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Mafia Records.

Game Records

This first section will list all the games from WF mafia with the moderator/winning faction and any other notes I felt were necessary to add.

[B]1.WF Mafia IV: Return To The Dark Side by The Ace & CMAngle3
Won By: Mafia
Notes: Uhm, I wasn't around for this game. Nolo King was a suicide bomber though and some shit happened and the mafia won. Sounds like it was a good game although I'm sure the play was actually rly bad, lawls.

2.WF Mafia by BD.
Won By: The mafia
Notes: First game back after long hiatus. Provided clues to catch the mafia. This practise is no longer used as many found it distracting/too much mod influence.

3.Heroes Mafia by Thunderman & Metal X

Won By: Villains (Mafia)
Notes: Used a seperate thread for day/night write up's. Only used for a few games as many people realised it was retarded. Also the first game to have a lot of individuals in the game which brought a new dynamic.

4.LOST Mafia by Ghetto Anthony
Won By: Paik Industries (Individual Group)
Notes: Considered to be one of the best games in WF history and one that made the name of Ghetto Anthony famous. All write up's and modding were excellent and enjoyed by everyone. Featured 2 Indi teams battling it out at the end with only a lone innocent between them.

5.24 Mafia by Seb
Won By: The Terrorists (mafia)
Notes: Arguably the single best performance in a mafia game was witnessed here after .BD managed to pull out a victory despite being the last mafia standing very early in the game. This game also used the controversial SPY role which many feel is broken and is rarely used nowadays due to this, but it was revolutionary at the time and shut up seb used it pretty well here. A good game and one that is memorable.

6.Tri-Branded Mafia by DH. and BD.
Won by: ECW Mafia
Notes: First game to feature 2 full mafia families. Also had a spy-ish role that helped the Smackdown Mafia be fucked over, somewhat.

7.Power Rangers Mafia by Thunderman
Won By: Modified Serial Killer (Ivan Ooze)
Notes: First time a Serial Killer had won a game in WF history. Should be noted this game suffered from modkills on several innocents and also a questionable ending due to Rising being allowed to retract a vote. Despite this Fail's victory was well earned.

8.Space Jam Mafia by Seb
Won by: Innocents
Notes: First game the Innocents had won. This game was plagued with a controversial ending. From the standard rules of mafia the mafia should have won but the Mod decided to award the game to the innocents rather questionably(lol biased reporter <_<). Still was an enjoyable game. Not as good as 24 but it did have the 'tooth fairy' role which was cool and the first time it was used to my knowledge.

9.Mafia V Return To Aifamville by Metal X
Won by: Innocents
Notes: First game to introduce a number of elements, including a Cult and a Jester. Was the second town win in a row too, also this game lacked clues. Town pretty much dominated this game though.

10.Superheroes Mafia by Lostfan and NaS
Won By: SuperVillains (Mafia)
Notes: This game featured the first (and only?) clean sweep in WF history. Not a single mafia was lost as the mafia proceeded to destroy the innocents. Ghetto Anthony takes a lot of the credit for this as the Godfather.

11.Movie Mafia by PHENOM
Won By: Movie Heroes (Innocents)
Notes: Game in which the Paranoid Gun owner was first used. Also a game in which lulz were had when a clue the moderator put in was edited on wikipedia which resulted in a mislynch.

12.Survivor Mafia by DH.
Won By: The Survivors (Innocents)
Notes: This game suffered some amazing play on all sides. CBR lead the mafia well while Lostfap was great as a serial killer. The ending was somewhat anti-climatic due to a mafia spy, dan marino, being in the game but apart from that anyone who played and lasted a long time enjoyed the game immensely.

13.Chain Of Memories Mafia by Es Eye
Won By: Light (Innocents)
Notes: This game was the game where the MVP was revoked from Jigsaw due to him being annoying. This game also saw the clever role 'Enabler' introduced, a rare which is rarely used but was used very intelligently here by the game moderator Es Eye (R.I.P.)

14.Mortal Kombat Mafia by Fail
Won by: Innocents
Notes: This game featured Ethan619, arguably the worst mafia player ever. Also featured richard flair and massive delays between game phases

15.LOST Mafia II by He Hate Me
Won By: Game was Abandoned
Notes: Game was abandoned when GA was banned and aussiefan ( decided to out the mafia like a TOOL. Set-Up had potential though and had the unique mechanic of having the innocents split into two groups.

