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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

I take it as Faraday might think he knows the role, but that role he thinks could be either scum or town. so claiming would clear it up; he was probably thinking it over before anyways.

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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

so much FRUIT. the fruits of my labor have yet to be revealed. can't wait for someone to look for some hidden meaning.
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Valar Morghulis
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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

Or I know what type of action he takes but since it's vague I'd like some elaboration.
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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

I like cherries.

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The North Remembers
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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

so what the fuck we doing here.

we appear to be stalling. which is what scum wants.

let's go. lynch some scummy. whoever that may be.

i'd give a read..but well, it'd just be ignored anyway.

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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

Not liking the whole "I refuse to claim" act by Big Man.

Vote Big Man

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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
well Rush was mod confirmed to be a busdriver, and his role was proven for night 2. doesn't mean he isn't a scum busdriver. but we should lynch mikey since we think he killed Lawls (rush and he switched N1).
I want confirmation from Kenny regarding who killed Lawls.

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
It's because he's lying. How are people still confused about this? Quit getting distracted and vote scumggler, unless Fap has something on Big.
But Faraday confirmed his role so he is a tracker. Doc, we have confirmed scum in either Mikey or Rush depending on Kenny's Night 1 Tracker result. We shouldn't just let this go. We need to know what happened. We should pressure Kenny to force him to clarify. If he refuses, he dies.

Originally Posted by Rising View Post
well I don't know what to make of this rush and kenny situation and why would kenny tell truth of night 2 if he lying about night 1
Yes Rising, it's confusing. The person who's caused all this confusion is Kenny. I'm holding him accountable for his actions. No more letting people getting away with faking info. and being such a huge distraction.

Originally Posted by Stone Cold 4life View Post
Boo yah. LC was obv scum to me from her first post.

Vote Mikey

Mikey or Rush is scum. Dan and Big Man are town. Faraday... not made my mind up yet.
Why is Big Man town? He was one of the players who lynched Lawls after his cop claim so I can see him being scum.

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
I think IMP has it. We know that:

- Rush is telling the truth about being the busdriver, because of the banana thing
- Kenny is telling the truth about being a tracker, because he tracked Fap to Big Man successfully

That means if both are telling the truth then Mikey is indeed the killer of Lawls, though I don't like to admit it (his sig + confirming me). Which is the only flaw here: why would scum randomly confirm someone who looked to be heading for a lynch? Plus the way he pulled it off seemed really genuine, he'd be a great actor if he is scum.

So either Mikey is lying and actually scum or Kenny is lying about his night 1 info for whatever reason. Or some other batshit crazy thing happened.
Both of you could be scum together and he did it to save you. Most of Town would think scum wouldn't play such a gambit and once one flipped the other possibly wouldn't be pushed on. Or you're Town and he did it to look Town and sell his fake claim. In Stacks game I was the SK and I confirmed you as Town when you were pretty much a goner in order to sell my day lie detector fake claim. After that move most thought I was Town esp. since you had that role where whoever targeted you couldn't die at night. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
Kenny is still lying. It's impossible for me to visit someone during night.

I'm not smart enough to play this gambit as scum. Though, I definitely will try in the future.
Don't know if this is genuine. It feels like you want Town to underestimate what you're capable of so you'll get to slide by.

Vote Kenny

Stop screwing with everybody and give us your Night 1 results.

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Stealing the Show
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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

refusing to claim, although I have done it as town, is pretty count on Big Man?
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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

playing black ops 2, you can count shit yourself.

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Is Rising
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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Three)

Well I am not sure how many votes but I think there enough for big man to claim

So who's gonna prepare my next signature?
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