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DocBlue 12-28-2012 07:11 PM

Mafia Host List
Mafia Host List

Waiting List

2. JunkheadX - Alice In Chains
3. Skyfall - Sandow Mafia



* If you want off the list as a host, please notify me or a mod *
** If you would like skip up in the list, you must get approval from everyone above you. **
*** Your game MUST be ready or you're not going on (/will be getting booted off) the list ***

Games in Progress


Past Games
(In order as they were completed)

1.WF Mafia IV: Return To The Dark Side by The Ace & CMAngle33
2.WF Mafia by BD.
3.Heroes Mafia by Thunderman & Metal X
4.LOST Mafia by Ghetto Anthony
5.24 Mafia by Seb
6.Tri-Branded Mafia by DH. and BD.
7.Power Rangers Mafia by Thunderman
8.Space Jam Mafia by Seb
9.Mafia V Return To Aifamville by Metal X
10.Superheroes Mafia by Lostfan and NaS
11.Movie Mafia by PHENOM
12.Survivor Mafia by DH.
13.Chain Of Memories Mafia by Es Eye
14.Mortal Kombat Mafia by Fail
15.LOST Mafia II by He Hate Me
16.WWE Mafia by CM "Susan" Dealer
17.Resident Evil Mafia by NaS
18.Heroes II Mafia by Lostfan and Metal X
19.Prison Break Mafia by BD.
20.Cosby Show Mafia by KeepItFresh & jax_the_ax
21.Breakfast Cereal Mafia by Postage
22.Family Guy Mafia by Stone Cold sXe
23.Pokemon Mafia by Doddsy
24.Project Mafia by S-I
25.Harry Potter Mafia by dan_marino
26.Mushroom Kingdom Mafia by Nov
27.Video Games Mafia by Kantos
28.Dark Knight Mafia by ThunderMan
29.Simpsons Mafia by CBR & Dagax
30.GTA Mafia by Alcoholic
31.South Park Mafia by Susan Dealer
32.Hip Hop Mafia by Emperor NaS
33.No Idea Mafia by Kantos and Lostfan
34. Games from the Mafia Archives Mafia By Wolf Tiger
35.A Super Cool Mafia By Postage
36.Watchmen Mafia By dan_marino
37.Buffy The Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia
38. Tekken Mafia By Alcoholic
39. ECW: One Night Stand Mafia by The Ace w/ Lostfan
40. King's Court Mafia by DH.
41. Mafia on a Plane by DH.
42. Super Wildlife Mafia by Invincible
43.Drug Mafia by Chris Supreme
44. Dexter Mafia by RetepAdam
45.Tennis Mafia by Ultimoron & Steven Lawls
46. Post Restriction mafia by Lostfan and Kantos
47. Pixar mafia by MetalX
48. Red vs. Blue mafia by Wolf Tiger
49. Survivor Mafia II by Dhitler
50. ARKANSAS mafia by Alcoholic
51. Disney Princess Mafia by ThunderAngel
52. Star Wars Mafia by Lostfap and yottsu
53. Apocalypse Mafia by dan marino
54. Final Fantasy 7 Series by Mr. Lawls
55. WWF Attitude Era Mafia by Nov

56. Mason Mafia by Ultimoron
57. Christmas Mafia by dan_marino
58. Tintin Mafia by Invinciclaus

59. House Mafia by .BD
60. Pokemafia (II) by Doddsy

61. Cartoon Mafia by Stone Cold sXe
62. MSN Smiley Mafia by Mr. Lawls & Lostfap
63. Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Mafia by DH
64. IWC Mafia by NaFFan
New York Mafia by Postage
66. No Theme Mafia by CM Dealer
67. Heroes III Mafia by Stone Cold sXe
68. Cyandie & Happiness Mafia by Alcoholic
69. WF Mafia: Hostile Takeover by Rush
70. Looney Tunes Mafia by MetalX
71. WWE Tri-Branded Mafia 2.0 by DH
72. Matrix Mafia by NaFFan
73. WF Posters Mafia by Lostfap
74. MMA Mafia by Rush
75. Dragon Ball Z Mafia by Mr. Lawls
76. Christmas Mafia 2010 by dan_marino
77. Pokemon Mafia by leeroy-riz
78. Naruto Mafia by Hiplop
79. Too Long of a Title Mafia by Kantos
80. Historical Figures Mafia by Hohenheim of Light
81. South Park Minor Characters Mafia by Postage & Alcoholic
82. Dexter Mafia by Mr. Lawls
83. Better than Mr. Lawls' Mafia Game by Leeroy! & Lostfap
84. 2012 Mafia by DH
85. American Sports Mafia by WallaClassic
86. Nintendo Mafia by Hiplop
87. English Premier League Mafia by Bananas
88. WF Mafia by BkB Hulk
89. No Theme Mafia by Lawls
90. Mass Effect Mafia by dan_marino
91. Most Hated Americans Mafia by Walla
92. Majora's Mask Mafia by Shepard
93. Mad Men Mafia by Susie Dealer