16.WWE Mafia by CM "Susan" Dealer
Won By: The Mafia
Notes: This game was broken via the role unlimited mafia recruiter which was well played by Postage. The fact the mafia ended with more players than they started with says a lot about this game. Game was enjoyable apart from that (I guess). Role has not been used since this game to this person's knowledge, for good reason.

17.Resident Evil Mafia by NaS
Won By: S.T.A.R.S. aligned (Town)
Notes: Featured hilarious violent write up's from NAS. Also Nas decided to point out a CLUE in the write up which sorta kinda totally screwed the mafia over.

18.Heroes II Mafia by Lostfan and Metal X
Winners: Monroe Aligned
Notes: This game was won in the main by Sticksy's good play. His only true partner died early via daykill yet he easily made it to endgame and was never even targeted for a kill. Game also featured a new role who could see prospective night kill targets.

19.Prison Break Mafia by BD.
Won by: The Inmates/Innocents
Notes: Featured the FAMOUS Michael Scofield Saga which is still a mini meme in the mafia section of WF. Other notable things included this featuring excellent play from Postage who led the innocents to victory and MetalX going spastic and admitting to being mafia due to being outlogiced. All in all one of the most memorable games on the site for mostly the right reasons.

20.Cosby Show Mafia by KeepItFresh & jax_the_ax
Won by: The Mafia
Notes: Horrible unbalanced game that very few people enjoyed. Some ridiculously stupid roles and was plagued by inactivity due to no one caring about the game.

21.Breakfast Cereal Mafia by Postage
Won By: Evil Brekfast Cereals (Innocents)
Notes: A Game which still holds the record for most amount of posts. Of course quantity and quality aren't the same thing but this game had both. Very well modded and also introduced the PUBLIC ROLE REVEALER role. THH managed to win this by convincing Jigsaw to not vote for him. Also Postage lied for Jigsaw and said he was an indy for a while as he pretty much single handedly lost the game for the innocents.

22.Family Guy Mafia by Stone Cold sXe
Won By: Town
Notes: Despite being based on a garbage theme (In this author's opinion) the game turned out well enough. The innocents really destroyed the mafia here and RKO920 as cop played a masterful game, even going as far as investigating someone with an innocent investigation from another cop and finding the Godfather via his name. Amazing play or dumb luck? Who cares.

23.Pokemon Mafia by Doddsy
Won By: N/a Game was called off.
Notes: Doddsy lost internet for like a fucking year or some shit and couldn't finish the game. YA...GOT. Also had some ridiculous roles like a cult who could recruit mafia at first. All in all probably a good thing it was called off, as it sounded lolworthy. Still admirable effort.

24.Project Mafia by S-I
Winners: N/a Game was abandoned.
Notes: Featured a concept where the roles were created by the players in the game. Although the concept was great unfortunately it didn't work out and Es Eye called the game off and had a bit of an EMO moment. Got over it though and is a great guy

25.Harry Potter Mafia by dan_marino
Won By: Hogwarts Aligned/The Innocents
Notes: Very good game, helped by a good theme. Went down to a very close endgame in which Kantos managed to pull out a deserved win for the innocents.

26.Mushroom Kingdom Mafia by Nov
Won By: Shared Mushroom Kingdom(Innocent)/Cult victory.
Notes: Nov's second game (His first was ruined by current mod DH Claus) and still the only game to feature a joint victory. The game was called as a draw due to both teams accepting it. Mafia was destroyed by good lynches in this game as the innocents played particularly well.

27.Video Games Mafia by Kantos
Won By: Innocents
Notes: An interesting game that suffered from a prospective mafia faction dying early. This made the game easier for the innocents and ended with them comfortably winning the game due to good lynching and claim analysis. Also the first game to use the Beloved Princess/Guard combonation to my knowledge.

28.Dark Knight Mafia by ThunderMan
Won By:The Mafia
Notes: Despite being called TDK mafia it featured stuff from Batman and beyond which was kind of weird. Also should be noted this featured a few moderator fuck ups like an unkillable person dying. The Mafia won after sheer apathy meant the town did very little to prevent this.

29.Simpsons Mafia by CBR & Dagax
Won By: The Town (Innocents)
Notes: Despite an early fuck up with roles and a modkill that was not the game went smoothly after that. Second game to contain a jester to my knowledge but he wasn't lynched this time due to the fact the theme lent to a jester and the mafia were almost decimated by this time.

