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FITZ 02-11-2013 01:58 AM

Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
I don't know come up with your stupid reason why all Morgan Freeman's characters were fighting each other. So yeah there was a fight, one of them died he was:


Some Morgan Freeman Character. No Role. Town Aligned

You're just some generic character. You should have some flavor but you don't because you're a sample character. Actually I guess that counts as flavor. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
1. Pez/sXe
2. Woolcock
3. Big Man
4. Showtime
5. CamillePunk
6. Mikey Damage
7. Lady Croft
8. Cloverleaf
9. Ziggler Mark
10. Nov
11. Skyfall
12. Christo
13. Titania
14. Lawls
15. MillionDollarProns/sXe_Maverick
16. McQueen
17. Dan The Marino
19. Rising
20. McLovin it
21. Impulse
22. ChrisK/Mikey
23. TKOK
24. Shep
25. Obby/King Kenny/Nov
26. DocBlue

Past Phases





Everyone has played before so don't cheat. No quoting PMs, talking outside the thread. I'll be watching that Chatbox ;) (not really).

Oh and all roles were randomized.

It is now Day 1. With 26 alive it takes 14 to lynch.

I'll probably let day run for around 36-48 hours for day 1. I'll keep Nights as short as possible.

CamillePunk 02-11-2013 01:59 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
roles are random, Fitz made me the miller which is a betrayal of our bromance

Red from Shawshank Redemption, I cop as non-town aligned

obby 02-11-2013 02:03 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread

CamillePunk 02-11-2013 02:03 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
anyone who questions my claim should be policy lynched btw

also willing to policy lynch: skyfall, ziggler mark. obvious reasons.

Showtime 02-11-2013 02:06 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
I am Morgan Freeman, the actor. I don't really have a flavour besides the fact that I am greatest actor alive.

vote cp

vote count.

Showtime 02-11-2013 02:07 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
and yes I know this doesn't confirm me in any way, I was just getting it out of the way unlike some morons that feel the need to hold out on their voting rights.

Ziggler Mark 02-11-2013 02:17 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
this game's started already?


AryaDark 02-11-2013 02:34 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
It would be so much cooler if CP had a PR where he had to do some type of movie like narrative with every post since Red is the greatest narrator of all time.

CamillePunk 02-11-2013 02:35 AM

Re: Morgan Freeman Mafia Game Thread
itd be so much cooler if everyone was more like me

hey showtime since we're both pretty useless in terms of role power, hopefully we both live hella long as town. :mark:

SHINSUKLEE 02-11-2013 02:36 AM

Morgan freeman!

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