94. Harry Potter Mafia by DH
95. Futurama Mafia by sXe
96. Resident Evil Mafia by Shepard
97. X-Men Mafia by Rawlin
98. Scrubs Mafia by SL
99. Christmas Mafia 2011 by dan_marino
100.TV Mafia by Rush and King Kenny
101.Batman Mafia by Pez
102.Gossip Girl by sXe_Maverick
103.Countries of the World by Alcoholic
104.Breaking Bad by Lawls
105.Metal Gear Solid by Shepard
106.FIFA12 by SL
107.Game of Thrones by Faraday
108.Marvel Super Heroes by Pez
109.Simpsons Mafia by Bkb Bulk (Uncomplete)
110. Wild West Mafia by Camille Punk and LC
111. Dragon Ball Z by Magic
112. Deathnote Mafia by HoL
113. Bourne mafia by Big_Man
114. Stoner Mafia by Roy Won
115. Pick Your Power by Fap
116. Movie Villan Mafia by sXe_Maverick
117. Archer Mafia by RUSH
118. The Wire Mafia by Postage
119. Justified Mafia by CamillePunk
120. Misfits Mafia by FlashFlood
121. Jobbers Mafia by Dan THE Marino
122. 80's Action Movies by TKOK
123. The 74th Annual Hunger Games by MillionDollarProns and CamillePunk
124. Rurouni Kenshin Mafia by Pez
125. Cartoon Network Mafia by DocBlue
126. ?????? Mini Mafia By Roy
127. Transformers Mafia By Striker
128. WF Mafia: The Escape By Rush
129. Final Fantasy 9 Mini By Pez
130. Kickass Mini Mafia By sXe
131. 131.Public Enemies Mini By LC
132. White Flag Mini Mafia By Rush
133. Super Wildlife II, the Sequel By HoL
134. Rebels In The Palace Mini By Rush
135. Samurai Jack By Kaepernick
136. Pick your Poison Mini By Big Man
137. Friends and Enemies Mini By Kenny
138. A Clash of Kings Mafia.By Faraday
139. The Sopranos Mafia By Scrilla
140. Jester Mini Mafia By Kenny
141. .Final Fantasy X Mini Mafia By Pez
142. Dynasty Warriors Mafia By CP
143. Jungle Anarchy Mini By Rush
144. Seinfeld Mafia By Kenny
145. Mayo Clinic Mini Mafia By Fitz
146. Mafia in Mafiaville Mini By Faraday
147. Clusterfuck Mini Mafia By Sterling
148. JIGSAW MAFIA By Skyfall
149. Texas Justice Mini Mafia By Kenny
150. Avatar Universe Mafia By TKOK
151. Monster Mini Mafia By Dan
152. Twilight Saga Mafia By Titania
153. Pick Your Power Redux Mini By Fitz
154. Fallout New Vegas Mafia By Pez/DocBlue
155. Hydra Mini Mafia By Faraday
156. WF MAFIA By Magic
158. NFL Mafia By Mikey Damage
159. Christmas Mafia 2012 By Dan
160. WF Smiley Mafia by King Kenny and Showtime
161. Star Wars New Republic Mafia by CamillePunk
162. Champions League Mafia by Big_Man
163. Chuck Mafia by Lawls, Shepard and Showtime
164. Morgan Freeman Mafia by TaylorFitz
165. Falling Skies Mafia by sXe_Maverick
166. NBA Mafia by Roger Sterling and Mikey Damage
167. Post Restriction Mafia by DocBlue and The_Answer
168. Presidents Mafia by dan the marino
169. Toy Story Mafia by That Guy and The_Answer
170. Fullmetal Alchemist Mafia by Hohenheim of Light
171. Skyfall's Favorite Things Mafia by Skyfall
172. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Mafia by Pex
173. Movie Mafia 2: Villain's Revenge by Phenom
174. Community Mafia by CP
175. Kick-Ass 2 BOOTS TO SNATCHES by LC
176. Indy Mafia by Fitz
177. Tell Me A Story Mafia by titania
178. A Game of Thrones Mafia, Season 3 by Faraday
179. MARVEL COMICS Mafia by Gambit
180. Californication Mafia by Bullseye
181. Heroes of Newerth Mafia by Jigsaw
182. Supernatural Mafia by Phenom
183. Marijuana: Legal? Mafia by Kenny and Kleebz
184. Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Mafia by TG and DocBlue
185. Mortal Kombat 9 Mafia by Shepard
186. Donner Party Mafia by Dan the Marino
187. Buffyverse Mafia by Retepadam.
188. American Criminals Mafia by Roger Sterling and LadyCroft
189. Sports Movie Mafia by Chr1st0
190. "You are the World" Anime Mafia by Hohenheim of Light
191. 50th anniversary of Doctor Who mafia by Gambit and Victarion
192. Scream Mafia by The Fourth Wall
193. Christmas Mafia 2013 by BEST FOR BUSINESS
194. Deleted Roles Mafia by TaylorFitz
195. Predators by DarkStark
196. DC Mafia by Frakkles
197. Fairytale Mafia by Bullseye
198. League of Legends Mafia by Pez
199. Sons Of Anarchy Season 1 Mafia by Klee
200. 90's Nickelodeon Mafia by \/enom
201. Comedy Movie Mafia by Chr1st0
202. F1 Mafia by Cotmas
203. YU-GI-OH Mafia by Gambit
204. MAFIA VI: Town in Peril by JunkheadX
205. Worst Mafia Game Ever by TaylorFitz
206. Video Game Mafia II by Frakkles
207. Diamond's Big Brother Mafia by Alim
208. Assassins Creed Mafia by CM Styles
209. Star Trek Mafia by Washington Irving
210. 2014 Fifa World Cup Mafia by Cotmas
211. DBZ: Saiyan Saga Mafia by The True Believer
212. Asterix & the Roman Gods by Femto
213. Spider-Man: Mafia by The True Believer