30.GTA Mafia by Alcoholic
Won By: The Mafia/Jester
Notes: Featured Kantos wtf'ing as a Jester and winning the game early for many lulz. Great play from him. Also great play from CBR who was the main player for the mafia and managed to eek out a very unexpected win for them due to it seeming the innocents having the game in control. Rising had a hilarious post restriction in this game too, holmes.

31.South Park Mafia by Susan Dealer
Won By: The Innocents
Notes: Game was inactive at times and had an individual PGO for some reason. The Mafia were decimated quite early due to bad luck and apathy caused the game to fizzle out.

32.Hip Hop Mafia by Emperor NaS

Won By: East Coast mafia
Notes: This game was fairly lulz. Wesson replaced back in despite originally being mafia and no one seemed to notice or care. Cm Dealer was lynched for faking a post restriction and being a general too and Postage claimed mafia but wasn't lynched. All lol'able events w/ violent write up's from NAS.

33.No Idea Mafia by Kantos and Lostfan
Won By: The Innocents

Notes: Game had different events each day which results in some lulz/confusion e.g. screwy vote counts. Game had very weird roles like an Evil Mod too. Steven lawls was the MVP playing a great game. The Mafia lost due to being unlucky with the bus driver as the bus driver was actually trying to SAVE the last mafia member from being killed.

34.*Games from the Mafia Archives Mafia By Wolf Tiger
Won by: Wolf Tiger
Notes: Wolf fucked up the split and this game was fucking hilarious. mafia asked for a daykill and got it and Postage's role was ridiculously over-powered. Game was called off and wolf left the section for a while.

35.A Super Cool Mafia By Postage
Won By: The Innocents
Notes: The game with the most players EVER due to Postage mod's reputation + dedication to the game. Also featured the IRISHPRODIGY shooting himself with his role due to not understanding mafia which was fucking hilarious. In the end the Innocents won due to process of eliminate, so they can't be faulted. Good game. Richie was replaced by someone in this game.

36.Watchmen Mafia By dan_marino
Won By: The Mafia/Jester joint win
Notes: Game featured excellent play from Wesson who used his role to steal the roles of dead players to great effect. The Innocents played badly this game and the Sk in Postage was also unlucky not to win. Game also featured some other combonation roles which were weird but caused good fun, e.g. miller/lie detector and bus-driver/jailer. Also Magsimus won via an epic fake jester claim, claimed reviver then stalle for 2 days before being lynched, very funny considering everyone had considered him scum before the lynch.

37.Buffy The Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia
Won By: Innocents
Notes: Featured a Hilarious Day 1 with Lostfan and Kantos both claiming the same character and Kantos fucking up as he hadn't realised his character was a vampire version. Also featured RetepAdam misreading his role when he was town aligned and killing confirmed innocents. Had rising not convert the most powerful town role too for some reason which eventually cost the Vampires the game. Some good play from MetalX here helped the town win this.

38.*Tekken Mafia By Alcoholic
Won By: The Innocents
Notes: A game which featured some rather hilarious post restrictions once again from Alcoholic. Also featured a **** ROLE REVEALER PANDA which is something that you'd not see in everyday life.

39.U]*ECW: One Night Stand Mafia by The Ace w/ Lostfan[/U]
Won by: The Mafia (WWe Invaders)
Notes: Ace abandoned this game so Lostfap took it over. Great play from the mafia. Kantos drew a picture saying he was mafia but wasn't lynched and Postage managed to get X to lynch the confirmed innocent. Um @ that I guess. StevenL was the only mafia member lynched. HAHA.

40.*King's Court Mafia by DH.
Won By: Innocents
Notes: Had a modified king maker mechanic that was very interesting. Some very very good play from the town resulted in them winning this game easily. The cult/Sk/Mafia were all blown away quite easily and never stood a chance. In fact the town won best team performance in the mafia awards.

41.*Mafia on a Plane by DH.
Won By: The Mafia
Notes: very weird game. Kinda set up for the lulz and had some lulz roles but worked out OKAY in the end. Mafia won quite easily via their 2 investigation immune roles which let them coast to endgame easily enough.

42.*Super Wildlife Mafia by Invincible*
Won by: The mafia
Notes: Very interesting game that featured the Centuar role, a role which won best new role in the mafia awards. The Mafia team also performed excellently using several gambits and eventually securing victory in a very close finish. Extremely well modded and featured excellent write up's.

