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dan the marino 09-20-2013 11:58 PM

Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
Night 0

It was pitch black out as the crowded wagons made their way up the haphazard trail, winding through the mountains. Cold too, and snow fell 10, 15 feet deep. Slower and slower the going became, grinding to a halt finally at the edge of a lake. The Donner family and the rest of their traveling companions fell about building cabins in despair: they were so close to California, and yet were stuck until winter passed. And yet food was quickly running out... Things quickly became worse as a body was discovered in the back of one of the wagons.

It was:

Spoiler for :
Sarah Handley
Role: Vanilla Townie
Alignment: Donner Aligned

Bio: A sick old woman, you couldn't bare to see your family head out west without you. So you tagged along, confined to your bed in the back of the Reed family's large wagon. A few months into the journey you passed away from natural causes.

Role: You're already dead, you have no role.

You are not a Rescuer: but if you were I'd mention it down here.

Item: You are the holder of the False Teeth. They're just like normal teeth, only not. No idea how they'd work on human flesh.

Alright so that person had already been dead but nevertheless, the pioneers took it as a bad omen. They knew there were those among them who would selfish and would do whatever it would take to survive, even if it meant sacrificing the lives of others. They had to be stopped before any harm could be done, but even then would they succumb to the elements of nature? They were all so close and desperate to start their new lives in California, if only they could survive until help arrived...

Rules you should probably read:

1. Alright in this game everyone is trapped in the mountains. Depending on if someone's been rescued or not will decide if their role is posted.
- If someone is lynched, their body is eaten by the town. Before eating them, their ID is double checked. So regardless if you are lynched, your role will be posted.
- If someone is killed at night while still trapped, their killer(s) will eat them immediately. Only bones will be left, and there will be no identification (or role posted).
- If someone is killed after being rescued, their role will be posted regardless. Because they're back in civilization and are around witnesses now so they can't be eaten I guess, idk, you can come up with the flavor.

2. There are also items going around that some people randomly start with. If you receive an item you can use its ability and then either destroy it or give it to someone else. You can't hold on to an item for more than one night and you won't be told who traded it off to you. If you don't tell me who you want to give the item to, I'll randomize it. If someone dies while holding an item, it's lost.

3. Everyone needs to pick a cabin to stay in while trapped. Only thing this can impact is certain challenges or difficulties that may pop up. Just sometime during day one post Stay in Cabin # and choose 1-3. Not everyone can pile into one cabin though so if it's not pretty much equal I'll force the last choosers into evening out the numbers. Anyone who doesn't pick one freezes to death not really I'll pick myself

4. And finally, if there is no lynch, someone will starve to death. You have food at the moment though so it doesn't affect Day 1.

General rules you probably don't need to read:

1. Don't quote role pm's, etc. That includes the bio part which I don't want anyone using to confirm themselves, it was just there for whatever.

2. No talking outside of the thread unless allowed to. Dead guys included.

3. Don't scumhunt based on roles or flavor or something like that. Well I mean you can if you want but it's probably a bad idea. Anyone can have an item, anyone could be a rescuer, etc. Also I did try to put some flavor but it's mostly a stretch anyway so don't go off that.

4. Try and stay moderately active, I don't like replacing people anyway but it will obviously be difficult to do in this game so yeah.

5. Days will be about 24 hours long, though it can change based on activity. I'm trying to keep nights around 16 hours (depends when I can get on or not, I've been pretty busy recently but yeah) so try and send in roles early if possible.

Alive (10):


Cabin #1:

Cabin #2:

Cabin #3:

Mikey Damage

That Guy - James Breen, Jack of all Trades, lynched Day 1
Gambit - ???, killed Night 1
DocBlue - ???, killed Night 1
chr1st0 - Mr Hardkoop, the Abandoned Townie, lynched Day 2
Manurethebear - ???, killed Night 2
Evolution - Franklin Graves, The Martyr, killed Night 2
Pez - ???, killed Night 2
TaylorFitz - Margaret Breen, The 5-Shot Interrogator, lynched Day 3
LUCK - Patrick Breen, The Godfather, killed Night 3
Alim - ???, killed Night 4
BKB Hulk - ???, killed Night 4
Bullseye - ???, killed Night 4
KLEEBLATT - ???, killed Night 5
Anark - ???, killed Night 5

Roger Sterling - Lansford Hastings, The Politician, lynched Day 6
McQueen - ???

cesaro_ROCKS - Lewis Keseberg, The Lone Survivor, lynched Day 7

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Roles List - http://www.wrestlingforum.com/mafia-...l#post24506489

Sweet n' Sour
Donner Party

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:00 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
lol long OP. ill read it later.

vote bulk

faggot never told me what my simpsons mafia role did. :kobe5

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:02 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
challenges? I love me some challenges.

also read the OP because I can. game looks like it's going to be another fun one like president's mafia was with the shop.

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:03 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
i wonder how people get rescued. :hmm:

pointless setup speculation but im the only one in the thread so...:side:

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:04 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
stay in cabin 2

no one join me plz. i like space.

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:06 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
the prevention of no lynches is kind of gay, with the whole starving thing, as sometimes it's necessary to no lynch as town or whatever. BUT WHATEVER. Can both town and mafia die, dan, or is just town?

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:07 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
also is this show like a rip off of the walking dead or something? or is it a movie? or a game?

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:09 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
I have more posts now than most will have by the end of day. :kobe3 :side:

Mikey Damage 09-21-2013 12:10 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
I see.

Hi magic.

LUCK 09-21-2013 12:10 AM

Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread
mikey about to ruin this for me. typical.

BULK posting in the sign up thread but not here is clearly further proof of him being scum.

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