dance
:avb3 AVB AVB
:ibra Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic
:darkheskey Dark Heskey Dark Heskey
:sterling Sterling Sterling
:grant Grant Grant
:idris Idris Idris
:hendo3 Hendo Hendo
:matic Matic Matic
:sparker Parker Parker
:wilkins Wilkins Wilkins
:gnev Nev Nev
Wrestling Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:renee Renee Renee
:generico Generico Generico
:trips2 deal with it deal with it
:taker Taker Taker
:bo Bo Bo
:HHH Triple H Triple H
:ambrose3 Ambrose Ambrose
:punk3 Punk Punk
:heyman3 Heyman Heyman
:rock4 Rocky Rocky
:razor Razor Razor
:ziggler2 Ziggler Ziggler
:y2j Y2J Y2J
:dlo dlo dlo
:ambrose Ambrose Ambrose
:rko2 rko2 rko2
:heyman Heyman Heyman
:heyman5 heyman5 heyman5
:harper Harper Harper
:kurt Angle Angle
:supercena Cena Cena
:heyman2 Heyman Heyman
:sasha2 Sasha Sasha
:fact Kidd Kidd
:cornette Cornette Cornette
:brock4 Brock Brock
:aj3 AJ AJ
:hunter Trips Trips
:cesaro Cesaro Cesaro
:trips3 Trips Trips
:eva Eva Eva
:buff Buff Buff
:zayn3 Zayn Zayn
:hbk1 HBK HBK
:piper1 Piper Piper
:booklel Booker Booker
:regal Regal Regal
:angle Angle Angle
:damn Damn Damn
:zayn4 Zayn Zayn
:hogan2 Hogan Hogan
:nikki Nikki Nikki
:arn Arn Arn
:lana2 Lana Lana
:brie1 Brie Brie
:flair4 Flair Flair
:cena5 Cena Cena
:trips7 Trips Trips
:barrett Barrett Barrett
:vince4 Vince Vince
:sasha Sasha Sasha
:cena Cena Cena
:bully Bully Bully
:lana Lana Lana
:trips6 Trips Trips
:bryan2 Bryan Bryan
:eddie Eddie Eddie
:cena3 Cena Cena
:thecause Nation Nation
:usangle Angle Angle
:lawler Lawler Lawler
:punkout Punk Out Punk Out
:vince3 Vince McMahon Vince McMahon
:reigns Reigns Reigns
:zeb Zeb Zeb
:HHH2 Triple H Triple H
:jericho2 Jericho Jericho
:creepytrips Trips Trips
:austin3 Austin Austin
:cole Cole Cole
:lana3 Lana Lana
:brock Brock Brock
:vince5 Vince Vince
:vince2 Vince McMahon Vince McMahon
:cena2 Cena Cena
:stop Stop Stop
:rock5 Rock Rock
:bark bark bark
:trips9 Trips Trips
:vince7 Vince Vince
:brock3 Brock Brock
:maddox Maddox Maddox
:shiiit 21 - 1 21 - 1
:punk Punk Punk
:sodone So Done So Done
:vince Vince McMahon Vince McMahon
:austin Austin Austin
:vince6 Vince Vince
:paige Paige Paige
:stardust Stardust Stardust
:rock1 The Rock The Rock
:vince$ Vince Vince
:trips Trips Trips
:jr JR JR
:jbl JBL JBL
:trips8 Trips Trips
:rollins2 Rollins Rollins
:trips4 Trips Trips
:trips5 Trips Trips
:trips10 Trips Trips
:russo Russo Russo
:bully4 Bully Bully
:sheamus Sheamus Sheamus
:sami Sami Sami
:eva3 Eva Eva
:flair3 Flair Flair
:bigdave Batista Batista
:edge2 Edge Edge
:summer2 Summer Summer
:bahgawd JR JR
:ambrose2 Ambrose Ambrose
:lelbrock Brock Brock
:miz Miz Miz
:henry2 Henry Henry
:summer Summer Summer
:delrio Del Rio Del Rio
:rock Rock Rock
:jericho3 Jericho Jericho
:xmaszayn Zayn Zayn
:justsayin Henry Henry
:ambrose4 Ambrose Ambrose
:punk2 CM Punk CM Punk
:aries2 Aries Aries
:nash Nash Nash
:zayn zayn zayn
:hbk2 HBK HBK
:buried buried buried
:austin4 Austin Austin
:heyman4 Heyman Heyman
:rollins Rollins Rollins
:yes YES! YES!
