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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!
Standard Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:ban Banned Banned
:argh: Argh Argh
:o blush blush
:avit: :avit: :avit:
:rolleyes: rolleyes rolleyes
:angel Angel Angel
:angry: Angry Angry
:lol Laugh Laugh
:( Frown Frown
:faint: Faint Faint
:clap Clap Clap
:) Smilie Smilie
:genius Genius Genius
:yum: Yum Yum
:D: Cheese Cheese
:talk Talk Talk
:side: Side eyes Side eyes
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:cheer Cheer Cheer
:p :p :p
:agree: Nod Nod
:ex: Excited Excited
:cuss: Cuss Cuss
:shocked: Shocked Shocked
:rep Rep Rep
:sad: Sad Sad
:| Straight face Straight face
:banplz: Ban Please Ban Please
:no: No No
:confused: Confused Confused
(N) thumbs down thumbs down
fpalm fpalm fpalm
:banned: Banned Banned
:gun: Gun Gun
:eek: EEK! EEK!
(Y) thumbs up thumbs up
:ns No Spam No Spam
:frustrate Frustrated Frustrated
:mad: Mad Mad
:woolcock si si
:evil: Evil Evil
:cool: Cool Cool
:flip Flip Flip
:dance Dance Dance
:cussin: Cuss Cuss
;) Wink Wink
:mark: :mark: :mark:
:cool2 Cool Cool
:bs: BS BS
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:$ Embarrassed/Sad Embarrassed/Sad
:topic: Off Topic Off Topic
:hb Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
:hmm: hmm hmm
:bh: broken heart broken heart
8*D 8*D 8*D
American Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:bron Lebron Lebron
:love2 Love Love
:scalabrine scalabrine scalabrine
:lawrence JLaw JLaw
:brady3 Brayd Brayd
:kobe6 Kobe Kobe
:rrose3 Rose Rose
:flacco1 Flacco Flacco
:bron4 LeBorn LeBorn
:heis Heisenberg Heisenberg
:favre4 Favre Favre
:noah2 Noah Noah
:jay Jay Jay
:barkley Barkley Barkley
:tom Tom Tom
:floyd1 Mayweather Mayweather
:jay2 Jay2 Jay2
:shaq2 Shaq Shaq
:harden2 Harden Harden
:eli2 Eli Eli
:leslie Leslie Leslie
:rust Rust Rust
:curry2 Curry Curry
:westbrook3 Westbrook Westbrook
:obama3 Obama Obama
:StephenA2 Stephen A Stephen A
:bosh4 Bosh Bosh
:rrose1 Rose Rose
:cliff1 Cliff Cliff
:kobe4 Kobe Kobe
:bosh Bosh Bosh
:favre3 Favre Favre
:noah Noah Noah
:hayden2 Hayden Hayden
:favre5 Favre Favre
:watson Watson Watson
:obama Obama Obama
:romo5 Romo Romo
:lebron8 Lebron Lebron
:brees Brees Brees
:ai AI AI
:ron Ron Ron
:homer6 Homer Homer
:rudy Rudy Rudy
:skip Skip Skip
:bosh3 Bosh Bosh
:westbrook2 Westbrook Westbrook
:allen1 Allen Allen
:durant3 Durant Durant
:taylor3 Taylor Taylor
:hitgirl3 hitgirl3 hitgirl3
:trout Trout Trout
:favre2 Favre Favre
:cgm CGM CGM
:vick Vick Vick
:bosh5 Bosh Bosh
:ann1 Ann Ann
:shaq Shaq Shaq
:foster Foster Foster
:lenny Lenny Lenny
:kanye Kanye Kanye
:homer5 Homer Homer
:bigphil phil phil
:deron Deron Deron
:bosh6 Bosh Bosh
:lel Lel Lel
:saul Saul Saul
:verlander Verlander Verlander
:durant2 Durant Durant
:mcgee1 McGee McGee
:taylor2 Taylor Taylor
:hitgirl2 hitgirl2 hitgirl2
:jordan5 Jordan Jordan
:homer4 Homer Homer
:jt5 JT JT
:benson Benson Benson
:bosh7 bosh7 bosh7
:deandre Deandre Deandre
:jordan3 Jordan3 Jordan3
:allen Allen Allen
