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Presidents Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 0

It was your average night in America. Kids were snug in their beds, average American families were all home safe and sound. They had their freedom, they had their liberty, they had their rights and their constitutions and whatnot. Everything was just perfect. When suddenly...


Out of the woodwork crawled America's greatest enemies and the threat to freedom-loving god-loving folk everywhere. Thankfully a wormhole opened up, and out poured America's Forefathers and Fivefathers, the living and the dead, the good and the bad, the old and the... older. Anyway a terrible accident happened: someone tripped stepping out of the wormhole and broke his neck.

He was:

Spoiler for :
Congratulations, you are Chester Arthur, ...Who? Presidents Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. Unfortunately, you're already dead.

Would America's collective leaders be able to work together and destroy the looming red menace? Or would Lady Liberty be dragged into the dirt and shat on by a group of rapscallions?

The Rules

- Don't quote your PM directly
- Don't be a jerk (too much)
- Don't talk outside of the thread unless allowed to

Other Stuff (actually read this part)
- Day/Night phases will probably take about 24 hours each, hopefully shorter. Feel free to send in your roles during day. They can be extended too if there's a lot of activity.
- I already said it but I won't be here pretty much at all this weekend. Maybe tomorrow night. Either way don't expect the first two phases to be done before Monday
- If you haven't noticed everyone gets a paycheck. There will be stores you can buy things at. I won't be sending out PMs nightly so unless told otherwise assume you have received your paycheck as normal.
- If you already have money you can buy something and either hold onto it or use it that night right away (in which case let me know in the same PM)
- For the first few phases especially I'll probably be making a bunch of changes to the prices and whatnot. I reserve the right to change them at will But I can tell you right now that if a lot of people are buying one thing the price will go up. Also if too many buy something at once it might not be available for a short time.
- I'll post the "store" right now so you can get an idea of what to expectbut I'll go through it when I actually get some time and make sure it's even and will be adding stuff so I can tell you right now the prices and items will be changed before night 1
- Only non-town can buy from the Black Market
- A special guest will be playing the 31st spot (not really I'll ask around as I miscounted the roles but otherwise first dead can swap in I guess)
- Roles were randomized
- stuff can be bought only at night, and only one per night
- I'll be keeping track of how much money you have but you can too as I'll likely make some mistakes
- If you have any questions or if I messed something up already just let me know

Alive List: (3)
8. McQueen Red Viper v2
19. King Kenny/Lawls v2
26. Striker

Dead List:

Anark was Ulysses S. Grant, The Interrogator, lynched Day 1
Postage was Sitting Bull, The Roleblocker, killed Night 1
obby was George W. Bush, The Post Restriction, lynched Day 2
Skyfall was Lyndon B. Johnson, The Watcher, modkilled mid-Night 2
Doc Blue was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The Guardian Angel, killed Night 2
Red Viper was Ho Chi Minh, The Undertaker, killed Night 2
SL was James K Polk, The Even Night Methodical Cop, blown up mid-Day 3
Roger Sterling was Emperor Hirohito, The Kamikaze/Beloved Bitch, blown up mid-Day 3
That Guy was Herbert Hoover, The Heat Magnet, killed Night 3
sXe Maverick was Gerald Ford, The Lawyer, killed Night 3
Nov was Joseph Stalin, The Serial Killer, lynched Day 4
Lawls was Marten Van Buren, The Facial-Hair Cop, lynched Day 5
Mikey Damage was Woodrow Wilson, The Double Voter, killed Night 5
Anark v2 (TKOK) was Dwight Eisenhower, The Funeral Director, killed Night 5
CamillePunk was Robert E. Lee, The Bodyguard, lynched Day 6
Jon Snow was Teddy Roosevelt, The Vigilante, killed Night 6
chr1st0 was Osama Bin Laden, The Mailman, lynched Day 7
The Answer was Richard Nixon, The Role Thief, killed Night 7
TaylorFitz was Zachary Taylor, The Commuter, lynched Day 8
Big Man was Ralph Nader, The Politician, killed Night 8
Lady Croft was George Washington, The Commander, recruited, and killed Night 8
Rising was Andrew Jackson, The Duelist, killed Night 9
sweeneyed was John Adams, The Pacifist, killed Night 9
Retepadam was Harry Truman, The Bomb, lynched Day 10
Ziggler Mark was William McKinley, The Ghost, blown up Day 10

