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DH 05-29-2010 08:43 PM

Mafia Forum Rules ***PLEASE READ***
Mafia Forum Rules

If you fail to follow the rules below, it will result in an automatic warning and/or infraction and/or ban.

Please remember to keep the forum rules in mind as well when you post in Mafia, along with the rules listed below.


~ Stay on topic as much as possible.

~ If you wish to host a game, you must have a theme, a setup, and a start on the preparation. This is to prevent people from signing up, disappearing, and making me chase after them. If you are co-hosting with someone, this needs to be stated as well, and your co-host needs to confirm.

~ As a host, it is your responsibility to be fair.

~ As a player, it is your responsibility to follow the host's rules (under the circumstances that they are fair).

~ Please be as active as you possibly can be. We realize that some people have much more hectic lives than others. Do not sign up for games if you're going to continuously end up replaced.


Headliner 04-05-2012 12:35 AM

Re: Mafia Forum Rules ***PLEASE READ***
Please refrain from flaming members, the use of racism, or anything that's simply against the rules of the forum in this section. This section is not Rants, and will not be Rants 2.0. Members will be warned or banned for these actions. If you want to do the above actions, take your problems to Rants.

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