:lana Lana Lana
:brie Brie Brie
:deebo Deebo Deebo
:homer Homer Homer
:kobe11 Kobe Kobe
:melo Melo Melo
:george George George
:favre Favre Favre
:moody Hank Hank
:argon Argon Argon
:rodman Rodman Rodman
:costanza Costanza Costanza
:durant Durant Durant
:hitgirl1 hitgirl1 hitgirl1
:jordan4 Jordan Jordan
:draper2 Draper Draper
:jt4 JT JT
:posey2 Posey Posey
:jordan2 Jordan2 Jordan2
:floyd2 Floyd Floyd
:rodgers Rodgers Rodgers
:connery Connery Connery
:hayden3 Hayden Hayden
:smokey Smokey Smokey
:hayley3 Hayley Hayley
:rivers Rivers Rivers
:cp Paul Paul
:wade Wade Wade
:peyton Peyton Peyton
:bosh2 Bosh Bosh
:hayley4 Hayley Hayley
:harden Harden Harden
:jt3 JT JT
:posey1 Posey Posey
:jordan Jordan1 Jordan1
:luck2 Luck Luck
:tyson Tyson Tyson
:drake2 Drake Drake
:hayley2 Hayley Hayley
:hayden Hayden Hayden
:kobe10 Kobe Kobe
:davos Davos Davos
:kemba Kemba Kemba
:homer3 Homer Homer
:sharpe Sharpe Sharpe
:kaep Kaep Kaep
:lenny2 Lenny Lenny
:maddow1 Maddow Maddow
:kg3 KG3 KG3
:dean Dean Dean
:jt JT JT
:kanye2 Kanye Kanye
:tommy Tommy Tommy
:obama4 Obama Obama
:harper1 Harper Harper
:bron3 Lebron3 Lebron3
:luck Luck Luck
:cheryl cheryl cheryl
:owens Owens Owens
:miranda Miranda Miranda
:banderas Banderas Banderas
:drake1 Drake Drake
:hayley1 Hayley Hayley
:fuckedup Fucked up Fucked up
:littlefinger Littlefinger Littlefinger
:dirk Dirk Dirk
:leo Leo Leo
:ali Ali Ali
:nice Nice Nice
:pac pac pac
:kg1 KG1 KG1
:keek Keek Keek
:brady2 Brady Brady
:ann2 Ann Ann
:sadbron Lebron Lebron
:carl carl carl
:grande Grande Grande
:kobe2 Kobe2 Kobe2
:bbrown3 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown
:curry Curry Curry
:bynum Bynum Bynum
:gus Gus Gus
:kobe3 Kobe Kobe
:homer2 homer2 homer2
:romo3 Romo Romo
:jarule Ja Rule Ja Rule
:rose3 Rose Rose
:Marbury Marbury Marbury
:sansa Sansa Sansa
:kobe9 Kobe Kobe
:blake Blake Blake
:butler Butler Butler
:lewis Ray Lewis Ray Lewis
:brady Brady Brady
:abed Abed Abed
:andy Andy Andy
:ralph Ralph Ralph
:bron2 Lebron2 Lebron2
:archer archer archer
:parker Parker Parker
:steebiej Steebie Steebie
:peyton2 Peyton Peyton
:bbrown2 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown
:kobe8 Kobe Kobe
:mcgee3 Javele McGee Javele McGee
:jesse Jesse Jesse
:gasol Gasol Gasol
:romo2 Romo Romo
:rose2 Rose Rose
:StephenA Stephen A Stephen A
:jaydamn Jay Jay
:peppers Peppers Peppers
:april April April
:cam2 cam2 cam2
:berried berried berried
:kobe Kobe Kobe
:wall Wall Wall
:stern Stern Stern
:lelbron Lebron Lebron
:doh Homer Homer
:kobe5 Kobe Kobe
:bbrown1 Bobby Brown Bobby Brown
:kobe7 Kobe Kobe
:mcgee Javele McGee Javele McGee
:walt Walt Walt
:ty TY TY
:duncan Duncan Duncan
:romo Romo Romo
:rose1 Rose Rose
:barkley2 Barkley Barkley
:floyd3 Mayweather Mayweather
:busta Busta Busta
:rg3 RG3 RG3
:patton Patton Patton
:ben3 Ben Ben
:positivity Chris Chris
:dead Dead Dead
:cam cam cam
:waffle Waffle Waffle
UK/Aussie/Whatever else Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:frankie3 Frankie Frankie
:xabi Xabi Xabi
:kun Kun Kun
:jlc2 JLC JLC
:moyes5 Moyes Moyes
