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vote Obby

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Originally Posted by Titania View Post
On review of your posts Mikey, you ain't looking so good. In particular I didn't agree with this one.

Most of his reads were right in Christmas mafia. We were scum together so I'd think you'd remember that.

This post doesn't sit well with me at all. Asking for clarification regarding a miller claim is so easy to do regardless of alignment that I wouldn't use that point to gauge someone's alignment, esp. when that player is someone I was so paranoid about last game I lynched her even though she was confirmed town at hinted at being the Vigilante. I always ask for clarification of stuff regardless of alignment because it's pro-town so I probably have done it as scum. For you not to be suspicious about me at all, esp. since I've been defending someone who seems obvious scum to most, and rather say I'm probably town makes me wonder about you. Guess it's because none of it comes off as genuine. Plus your overall posts don't seem like town Mikey, just a guy coasting, trying not to attract much attention.
Right. Do me a favor.

Look at my posts from day one in CL mafia.

Then compare them to day one posts in this game.

It's not coasting on day fucking two.

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vote obby

was kinda hoping I'd get to hear his LOLRESULTS

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So we aren't going to wait for the "results"?

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We might as well wait to hear what he has to say, no need to rush day.
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I'm gonna
unvote obby
since I'm double voter

i want results first.
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The wagon on me is baseless and totally stupid. Sxe even admitted he purposely found the fluff posts to use as a case. EVERYONE has fluff posts in a big game like this. I bet I could do the exact same to everyone in this game.

Onto your opnions of your reads:

Originally Posted by Titania View Post
I think Obby is town. From the beginning I noticed a difference between his playstyle in here vs. Star Wars Republic. In that game where we were scum together his posts offered nothing and he played up the clueless newbie appearance. There is the similarity in not wanting to vote on day 1 but it feels like that's something he's taken from that site he normally plays mafia at rather than for that to be a scum-tell. The way his wagon flew in just a couple of hours is another reason I think he's likely a town Watcher. I guess it's different when you're behind and catching up and you see all these votes flying on this player instead of reading the thread as it's unfolding.
I disagree here. I don't think obby is town. I think he's the scum watcher. From the start his play has been all over the place, and I don't believe his claim either it looks like a fake-claim. I had a scummy vibe from him since it started, and it hasn't gone away. Hence why I'm voting him today.

I'm still leaning scum on Anark. As Dan pointed out, he made a lot of solid reads in Christmas mafia. He was right about me being scum and kept pushing it with valid points. It feels like he's not playing his town game at all. I think he's better than this.
I actually agree with you here. I haven't really noticed the difference in his scum/town meta, but he doesn't seem to be doing much scum hunting at the moment, playing a little bit conservative (sp?). How did he play in star wars? I missed the majority of that since I died early.

Also leaning scum on chr1st0. I don't like many of chr1st0's posts. The comments he's making feel off and the way he pushed the Obby wagon using the parallel between him choosing not to vote on day 1 in this game and Star Wars as opposed to wagoning in Smiley mafia where he was town seemed weak. What about Obby's overall play in those two games vs. this one so far? I find it scummy of him to focus on that one thing and say since Obby did that as scum in Star Wars and he's doing it now he's likely scum even though there's a clear difference in the quality of the posts he's making in this game vs. Star Wars. Oh yes, that reminds me, I think Obby saying Innocent Aligned isn't a scum slip. As Faraday said, it's sloppy, not scummy and I think he'd more likely do it as town.
Disagree again here. I don't think christo is scummy for pushing the wagon a sloppy obby. Sloppyness can go hand in hand with being scummy you know. I need to read back on christos posts to get a more solid read on him, but in accordance with this quoted post, I don't find him scummy for that. A lot of people are comparing/looking back at previous games during this game for assistance it seems.

