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Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Heroes of Newerth Mafia

A war had been fought on the battlefields of Newerth. For decades, an end in sight could not be seen. The brave heroes of the Legion had sacrificed their lives defending their home from the evils of the Hellbourne. The mighty leader of the Legion, Jeraziah, realizing this war could not be fought for much longer, hatched a plan to rid Newerth of all evil once and for all. After a gruesome battle that lasted days, Jeraziah's plan had worked. Though not all of the Hellbourne had fallen, most of them did and the last remaining evil beings in Newerth had fled into the darkness, never to be seen again. Until today. Ophelia was walking through the woods with her friendly creatures by her side. She heard a noise behind her resembling a once demented evil being in Newerth. She could hear the screams of fallen souls that had fallen at the hands of the demon in the past war. She turned around and it was the demon himself. She could see the tortured souls inside of him, tortured and hopeless. The allies and friends who fought beside her during the war. She aimed her staff at the creature though she knew she could never stand a chance. Her woodland creatures ran at the being only to be killed instantly. She watched as the souls of her woodland friends were cast into the darkness of the being that had killed them. She dropped her staff and tried to run but there was no escape from the Soulstealer. A hand of a demon leaped from beneath the earth, grabbed her and crushed her in one swift move. Ophelia was dead and her soul was transported into the Soulstealer. A few Legion heroes were gathering wood in the forest. Shocked, they noticed the fallen Ophelia, lying motionless on the ground. One Legion hero tried to revive the fallen hero but her soul had left her body. Ophelia was:

Spoiler for Ophelia:

Congratulations! You are Ophelia, Legion Aligned.

You are a sample character that dies in the write-up.

You win when all threats to the Legion have been eliminated.

The Legion heroes brought her back to the home base. Jeraziah saw the men arrive with Ophelia in their arms. He stood over her lifeless body and knew exactly what had happened. The once evil creatures of Newerth had returned. He looked around at all the heroes in the village. No one could be trusted, he thought to himself. He called everyone in the village to a town meeting under the World Tree. He announced what had happened earlier that day, that Ophelia had fallen and that the evil that had once been cast back into the darkness had returned. He knew that they would return one day and try to blend in with the towns people, waiting for the moment to strike and that day had come. He suggested that every day the town would cast a vote on someone to kill, in hopes of killing a Hellbourne member. Most of the town people agreed although some were unsure whether the Hellbourne had actually returned and wanted to keep things the way they were. Jeraziah stood up from his throne and told the people it had been decided.


2. Ziggler_Mark
3. Big_Man TEHCOCK
4. Sweet 'N Sour
11. Rising
15. Alim
16. Gambit
18. Skyfall
19. McQueen
20. Mr. Lawls VEN0M
22. Haystacks Calhoun

13. The_Fourth_Wall - Rhapsody, Unlimited Supporter - Modkilled Mid-Day 1
1. chr1st0 - Armadon, 2-shot Bulletproof - Killed Night 1
6. VEN0M - Andromeda, Unlimited Supporter - Killed Night 1
14. CHAMPviaDQ - ? - Killed Night 1
7. TEHCOCK - Bubbles, Tracker - Lynched Day 2
8. KLEEBLATT - Scout, Cop - Killed Night 2
9. TaylorFitz - Empath, Unlimited Supporter - Killed Night 2
12. Mikey_Damage - Legionnaire, Hammmerer - Killed Night 2
5. Bullseye - Engineer, 2-shot Gunsmith - Lynched Day 3
25. WOOLCOCK Obby - Keeper of the Forest, Back-Up Supporter - Killed Night 3
23. CamillePunk - Pandamonium, Vanilla Townie - Killed Night 3
24. dan the marino - Master of Arms, 1-shot Support - Killed Night 3

17. Roger Sterling The Fourth Wall - Vindicator, Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day 4
26. Hit-Girl - Magebane, 3-shot Vig - Killed Night 4
10. CHRISTINA HENDRICKS/Bullseye - Soulstealer, SK and 1-shot BP - Killed Night 4

Mid-Day 1
Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5/End-game

Replacement List:

1) If I fucked something up or forgot to send you your role PM, please PM me and keep it out of the thread. You'll be modkilled.
2) Don't copy shit from your PM. You'll be modkilled.
3) It's just a game. Or is it something much greater? Yes.
4) If I think you are deliberately trying to ruin the game or doing something against your win condition you'll be replaced or modkilled.
5) No deadlines will be had, if a phase is dragging however, I will force one. Please send your roles in early or risk being replaced.
6) If you haven't sent me your role usage within 16 hours notice, then what the fuck is wrong with you.
7) When you die, please leave the game-thread. One post is allowed but influencing the game in any way is not. If you wanna talk about the game take it to the Dead QT.
8) Flavor may vary. Some have a lot of flavor, some have little.
9) Don't communicate outside the game-thread about anything relevant to the on-going game unless it's in the Dead QT and you're dead.
10) If you don't understand something game-related, PM me and I'll explain.
11) The flavor was used from the hero lore on this site: https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/heroes/
12) Have fun.

NOTICE: This Mafia game will be slightly different in the aspect of roles. If you have a night role, you can only use it if supported by a support player at night. If you aren't visited by a supporter, you can't use your role. You will not be told whether or not you are supported at night.

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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Vote: Mikey Damage

Perma scum, deceitful, and a great candidate to press early for a claim.

Obviously not serious, but let's see how it goes.
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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Vote Bullseye

Terrible reasoning etc etc. A better choice to pressure early for a claim.
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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Too much to read back.


Just seems right.

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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Vote: TFW

Just to keep a pattern going.

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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Vote: Roger Sterling

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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia



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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

and stax ruins the fun of it all
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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

Thanks Jon Snow.

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Re: Heroes of Newerth Mafia

FFS Stax.

Nah, I'm glad that's over. It was silly at best and counter productive.

My vote on Bullseye stands though.
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