43.Drug Mafia by Chris Supreme aka ES EYE*
Won By: No one.
Notes: Es eye screwed up and revealed the names of the mafia by accident. ACCIDENT. So yeah. Featured a cool concept of a pre-revealed innocent and mafia @ the start of the game which was new and exciting. Shame it failed, really.

44.*Dexter Mafia by RetepAdam*
Won By: No one in the end
Notes: Game was nearly over but was closed down due to retep being away. Innocents pretty much had this in the bag. Featured Dexter being in two mafia's which was very odd, and interesting. Shame the game ended but still enjoyable while it lasted.

45.Tennis Mafia by Ultimoron & Steven Lawls
Won by: Tennis Aligned (Innocent)
Notes: Featured some odd characters in the game e.g. albert einstein or some shit, still for a first time mod it was a good effort. Game ended really close as the innocents had to wipe out the mafia due to a lack of food and just barely managed to pull it off. Good play from a number of people helped the innocents win, but the mafia would be faulted for their inactivity.

46.*Post Restriction mafia by Lostfan and Kantos
Won by: The Cult of John Byrne (Cult)
Notes: This game was a game in which the majority (All but one) of the players suffered from a Post restriction. This did inhibit scum-hunting somewhat however and in the end the Cult won due to them being an unknown threat in the town, despite the cult being severly weakened compared to a regular cult. TheHitManHart played the role perfectly.

47.*Pixar mafia by MetalX
Won by: No One
Notes: Game was abandoned due to severe inactivity on the players part. Mafia had the game in control although 2 of them were the top 2 lynch candidates when it was called off, so we'll never know how it would have ended. MetalX being a bad mod didn't help the game either, in all honesty.

48.*Red vs. Blue mafia by Wolf Tiger
Won by: Wolf Tiger
Notes: Wolf's second abandoned game which ANNOYED LOTSA People. It was actually going well up until that point too so it's a DARN SHAME. Wolf's gonna try run another game soon? Inb4 fail.

49.*Survivor Mafia II by Dhitler*
Won By : The Innocents
Notes: A game which featured a spy role who could flip from one mafia to the other. This resulted in the mafia dying really quicklu and in hindsight was a really bad role to put in. Despite the sheer number of anti-town roles in the game the innocents still won quite comfortable. Also featured the CHEWBACCA DEFENSE from alcoholic which was one of the most amazing things ever.

50.*ARKANSAS mafia by Alcoholic
Won By: The Non Queers (Innocents)
Notes: AINT NO QUEERS IN ARKANSAS. Good game that came down to a 3-man endgame in which lawls lost. YA...GOT @ LAWLS. Very fun game that had some, um, interesting roles and lots of QUEERS. Luckily they didn't win so everyone was safe. Postage picked up the modding half way through due to Alco being a QUEER. Or he went on holiday, I can't remember.

51.*Disney Princess Mafia by ThunderAngel
Won By: The Mafia (Disney Princesses)
Notes: So like half the people weren't to do with disney at ALL. Michael Scofield and Xander were in the game for no apparent reason. So in the end the girls tman wants to **** won the game.

52.*Star Wars Mafia by Lostfap and yottsu*
Won: Sith/Mafia

Notes: game suffered STEVEN LAWLS as a result of playing out a Pulp Fiction line which was one of the most amazing things ever. Yottsu also wrote some really cool write up's and in the end the game came down to one mafia one indy and one innocent with the mafia barely pulling out the win thanks to a great fake claim from iMac. It also featured a Yottsu-Mod-Player and a Hidden player both of which were LOLWTF to many people.

53.*Apocalypse Mafia by dan marino*
Won by: The Mafia/Jester Joint win
Notes: Good play from Sxe and Wesson won this game for the mafia after some of their team-mates died very early. Steven lawls fucked up by being a **** and pretending to have an investigation when he'd actually seen the mafia Qt. Still the mafia won in the end so it didn't matter too much. Innocent's played rather badly but Ace won early having being the target of a night kill an a lynch thus ensuring a Jester win.

54.*Final Fantasy 7 Series by Mr. Lawls*
Won By: Innocents
Notes: Had some modding mistakes from lawls but the game went off well enough and the innocents won easily enough from good role use, and good play. A more enjoyable game than many thought so well done to LAWLS on modding well enough.