I think LC is likely scum as well. Her beginning posts were just fluff and it isn't like a lot hadn't happened yet. Her aggressive posts towards Nov and Taz felt fake. Lack of activity and lack of substance in her posts are definite scumtells for her. I didn't like how quick she was to trust chr1st0 in wagoning Obby. Chr1st0 made that post about Obby's play being more similar to Star Wars because of the "no lynch" than Smiley mafia. LC just said it was interesting and that she hadn't noticed that. Then as the Obby wagon picked up speed she joined it based on chr1st0's post. I think town LC would have actually questioned things and been more thoughtful. And I really didn't care for that post where she was laughing at Obby for posting Innocent Aligned. Just felt like something scum LC would do. I know a lot of others sheeped Chr1st0 but I guess she stood out to me because I know she plays a more thoughtful game.
Definitely agree here. There isn't much else to add as you covered it quite well. Her activity + her substance in her posting can be directed towards her scum meta. She often posts more when she's town and doesn't play as aggresively (albeit it looks FAKE). I'd like to see more substance from here. I'm not 100% sure she's scum yet, but I'm leaning that way at the moment.

Nov is one of my town reads. I notice he is careless regarding his appearance when he's town so he ends up making posts where his motives can be easily misinterpreted by town and his posts just as easily exploited by scum. I think Nov voting Doc even though he felt the one leading the wagon might be scum and didn't think that Doc post was scummy is something town Nov would do and just the fact that he openly admitted to all this shows he's town. It felt like a genuine push for productivity and the hope that whatever he could learn about Doc's alignment he could then use to further analyze Faraday and the others who were pushing against Doc. I think scum Nov plays a tighter game where he's always aware of how he'll be perceived based on what he posts.
I'm undecided on Nov. In the beginning when only a few of us were posting it did seem like he was playing a careless game, he did share some of the same thoughts as me (such as Faraday being scum). I can't remember playing with Nov years ago. But..when he was scum in the last game (cant remember the game), his style of play was a lot different then it is now. That might be him being scum changing his play, or he might actually have a distinctive difference in his scum and town styles of play. I'm leaning town at the moment, but he is always someone to look out for.

I'm not sure about Impulse. I don't know if he misinterpreted Nov's play in that instance or he's scum who attempted to exploit him. I feel like it's the latter but this could just be my paranoia of him kicking in. How perfectly he painted Nov as scum makes me uncomfortable since he's done this before, as scum, though he didn't put himself out there as much in this game but he is making an obvious attempt to be active which is great regardless of his alignment.
IMPULSE is hard to read in my opinion. I know how he plays as scum, but he could always change his style of play to suit the game. This game he started off with fluff, then phenom lit a fire up his ass and he started to produce thoughts + substance in his posting. I'll lean town at the moment, but again he's someone to watch.

Faraday and Doc.
I'm kind of confused now regarding these two. I had a strong town read on Faraday based on his aggression and overall play. When I first read Doc's initial post, I didn't notice anything scummy about it. But then after reading Faraday's points against him and then rereading Doc's post, I could see what he was saying and I thought Doc's post did leave a lot to be desired since he's DocBlue and I'd think there'd be more substance in it even though he hadn't read everything yet and he was going to sleep. I don't like how both Anark and Chr1st0 were completely against Doc's wagon. After I read Doc's defense, I started to see it all from his point of view and I can see it both ways. Actually, thinking about it, I still think Faraday is town and that wasn't a scum lynch and I think Doc might be scum. I hope it isn't the opposite.
I've already given my opinions on Faraday during this game. I still think he's non town. Just a general vibe I'm getting off him + plus his aggressive and defensive play mashed in together. He's pretty much calling all the shots too at the moment, almost "running" the game so to speak. He's an intelligent mafia poster, and can easily be masking his scummyness with a different style of play. He's incredibly active too. I'm not sure that that matters because I think he's been active as both scum and town before. Only a few people seemed to follow the faraday lynch so at the moment my vote stays on obby.

Onto your last post:

I agree sxe is town.

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well looks like i was right. onto my next scum read. plz dont shoot me mafia.

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shocked at that post from kenny.

faraday should come in an admit that i'm a better judge of player's skill b/c ziggler couldn't produce what kenny just did.

i think that's town kenny. i don't think scum kenny would put himself out there, at least not during this phase.
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obvtown Kenny.

Scum Kenny doesn't nearly produce that kind of post.

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