:okada Okada Okada
:daniels Daniels Daniels
:ramon Razor Razor
:batista3 Batista Batista
:bearer Bearer Bearer
:eva2 Eva Eva
:cena4 Cena Cena
:heyman6 Heyman Heyman
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:denirolol Deniro Deniro
:larry Larry Larry
:sip Sip Sip
:duck Duck Duck
:What? What What
:bryanlol Bryan Lol Bryan Lol
:frankiedance Frankie Dance Frankie Dance
:Korton Korton Korton
:what? Kobe Kobe
:fingerscrossed Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed
:bitchplz Bitch Plz Bitch Plz
:yeahyeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
:mase Mase Mase
:yay Yay Yay
:Tucker Tucker Tucker
:WTF2 wtf2 wtf2
:hano Ha No Ha No
:nasir Nas Nas
:ohh Ohh Ohh
:yay2 Yay Yay
:Vince Vince Vince
:EDWIN5 Edwin Edwin
:meh Meh Meh
:wut Frank Frank
:ti TI TI
:garrett Garrett Garrett
:Jordan2 Jordan2 Jordan2
:hi Hi Hi
:chlol Chloe lol Chloe lol
:rileylol Riley Riley
:outtahere Outta here Outta here
:frankielel Frankie Lel Frankie Lel
:soft Soft Soft
:EDWIN4 Edwin Edwin
:hmm Hmm Hmm
:no No No
:gameover Game Over Game Over
:dayum Dayum Dayum
:washed2 Washed Washed
:Phil Phil Phil
:frankiehi Frankie Hi Frankie Hi
:ohstopit Oh Stop It Oh Stop It
:Datass Dat Ass Dat Ass
:EDWIN7 Edwin Edwin
:nikkilol Nikki Lol Nikki Lol
:Jordan Jordan Jordan
:henry3 Henry Henry
:wee-bey Wee-Bey Wee-Bey
:lose Loses Loses
:EDWIN2 Edwin Edwin
:eagle Eagle Eagle
:LIGHTS Lights Lights
:shmoney shmoney shmoney
:lincecum4 Lincecum Lincecum
:grrr Grrr Grrr
:febreeze Febreeze Febreeze
:shitstorm Shitstorm Shitstorm
:proud Proud Proud
:wtf WTF WTF
:bean Bean Bean
:heston Heston Heston
:tenay Tenay Tenay
:EDWIN Edwin Edwin
:fuck Fuck Fuck
:like Like Like
:maisie3 Maisie Maisie
:haha Lel Lel
:thumbsup Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
:swaggerwhat Swagger What Swagger What
:Cry Cry Cry
:fuckthis Fuck This Fuck This
:mannion Mannion Mannion
:Hall Hall Hall
:reigns2 Reigns wink Reigns wink
:maury Maury Maury
:goaway Go away Go away
:wow Wow Wow
:deanfpalm Dean Facepalm Dean Facepalm
:JLCsad JLC Sad JLC Sad
:awshucks Frankie Frankie
:fuckyeah Yeah Yeah
:pinkman Pinkman Pinkman
:what What What
:westbrook5 Westbrook Westbrook
:maisielol Maisie Maisie
:ha Ha Ha
:Wat? Wat? Wat?
:enzo Enzo Enzo
:aryalol Arya Arya
:dead2 Dead Dead
:high5 High 5 High 5
:punch Punch Punch
:frankielol Frankie Frankie
:oops Oops Oops
:okay2 Okay Okay
:dead3 Dead Dead
:westbrook4 Westbrook Westbrook
:aryep Aryep Aryep
:eyeroll Eye Roll Eye Roll
:dylan Dylan Dylan
:Westbrook Westbrook Westbrook
:applause Applause Applause
:pointandlaugh Point & Laugh Point & Laugh
:Frankie Frankie Frankie
:Shrug Shrug Shrug
:bye Bye Bye
:YES Yes Yes
:noshit No Shit No Shit
:confused Confused Confused
:okay Cheryl Cheryl
:ugh Ugh Ugh
:Out Get Out Get Out
:nowords No Words No Words
:uhoh Uh oh Uh oh
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