Completed Non-Mafia Games

Survivor: WrestlingForum (1) by DH
Winner: MetalX
Runner-up: PHEN0M

Survivor: North America (2) by DH
Winner: Postage
Runner-up: RKO920

Survivor: United Kingdom (3) by DH
Winner: Postage
Runner-up: Richie

The Amazing Race (1) by DH
Winners: Alcoholic & Postage (DREAM TEAM)
Runners-up: Mr. Lawls & Richie
2nd Runners-up: CM Dealer & TheHitmanHart

Survivor: Vietnam (4) by DH
Winner: NaFFan
Runner-up: Rising

Survivor: The Greek Islands (5) by DH
Winner: Postage
Runner-up: NaFFan
2nd Runner-up: Wolf Tiger

Survivor: Australia (6) by DH
Winner: HellFire
Runner-up: leeroy-riz
2nd Runner-up: dan_marino

Survivor: Botswana (7) by DH
Winner: Postage
Runner-up: Roy no wait Rigor
2nd Runner-up: leeroy-riz

The Amazing Race (2) by DH
Winners: Lostfap & Postage (TOP DOGS)
Runners-up: CM Dealer & MetalX (Team Better Than You)
2nd Runners-up: Mr. Lawls & Hiplop (TEAM COOL)

Survivor: Micronesia (8) - Fans vs. Favourites by DH
Winner: Melvisboy
Runner-up: MetalX

Survivor: All-Stars (9) by DH
Winner: Postage

Runner-up: PHEN0M

Survivor: Redemption Island (10) by DH
Winner: Leeroy!

Runner-Up: steamed hams
2nd Runner-Up: Alcoholic

LUCK 12-28-2012 07:15 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
lol first. imp you're still shit.

MrMister 12-28-2012 07:16 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
The MAGIC worked. RIP old thread.

DocBlue 12-28-2012 07:17 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
I'll look into updating it tomorrow, including a new list if we can agree with how to do it.

DocBlue 12-28-2012 07:18 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
Thanks Mr (Y)

LUCK 12-28-2012 07:19 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
referencing your post in that other thread doc, you really have no room to talk about how people played in christmas mafia considering how you played. :punk2

MrMister 12-28-2012 07:21 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
I'm gonna keep the old one around for a few days in case people need anything from it. Not sure what that would be, but you never know.

Lawls 12-28-2012 07:21 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*

IMPULSE 12-28-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*

Originally Posted by Showtime (Post 12431055)
lol first. imp you're still shit.

your four points don't apply to me

LUCK 12-28-2012 07:27 PM

Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion *OVER 9000 games in the Queue*
youve admitted to coasting in games several times and have said its a technique that works so I shouldn't hate on it. several players that do it now say you were the one that "show them the way".

you just said you play shit on town as puporse. literally, just said it.

youve said as scum before that you wont claim until you absolutely have to and you do this as town as well. I know your play better than anyone else on here. You're just a lying coward. :kobe

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