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Bullseye 04-18-2012 10:31 AM

Movie Villain Mafia - Night 6

A battle was being fought throughout the Universe. The villians of movies past had been marked as an endangered species, for a band of heroes had come forth to eradicate them once and for all. One super villain tried his best to defeat this threat before it could rise up to any amount of strength, but was disintegrated with ease. He was:

Spoiler for sXe:
Darth Sidious, Villain Aligned

Annoyed, his assistant tried to avenge him, but to no avail. The assistant was:

Spoiler for Pez:
Darth Maul, Villain Aligned

The other villains knew they had to act fast to ensure that their presence in films would continue. They banded together to try and be rid of the threat of the heroes once and for all.

* No posting of screenshots or quoting your role PM. Paraphrasing or breadcrumbing is fine.
* Only communicate within the game thread unless you are able to do otherwise
* You can claim at any time
* Phases will last between 24 and 36 hours, and can be adjusted pending activity levels
* Bold your votes or they will not count
* Night roles are to be sent to both myself & Pez
* General section rules, i.e no flaming


4. Mr. Law
5. Cage-Taylor-Phitz
6. TKOK!
14. Striker


1. Roy won - Ryder, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 6}
2. Magic - Alonzo Harris, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 2}
3. StraightEdged - TX-1000, Villain Aligned {Lynched Day 7}
7. Doc_Blue - Vigo, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 5}
8. Big_Man - Predator, Individual Aligned {Lynched Day 4}
9. Hohenheim of Light - The Black Knight, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 1}
10. Shepard - Hannibal Lecter, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 4}
11. FlashFlood - Freddy Krueger, Villain Aligned {Lynched Day 8}
12. Evolution - Luke Skywalker, Heroes Aligned {Killed Night 2}
13. chr1st0 - Hans Gruber, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 2}
15. Rush - John McClane, Heroes Aligned {Lynched Daty 3}
16. Titania - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes Aligned {Killed Night 3}
17. Haystacks Calhoun - Dirty Harry, Heroes Aligned {Killed Night 5}
18. LadyCroft - Bonnie, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 1}
19. IMPULSE - Lex Luthor, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 1}
20. CamillePunk - The Joker, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 1}
21. dan_marino - Megatron, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 1}
22. BOSS - Commodus, Villain Aligned {Lynched Day 6}
23. RatedRKO31 - Roger Kint, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 7}
24. scrilla - Darth Vader, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 8}
25. Jigsaw - Shredder, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 5}
26. MrMister - Optimus Prime, Heroes Aligned {Killed Night 4}
27. Mr. Snrub - Russ Cargill, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 6}
28. Letlive Faraday - Patrick Bateman, Villain Aligned {Killed Night 6}

Past Actions:

Day 1 = No Lynch
Night 1
Day 2 = No Lynch
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7
Day 8 / Night 8


Big_Man 04-18-2012 10:37 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia

Vote JiGSaw

Jigsaw 04-18-2012 10:42 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia
I'm innocent aligned :side: not really

Chr1st0 04-18-2012 10:54 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia
Roar :side:

Kiz 04-18-2012 10:55 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia

Prometheus 04-18-2012 10:57 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia

Evolution 04-18-2012 11:02 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia
Villian alligned etc.

I'll let Magic lead us 8*D

Humph 04-18-2012 11:04 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia
I want to fit in.

Stax Classic 04-18-2012 11:28 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia
Router set up, now just need to get the password from my roommate :side: Oh, and gamenight at work, so maybe be back tonight? Tomorrow morning maybe.

Goku 04-18-2012 11:35 AM

Re: Movie Villain Mafia
I want to claim.


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