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DH 01-25-2012 04:38 PM

Survivor: Redemption Island



Survivor: Redemption Island
- The 10th Anniversary of WF Survivor -

Welcome to the tenth season of WF Survivor (quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself). For those of you who don't know what Survivor is, it's based on the reality television show under the same name, where a group of strangers are marooned in virtually the middle of nowhere. You will compete in challenges and try to avoid Tribal Council, which is where you vote players out of the game. The goal is to outlast the other competitors and become the Sole Survivor (easier said than done).

Season: 10
Location: Nicaragua
# of Castaways: 18
# of Days: 39
Start Date: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Note: 39 days is in-game time. I'm anticipating that the game will be about a month, give or take.

Two New Aspects to the Game --> Redemption Island & Camp Life
- Both of these aspects are merely experimental. If people like them and they work well, I'm definitely willing to include them in future games. If people don't, however, that's OK, and I'll have learned not to include them in the future. Trial and error = win, imo.

Redemption Island:
- In previous seasons, when you're voted out, you are out of the game for good, even if you last long enough to join the Jury. This time around, that changes.
- When you're voted out, instead of being out of the game, you go to an island known as Redemption Island.
- On Redemption Island, you are completely isolated from all other players in the game, meaning you cannot communicate with them. If you do, you will be immediately removed from the game.
- Every few days, another player will be voted out of the game and come to Redemption Island.
- Every time a new person comes to Redemption Island, a duel will occur between the two people residing at the island (unless otherwise specified ... there may be rare instances where a duel takes place that features 3 or more people).
- The person who wins the duel will remain on Redemption Island; the person who loses the duel will be out of the game permanently.
- At any given point in the game, the lone person residing on Redemption Island will get to come back into the game and once again have an equal shot of winning as the rest of the players in the game. Note: It is unknown to the players as to how many times the person on Redemption Island will get to come back into the game, or when it will happen.
- Around the mid-way point of the game (generally right after the Merge), the duel losers will not go home, but will begin to form the Jury.
- If you become a Jury member, be sure to follow along and keep up with the game to ensure the end game is as fair and goes as smooth as possible.

Camp Life:
Unlike previous seasons, the castaways must now do work in order to survive. The more work done around the camp, the better you will fare in the challenges. Although you will typically not be rewarded with an advantage at a challenge for doing a lot of work, you will be penalized with a disadvantage if you fail to do an adequate amount of work. This includes making posts in the thread about the following:
- Gathering firewood
- Starting the fire
- Making shelter
- Catching fish
- Preparing meals
- Cooking meals
... + anything else you can think of that would be involved with surviving in a remote location.

Camp Life is not a daily aspect of the game. Well technically it should be, but that would be awful and I'm not expecting you to make posts about survival every day, seeing as this isn't the real deal. However, Camp Life will generally occur every 3 days, and I'll try my best to allocate enough time to perform survival activities. Note: If there is no challenge going on or your tribe is not going to Tribal Council, feel free to do some camp life to make up for work you missed on the actual camp life day --> this will still count, and thus, you'll still look like a hard worker (which is typically a good thing, imo). As well, if you're lucky, a few people on your tribe may end up doing enough work to cover up for the entire tribe, therefore getting you out of work. However, this isn't going to end up looking too good on your resume, especially in terms of how the Jury votes at the end of the game.

Note: This season is also different in that there is no Exile Island (Redemption Island is a similar substitute, however). As well, Reward and Immunity Challenges are no longer separate, but one combined challenge. Thus, Camp Life is (in a way) serving as a substitute for a challenge, but it's easier, far more relaxed, and less time-consuming.

Note 2: If you are living on Redemption Island, you will also be required to do work in order to survive, otherwise you will be weakened for the duel.

Game Phases:
Phase 1: Tribe Phase
- You will be randomly divided up into two separate tribes, each containing nine people.
- The idea here is to win challenges as a tribe and avoid going to Tribal Council so that you will have a numbers advantage at the Merge.

Phase 2: Individual Phase
- Your two tribes will merge into one large tribe.
- The game is more individual-based, and more importantly, it's about getting to the Final 3.
- You will always attend Tribal Council, but the person who wins Immunity cannot be voted for.

- Challenges will always be for two things: Reward & Immunity.
- The tribe/individual who wins will receive a clue to the whereabouts of a Hidden Immunity Idol (explained further down).
- The tribe/individual who wins will not have to attend Tribal Council/be immune from receiving any votes (because after the Merge, everyone goes to Tribal Council).
- Challenges will vary in what they test, whether it be doing puzzles, posting in sequence, or a combination of both.