:panda Panda Panda
:suarez1 Suarez Suarez
:broad Broad Broad
:flintoff Flintoff Flintoff
:ibra Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic
:hendo5 Hendo Hendo
:andres Andres Andres
:bigirimana Bigirimana Bigirimana
:tlk TLK TLK
:kompany Kompany Kompany
:riley1 Riley Riley
:sturridge Sturridge Sturridge
:rvp RVP RVP
:jlc JLC JLC
Hutz :Hutz :Hutz
:aka Akabusi Akabusi
:siddle Siddle Siddle
:henry Henry Henry
:willian Willian Willian
:disdrogba Drogba Drogba
:mitch Johnson Johnson
:moyes7 Moyes Moyes
:avb AVB AVB
:terry1 Terry Terry
:sterling Sterling Sterling
:frankie2 Frankie Frankie
:sadpanda Sad Panda Sad Panda
:mcbain McBain McBain
:max Max Max
:jones Jones Jones
:xabi2 Xabi Xabi
:cashley Cashley Cashley
:mk1charlie5 MK1 Charlie MK1 Charlie
:moyes6 Moyes Moyes
:darkbarry Dark Barry Dark Barry
:troll Troll Troll
:whatasexyman Becks Becks
:tucker2 Tucker Tucker
:carrick Michael Carrick Michael Carrick
:webb Webb Webb
:bozza Bosnich Bosnich
:hazard Hazard Hazard
:carr Carr Carr
:harris harris harris
:moyes2 Moyes Moyes
:robben Robben Robben
:mk1charlie4 MK1 Charlie MK1 Charlie
:moyes4 Moyes Moyes
:darkheskey Dark Heskey Dark Heskey
:bridge Bridge Bridge
:lucas Lucas Lucas
:potatosmiley Potato Smiley Potato Smiley
:kean Steve Kean Steve Kean
:connery2 Connery Connery
:gotze Gotze Gotze
:snrub Snrub Snrub
:bigron Big Ron Big Ron
:martinez Martinez Martinez
:tucker1 Tucker Tucker
:hart Hart Hart
:brent Brent Brent
:phil1 PHIL PHIL
:woy Woy Woy
:heskeymania Heskey Heskey
:dino dino dino
:ken Kenwright Kenwright
:avb3 AVB AVB
:omghendowithabeard Hendo Hendo
:klopp Klopp Klopp
:frankie Frankie Frankie
:arry Arry Arry
:darren Darren Gibson Darren Gibson
:messi Messi Messi
:ndiaye Ndiaye Ndiaye
:hesk3 Heskey Heskey
:warner1 Warner Warner
:dancingpenguin Penguin Penguin
:neymar Neymar Neymar
:mangane Mangane Mangane
:virgo Virgo Virgo
:gabby Gabby Gabby
:gnev Nev Nev
:hummels Hummels Hummels
:klopp2 Klopp Klopp
:101 101 101
:wenger Wenger Wenger
:gower Gower Gower
:hendo3 Hendo Hendo
:koala Koala Koala
:balo2 Balo2 Balo2
:hudd Hudd Hudd
:pep Pep Guardiola Pep Guardiola
:twat Twat Twat
:pique2 Pique Pique
:nando Torres Torres
:clarke clarke clarke
:poyet Poyet Poyet
:terry Scumbag Scumbag
:benteke Benteke Benteke
:vettel Vettel Vettel
:sparker Parker Parker
:ksi1 KSI KSI
:moyes3 Moyes Moyes
:kolo2 Kolo Kolo
:warne Warne Warne
:hendo4 Hendo Hendo
:bruce Bruce Bruce
:hesk2 Heskey2 Heskey2
:redknapp Redknapp Redknapp
:krieger krieger krieger
:brodgers Brendan Brendan
:jcole Joe Cole Joe Cole
:becks Becks Becks
:robben2 Robben Robben
:stevie Stevie G Stevie G
:tyrion Tyrion Tyrion
:januzajthagoat Januzaj Januzaj
:kolo1 Kolo Kolo
:wilkins Wilkins Wilkins
:hendo2 Hendo Hendo
:grant Grant Grant
:evra Evra Evra
:javy Javy Javy
:berry Berry Berry
:Tevez Tevez Tevez
:cesc Cesc Cesc
:coutinho2 Coutinho Coutinho
:azpi Azpi Azpi
:carra Carra Carra
:torres Torres Torres
:denzel Denzel Denzel
:penaldo Penaldo Penaldo
:johnson Johnson Johnson
:moyes1 Moyes Moyes
:welbeck Welbeck Welbeck
:#mate ? ?