55.*WWF Attitude Era Mafia by Nov*
Won By: The WWF Aligned (innocents)
Notes:Very UH game. A few banning during it as Angelo batista and Lawls flamed each other. Game that resulted in Postage being de-modded. ( oops ) and other stuff. Good play from Invincible here helped lead the town to victory although the innocents had 2/3 night immune people but Iv was the star of the show here.

56. Christmas Mafia by Dan_marino
Won by: Christmas Aligned (Innocents)
Notes: Was a LULZ game that had some amazing investigations from Yeah1993 and great role use from Retepadam too. Both of these combined to fuck the mafia over and **** them in their punk white boy asses. Despite the mafia having a fair few power roles it turned out the game was well balanced in the end. Another good modded game from DAN MARINO. Yeah1993 got best role use from this game.

57 Tintin Mafia By Invincible
Won by: The Mafia
Notes: Once again another good game from Invincible. Despite the mafia having an unlynchable the game was well balanced. Town had plenty of power roles. Had a unique individual role where the player could plant a BOMB at a certain post number and cause it to explode killing someone. This had neven been done before but was definitely an interesting role.

58. House mafia by .BD

Won by : CANCELLED since .BD went MIA

Interesting concept (as per for .BD) in that the power roles were assigned via nomination to certain players and would take on different roles depending on that persons alignment. I think every power role was a cop who could find a specfic scum member or something like that which is kinda COOL imo. Shame BD went missing day 2 and it got cancelled so OHWELL.

59. Pokemafia (II) by Doddsy

Won by: Town

Relatively short game probably not helped by the fact Alcoholic was revived as part of a second mafia (reviver must have thought he'd come back as town so lol @ that logic) and outed his teammates in the thread before being killed. Main scum faction lasted a bit longer but town ended up winning comfortably.

60. Cartoon mafia by sXe Maverick

Won by : Town

Some lolquick walladays (first day had about 30 posts and the second day was ended halfway through an IMPULSE wagon). Town killed something like 4 scum in 2 days/1night after tho w/ some good townplay by Faraday and HeAT. Some lolbad townplay when there was only one scum left was seen though (like lynching a confirmed BP townie who was in the write ups) town scraped out the win.

61. MSN Smiley Mafia by Mr. Lawls & Lostfap

Won by : IMAC (DaySK)

Cool thing in this was town got to vote for a MAYOR as well as lynching. Dan Marino got elected and serial dayOWNED(killed). There were two mafias and the two masons were on each side which was cool&STUFF (STUFF was mafia, surprisingly). Also WALLABEN fakeclaimed bomb when he was town (and got lynched). Crosskilling helped A LOT towards the end and a couple good lynches as well. IMAC won as Day SK which tbf was deserved since town didnt do a lot and the scumteams/sk did most of the nontown killing.

Lawls also made a smiley of himself in the game (v egotistical imo)

62. Survivor Mafia III: Heroes vs. Villains by DHITLER

Won by : Heroes (town)

This game had Lawls proving why he is the future of mafia by catching the SK day 1 (albeit with role info but w/e its LAWLS). No wait lawls & duke were potential serial killers and had to get the other killed to become the sk. And this was in dukes pm when he died which confirmed lawls as the sk. Oh dear . Then Nov fakeclaimed a character who died the day before. Stellar. Faraday had a brief obvjester run and got nk'd (i think people were just scared to vote him despite acting obvscum since nobody mentioned jester). Also had 7 nontown in a 20 man game and a mafia traitor after night 3 lolhooper but town were full of prs and Nexus rising lead them to a lylo win woo.

~edit~ MOAR

63. IWC Mafia by NaFFan

Won by : Mafia
Town were pretty bad. Faraday had like 90% success rate as vig butt lynching was poor and then beloved princess RUSH got quicklynched at MYLO and RetepAdam pulled out a good sole survivor win (also had a LIE DETECTOR fake which most people believed and helped w/ quicklynch which cost town).

64. New York Mafia by Postage.

Won by : Mafia

Some poor mislynches here, like RKO being lynched for being black when someone else died as "the" only black guy, even though Postage made a post saying that wasn't the case and practically confirmed him and then NaFFan being lynched despite being an inventor of sorts who's role was confirmed or something like that. Lots of indys died tho and it took a while for scum to be hit. even then it got to like 4/4/1 and town still got quicklynched but scum kill got blocked and scum died so it went all the way down to a 1/1/1 split w/ dan marino and IMPULSE having a v enjoyable argument for me to read. marino won tho, like he always does. (also b/c doddsy was an idiot and used instead of reading)

65. No Theme Mafia by CM Dealer

Won by : dan_marino (serial killer)

Godfather Postage got killed n1 after being caught by an insane daycop. And then there were like 3 other cops, feels like a lawls game. Then scum p much dropped like flies and town coasted until endgame where dan marino won again as SK.