Tribal Council:
- At Tribal Council, you must PM me the name of one person on your tribe who you wish to vote out. Included in this vote is the name of this person and why you are voting them out (must be a legitimate reason).
- If you do not vote and/or provide a reason, it will count as a vote towards yourself (known as a self-vote).
- You can NOT change your vote once it has been cast.
- Once all of the votes have been tallied, Tribal Council will be posted. All of the reasons for the votes will be posted, but it will not say who provided these reasons, nor will you know which votes match up with which reasons.
- The person who receives the most number of votes will be voted out and will go to Redemption Island.
- When we get down to 3 members, we will be down to the Final 3. This Final 3 will have one last Tribal Council in which the Jury will have a good length of time to ask the finalists any questions they wish. Then, each member of the Jury will vote for who they think is deserving of the title of Sole Survivor based on the info they've gathered and what happened over the course of the game, and following this, we will have a winner.
- In the case of a tie at Tribal Council, every castaway EXCEPT the tied castaways will vote again, but must vote for one of the tied castaways.
- If there is still a tie, every castaway EXCEPT the tied castaways AND any immune castaways will have their names entered into a generator, and whosever name appears first will be voted out.
- If there is a tie at a Tribal Council with 4 or less tribe members remaining, a tiebreaker challenge will take place instead of random.org to decide who is voted out.

Hidden Immunity Idol:
- If you happen to win a challenge, you will be fortunate enough to receive a clue to the whereabouts of a Hidden Immunity Idol, located somewhere on the forum.
- Note: You can only look for the Idol (by looking I mean PM'ing me and guessing what it is) when you're at your own camp.
- The Immunity Idol is something that can be used at any Tribal Council up to Day 37, and if you want to play it, you must let me know when you submit your vote.
- If you play the Immunity Idol, all votes cast against you that night will be negated, and once your votes are not counted, the person with the next highest number of votes will be voted out.

Rules, Procedures, Etc.:
- You are not allowed to communicate with anyone other than your own tribemates. This is because each tribe is living on its own island, so it only makes sense that you can't communicate with someone on another island.
- You are not allowed to communicate with the Jury if you are still in the game.
- If you are on Redemption Island, you can't communicate with anyone other than anyone else on Redemption Island (which will typically be yourself, plus briefly one other person every few days).
- You MUST post in your tribe colour when competing in challenges or doing work around the camp. If you do not use your tribe colour, your post(s) will not count.
- You are not allowed to influence the game after you have been voted out. Even though some of you will be bitter over your departure, you are forbidden from sharing any info with anyone or making posts in the thread that will have an impact on the outcome of the game.
- You are not allowed to bribe the Jury in order to get their vote at the end. By bribing I mean something outside of the game such as lolcredits.
- If you have been online and not submitted something for the challenge/Tribal Council, I will move on without you. If you are experiencing computer problems or stuff like that, let me know in advance so I can be as patient as possible.
- Please appear online for the game and not invisible.

- A simple "in" will do.
- New players are automatically given priority over returning players, with the exception of "extreme circumstances".
- No strategizing with others before the game starts ... that would be cheating.
- I'm looking for exactly 18 people. However, signs ups are not a first come, first serve basis, so if you see that 18 people have signed up, still sign up because you can still get in.

1. Magic
2. steamed hams
3. Shepard
4. Hiplop
5. CamillePunk
6. Alcoholic
7. SL
8. Roy won
9. Titania
10. Pez
11. Emarosa
13. Gards
14. Leeroy!
15. Mr. Law
16. CM Dealer
17. Amsterdam
18. sXe_Maverick
19. McQueen
20. HellFire
21. King Kenny
22. dan_marino
23. StraightEdged
24. Mistique

DH 01-25-2012 04:39 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
Night 38: Final Tribal Council

sXe_Maverick 2nd Voted Out
steamed hams 5th Voted Out
ALEXHUMPH 7th Voted Out
Mr. Law

Mistique 3rd Voted Out
Gards 6th Voted Out
McQueen 1st Voted Out
Emarosa 4th Voted Out
Roy won

HellFire 16th Voted Out
Hiplop 12th Voted Out
Magic 15th Voted Out
Mr. Law 17th Voted Out
Pez 8th Voted Out
Roy won 14th Voted Out
Shepard 9th Voted Out
SL 11th Voted Out
sonicksy 10th Voted Out
steamed hams 13th Voted Out
steamed hams

Roy won
Mr. Law


Day 1:

- Intro Day

Day 2:
- Camp Life

Day 3:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (Face Your Fears): Sapoa wins!
- McQueen is voted out (5-2-1-1 vote).

