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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

WORDSWORDSWORDS - not posting much of note, usually more active in scumhunting
fuck you


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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

fuck you shep. would have shot you if I got a kill since I figured it had to be Kiz who guarded you N1.
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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

quick day. Got guilty on wes N3 & didn't put my role in last night. Haven't really been following this game so someone tell me who to investigate.

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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

That was a great day, well done CP on catching the SK.

Emarosa, investigate either myself or DH, as we seem to be the two names being thrown around the most now
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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

I'd say DH or Alco for investigation.

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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

One of the v-bookies have to be scum.

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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

I agree Mikey and I'm leaning sXe. Also still pretty sure Alco is scum.

Btw IDK if we still have a town BG but they should save my ass tonight. Just saying.

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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

Originally Posted by UnDeFeatedKing View Post
at Shep talking to himself for like 50 posts. /dead posting.
I had a whale of a time

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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)


The town were in a joyful mood after lynching the remaining member of the ISIS. CamillePunk in particular was enjoying himself, partaking in a celebatory dance. It was shortlived though as he was shot in the leg. He was dead.

He was:

Congratulations, you are Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard, Innocent Aligned

Role: Ducky is the Chief Medical Examiner at NCIS. Dr. Mallard is a Scottish-born doctor who underwent medical education at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, and served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He is also very skilled in the field of psychology but his main skill is as a medical examiner which makes you the Forensic Investigator.

You can PM me the name of a dead player and I’ll tell you everyone who targeted him (or tried to) in the game. However there is a catch, it’s a long process this forensic stuff so you won’t get the results until 2 days later ie send it in night 1, get results day 3 etc. You also only have 3 opportunities to send this role in.

The town were weary following the death of their forensic investigator. In particular there was a man, who was suffering from muscle spasms and anxiety, and hyperactivity. He had a gun in his hand, he shot a bullet, and someone was shot dead.

The body was found, he was sXe_maverick,


Congratulations, you are Leon Vance, Mafia Aligned.

Role: You are Director of NCIS, that should mean you’re a good guy right? Wrong. You’re a jerk who likes to use the role of director to fulfil your own agenda. You’re constantly at odds with Gibbs and co but you still remain a good agent. Before you became an agent you were a boxer, showing that you are more than capable at defending yourself. You are the Bodyguard. PM a name and you will be able to bodyguard them. You win when all threats are eliminated.

With 9 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.

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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

Ah fuck ya
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