66. Heroes Mafia III by sXe Maverick

Won by :

Scum lost one member all game and coasted to win. 3 BG claims made for some fun days and good mislynches for scum to push but they never looked like losing it really and were in firm control with a lot never really coming under that much pressure.

67. Cyanide & Happiness Mafia by Alcoholic

Won by : Cancelled

This had one of the best PR's ever for RUSH and some hi-larious vote counts by Yottsu but combination of people losing interest/mod being busy led to it just tailing off without an end. Shame.

68. WF Mafia: Hostile Takeover by Rush

Won by : Ownage(Jester)/Town

Used roles from old games, kinda cool and whatnot. SK pairing went down early, Ownage won on like day 3 and then town picked most of their lynch choices well to get second place fairly comfortably.

69. Looney Tunes Mafia by MetalX

Won by : Mafia

Heavily inactive game yet town started well and had a dayvig who killed some scum and stuff but then X modkilled inactives (all of which were town) so town lost like 4 people and scum got an easy win. Think this is a record for shortest completed game(around 200 posts or so)

70. WWE Tri-Branded Mafia 2.0 by DH

Won by : Rush (Serial Killer)

Short but entertaining game which Rus won w/ a fairly OP'd SK role (could pick mafia members by name and have them duel during the day) but he got copped by like 4 different people and still survived for about 3/4 days without dying so it's still a decent enough accomplishment even if he should've died a lot earlier.

71. WF Posters Mafia by Lostfap

Won by : Mafia

Leeroy made himself painfully obvious as scum and lawls did the same as his scumbuddy defending him and both were lynched early yet town did poor after that and lynched Rising when he claimed cop and BULK when he was obv yeah1993. STUFF showed his scum prowess by getting it DONE SON.

72. MMA Mafia by Rush

Won by : Mafia

Contained GOAT troll by Postage/Rising but some terrible play lead to some easy mislynches (sXe tunneling rising for fake role info on day 1 then getting lynched day 2 b/c of it being so lolbad). Lawls faked gunsmith and got a mislynch and then was a scumbomb so that kinda fucked town over even more. Only one
scum died i think so was fairly comprehensive in the end.

73. Dragon Ball Z Mafia by Mr. Lawls

Won by :
Jester (STUFF) / Town

Stellar steven lawls modding here included ending day when sXe was 2 off being lynched and allowing Rush to replace in despite serial killer faraday telling him that he killed him in his first life. Then sXe posted his role pm b/c he assumed since it wasn't in the rules he was allowed. LAWLS. Also replaced out RKO despite people having less posts so replaced him back in and let his replacement take someone elses role (loli'd hard). STUFF then won as jester by counterclaiming the miller (something i think he's done before too). SK Postage then pretty much led town to second w/ successful scum lynches before dying himself and letting town get the second place.

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Re: Mafia Records.

Looks good

Was Mason Mafia left out because it ended prematurely or something? Not really bothered because the concept failed, but add it if its a mistake.

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Re: Mafia Records.

great job with these mac

fun read, very nostalgic

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Re: Mafia Records.

Mason Mafia wasn't on the host thread list, I copyapasted from there. Will add it in their some time.

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Re: Mafia Records.

Player stats coming soon? Wow, gonna be some hard work. Thanks, it will be a great read even though my record is awful. Hence, I'm gona win most improved next year.
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Re: Mafia Records.

I don't remember typing SOON in relation to that :|
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Re: Mafia Records.

Fuck, awesome work Fap. Good job, loving the honesty.
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Re: Mafia Records.

Originally Posted by Santafap View Post
21.Breakfast Cereal Mafia by Postage
Won By: Brekfast Cereals (Innocents)
Notes: A Game which still holds the record for most amount of posts. Of course quantity and quality aren't the same thing but this game had both. Very well modded and also introduced the PUBLIC ROLE REVEALER role.
Mafia wins this.

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No Biggie Mr. Smalls
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Re: Mafia Records.

You forgot whos hooper

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Re: Mafia Records.

that was a mini
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