Day 4:
- Camp Life

Day 5:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (Reel 'Em In): Maderas wins!
- sXe_Maverick is voted out (7-1 vote).

Day 6:
- Camp Life

Day 7:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (Tribal Arts): Sapoa wins!
- Mistique is voted out (8-0 vote).

Day 8:
- Redemption Island Duel #1: Mistique defeats sXe_Maverick.

Day 9:
- Camp Life

Day 10:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (The Maze): Sapoa wins!
- Emarosa is voted out (5-2 vote).

Day 11:
- Redemption Island Duel #2: Mistique defeats Emarosa.

Day 12:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (The Popular Tribe): Maderas wins!
- steamed hams is voted out (4-3-1 vote).

Day 13:
- Camp Life

Day 14:
- Redemption Island Duel #3: steamed hams defeats Mistique.

Day 15:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (Picture Perfect): Sapoa wins!
- Gards is voted out (5-1 vote).

Day 16:
- Redemption Island Duel #4: steamed hams defeats Gards.

Day 17:
- Reward/Immunity Challenge (Chain Reaction): Maderas wins!
- ALEXHUMPH is voted out (4-3 vote).

Day 18:
- Camp Life

Day 19:
- Redemption Island Duel #5: steamed hams defeats ALEXHUMPH.
- steamed hams re-enters the game

Day 20:
- Immunity Challenge (Bridge of Victory): Shepard wins!
- Pez is voted out (6-1 vote).

Day 21:
- Camp Life

Day 22:
- Immunity Challenge (Brick by Brick): SL wins!
- Shepard is voted out (6-4-1 vote).

Day 23:
- Redemption Island Duel #6: Shepard defeats Pez.

Day 24:
- Immunity Challenge (Risk and Reward): Roy won + SL wins
- sonicksy is voted out (7-2-1 vote).

Day 25:
- Camp Life

Day 26:
- Redemption Island Duel #7: Shepard defeats sonicksy.

Day 27:
- Immunity Challenge (Save Our Souls): Mr. Law wins!
- SL is voted out (7-1-1 vote).

Day 28:
- Redemption Island Duel #8: Shepard defeats SL.

Day 29:
- Immunity Challenge (United and Divided): steamed hams wins!
- Hiplop is voted out (5-3 vote).

Day 30:
- Redemption Island Duel #9: Shepard defeats Hiplop.

Day 31:
- Immunity Challenge (The Truth Hurts): HellFire wins!
- steamed hams is voted out (4-3 vote).

Day 32:
- Camp Life

Day 33:
- Immunity Challenge (Greed): HellFire wins!
- Roy won is voted out (4-2 vote).

Day 34:
Camp Life

Day 35:

- Reward/Immunity Challenge (Scrambled Brains): Leeroy! wins a car and Immunity!
- Magic is voted out (3-2 vote).

Day 36:
- Season Finale begins!
- Redemption Island Duel #10: steamed hams defeats Roy won, Shepard, and Magic
- steamed hams re-enters the game.

Day 37:
- Immunity Challenge (Puzzled): steamed hams wins!
- HellFire is voted out (3-1 vote).

Day 38:
- Final Immunity Challenge (Know Your Enemies): steamed hams wins!
- Mr. Law is voted out (3-1 vote).

Day 39:
- Final Tribal Council

Invictus 01-25-2012 04:43 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island

DH 01-25-2012 04:44 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
Nice bar ;D

steamed hams 01-25-2012 04:46 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island

Invictus 01-25-2012 04:48 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
well I sure the hell wasn't going to pay 10 dollars for a membership. :side:

Hopefully I don't totally fail at this game, I wouldn't want to become the caboose of survivor. :side:

Shepard 01-25-2012 04:50 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
lolvbookie 8*D

I'll play

Hiplop 01-25-2012 05:00 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
GOAT is in

CamillePunk 01-25-2012 05:12 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
I guess I'm in. Sounds a bit queer though tbh.

Alco 01-25-2012 05:23 PM

Re: Survivor: Redemption Island
I'll play DHITLER

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