:whiteknight White Knight White Knight
:hendo Hendo Hendo
:jose Jose Jose
:barry Barry Barry
:dyer Dyer Dyer
:blatter Blatter Blatter
:cahill Cahill Cahill
:kagawa Kagawa Kagawa
:riley3 Riley Riley
:fergie Fergie Fergie
:des Des Des
:mk1charlie2 MK1 Charlie MK1 Charlie
:loveit Keegan Keegan
:suarez2 Suarez Suarez
:coutinho Coutinho Coutinho
:mario Mario Mario
:branningnator Max Max
:theo Theo Theo
:moyes8 Moyes Moyes
:hendo6 Hendo Hendo
:downing Downing Downing
:neuer Neuer Neuer
:riley2 Riley Riley
Wrestling Smiles
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:russo Russo Russo
:orton2 Orton Orton
:batista4 Batista Batista
:hunter Trips Trips
:punk Punk Punk
:bigdave Batista Batista
:aries Aries Aries
:trips4 Trips Trips
:fandango Fandango Fandango
:sheiky Sheik Sheik
:magnus Magnus Magnus
:rock2 Rock Rock
:bearer Bearer Bearer
:okada Okada Okada
:renee Renee Renee
:punk5 Punk Punk
:austin2 Austin Austin
:zayn2 Sami Sami
:batista2 Batista Batista
:ajscream ajscream ajscream
:jericho3 Jericho Jericho
:usangle Angle Angle
:arn2 Arn Arn
:piper1 Piper Piper
:rko2 rko2 rko2
:ambrose3 Ambrose Ambrose
:buried buried buried
:ddp DDP DDP
:doug Doug Doug
:rock Rock Rock
:hbk3 hbk2 hbk2
:cena5 Cena Cena
:axel Axel Axel
:punk2 CM Punk CM Punk
:goldust Goldust Goldust
:trips Trips Trips
:hogan2 Hogan Hogan
:austin Austin Austin
:cesaro2 Cesaro Cesaro
:austin3 Austin Austin
:jr JR JR
:hbk2 HBK HBK
:hhh2 hhh2 hhh2
:damn Damn Damn
:jericho4 jericho jericho
:wyatt Wyatt Wyatt
:nash Nash Nash
:christian Christian Christian
:aj AJ AJ
:delrio Del Rio Del Rio
:park Park Park
:batista3 Batista Batista
:edge Edge Edge
:flair4 Flair Flair
:devon Devon Devon
:jericho2 Jericho Jericho
:vince7 Vince Vince
:owen Owen Owen
:hbk HBK HBK
:ambrose2 Ambrose Ambrose
:HHH Triple H Triple H
:ambrose Ambrose Ambrose
:punk3 Punk Punk
:bahgawd JR JR
:matt Matt Hardy Matt Hardy
:bully Bully Bully
:joe Joe Joe
:rock5 Rock Rock
:regal Regal Regal
:arn Arn Arn
:brock Brock Brock
:ziggler3 Ziggler Ziggler
:ramon Razor Razor
:cesaro Cesaro Cesaro
:lelbrock Brock Brock
:cole3 Cole Cole
:kurt Angle Angle
:cena6 Cena Cena
:cena Cena Cena
:HHH2 Triple H Triple H
:jeff1 Jeff Jeff
:zayn3 Zayn Zayn
:bryan3 Bryan Bryan
:selfie Selfie Selfie
:punk6 Punk Punk
:punk4 Punk Punk
:ziggler1 Ziggler Ziggler
:jpl JPL JPL
:razor Razor Razor
:vince6 Vince Vince
:daniels Daniels Daniels
:woods Woods Woods
:trips2 deal with it deal with it
:vader Vader Vader
:angle2 Angle Angle
:heyman Heyman Heyman
:henry1 Henry Henry
:vince$ Vince Vince
:dlo dlo dlo
:cena3 Cena Cena
:vince4 Vince Vince
:jericho Y2J Y2J
:meltzer Meltzer Meltzer
:heyman5 heyman5 heyman5
:bryan2 Bryan Bryan
:piper Piper Piper
:show Show Show
:sami Sami Sami
:flair3 Flair Flair
:titus Titus Titus
:lawler Lawler Lawler
:magnus2 Magnus Magnus
:bryan Bryan1 Bryan1
:punk8 Punk Punk
:suzuki MiSu MiSu
:bully4 Bully Bully
:vince3 Vince McMahon Vince McMahon
:rock6 Rock Rock
:langston Langston Langston
:hbk1 HBK HBK
:ziggler2 Ziggler Ziggler
:reigns Reigns Reigns
:heyman4 Heyman Heyman
:adr ADR ADR
:ey EY EY
:bark bark bark
:edge2 Edge Edge
:vince2 Vince McMahon Vince McMahon
:cody2 Cody Cody
:cody Cody Cody
:sheamus Sheamus Sheamus
:taker Taker Taker
:shiiit 21 - 1 21 - 1
:zayn zayn zayn
:rollins Rollins Rollins
:yes YES! YES!
:jbl JBL JBL
:heyman3 Heyman Heyman
:flair2 Flair Flair
:trips3 Trips Trips
:vince5 Vince Vince
:roode Roode Roode
:aries2 Aries Aries
:vince Vince McMahon Vince McMahon
:ryback Ryback Ryback
:cena2 Cena Cena
:cornette Cornette Cornette
:barrett Barrett Barrett
:langston2 langston2 langston2
:dazzler Dazzler Dazzler
:rock4 Rocky Rocky
:heyman2 Heyman Heyman
:flair Flair Flair
:cena4 Cena Cena
:park2 Park Park
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:duck Duck Duck
:ti TI TI
:EDWIN3 Edwin Edwin
:EDWIN2 Edwin Edwin
:EDWIN Edwin Edwin

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