Cloverleaf was Warren G. Harding, The Ascetic, killed Night 10
McLovin it was William Harrison, The Diseased Townie, died Night 10

IMPULSE was Bill Clinton, The Prostitute, lynched Day 11

Past Phases:
Day 1 -
Night 1 -
Day 2 -
Mid-Night 2 -
Night 2 -
Mid-Day 3 -
Day 3 -
Night 3 -
Day 4 -
Night 4 -
Day 5 -
Night 5 -
Day 6 -
Night 6 -
Day 7 -
Night 7 -
Day 8 -
Night 8 -
Day 9 -
Night 9
Day 10 -
Night 10 -
Day 11 -
Night 11 -

CIA Shop

Fireside Chats - $1000, can give me a note to leave in the night write-up
Medical Kit - $2500, will cure one person who has been poisoned or if not, will protect them that night from being poisoned (cannot cure yourself)
Wiretap - $3000, can target one person, if they receive results that night you will receive a copy
Undercover Agent - $4000, let’s you track one player at night and see who they target
Half-Mast Declaration - $4500, can communicate with the dead through me once
Rigged Polls - $5000, can steal the vote of one person for the following day
Submarine - $5500, drive off for the night, your role and paycheck are blocked but you’re immune from death
Black Helicopter - $5500, let’s you fly someone away, protecting them that night
Warning Shot - $6000, can choose one person, they will not be able to target you with a role all game
Armored Transport - $6000, immune from death that night
Detention Camp - $6000, imprison someone for the night, roleblocking them
Satellite Link (sold out) – $7500, gives you 1 shot census, will reveal the original split
Assassin (sold out) – $8500, gives you 1 night kill, fails if anyone else visits them that night
Mass Media (Sold out) – $11,000, can choose one player and reveal their role in the thread
Spy Network - $11,000, gives you 1 investigation
Fighter Jet (2 remaining) - $11,000, gives you 1 night kill
- mafia cannot buy more than 2 successful kill each
Bulletproof Vest (1 left) - $13,000, you will survive the first attempt on your life at night
Predator Drone – $1,000,000, can target one player, everyone else will be a civilian causality and die

Black Market

Fake ID - $500, allows you to switch fake claims with a teammate (can be activated any time)
Stock Market Crash - $1000, choose one person, they will not receive a paycheck that night
Embargo - $1500, can block one item from being bought the following night
Political Decoy - $2000, will be untrackable/unwatchable that night
Benedict Arnold’s Report - $2000, can ask if one role is in the game or not
Propaganda - $2500, choose one player; if investigated they show up as scum that night
Biological Weapon - $2500, will poison one player, they will lose their role in two nights if not cured
Missing 18 Minutes from the Watergate Tapes - $2500, can role cop one player
Surveillance Van - $5000, will be able to hide behind one other player for the night, redirecting all roles to them
Forced Disappearance - $10,000, can janitor one player
Treasonous Bribery - $10,000 (sold out), can recruit one player to your team

It is now Day 1, with 30 alive its 16 for majority.

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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread


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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

wait is it even possible to get the Predator Drone

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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

interesting idea this store.

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Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
Damn. gg Jon. Looking forward to your next game Dan.

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PM for details.

Spoiler for :
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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

Amazing set up. The store idea looks like alot of fun.

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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

I doubt it Obby. I think it is there as a joke. Well not with my paycheck anyway. Even on here my wages are shit . Can I fiddle my expenses or is that just a British thing?

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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

vote mclovin it

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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

Like the store Dan, obviously im never gonna buy anything.

Who has a good role and wants to switch?

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Re: Presidents Mafia Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
I doubt it Obby. I think it is there as a joke. Well not with my paycheck anyway. Even on here my wages are shit . Can I fiddle my expenses or is that just a British thing?
perhaps the mystery player has a $500,000 salary


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