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Re: Mafia Records.

Yeah it'd be nice to get an editable version into the thread, but I don't think there's anyway to get a chart onto this website.
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Re: Mafia Records.

Google doc would work, surely?
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Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
Google doc would work, surely?
Not a bad idea if i cant post an actual table here.

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Re: Mafia Records.

Updated results with minis removed.

Spoiler for 2007-2008 Records:
Mafia Win - 9
Town Win - 15
3rd Party Win - 4

Total Games - 27

Double win games - 1

Spoiler for 2009 Records:
Mafia Win - 8
Town Win - 12
3rd Party Win - 0

Total Games - 20

Double win games - 0

Spoiler for 2010 Records:
Mafia Win - 7
Town Win - 5
3rd Party Win - 4

Total Games - 15

Double win games - 1

Spoiler for 2011 Records:
Mafia Win - 5
Town Win - 15
3rd Party Win - 2

Total Games - 22

Double win games - 0

Spoiler for 2012 Records:
Mafia Win - 19
Town Win - 15
3rd Party Win - 10

Total Games - 41

Double win games - 3

Spoiler for Total Records as of January 1, 2013:
Mafia Win - 48
Town Win - 61
3rd Party Win - 20

Total Games - 124

Double win games - 5

Am through about half of these games with calculating individual records. Put a breaking point at the end of 2012, but should be easy to update once I get the intial results compiled.
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Re: Mafia Records.

My win percentage will be totally garbage

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Re: Mafia Records.

Fun fact... Preliminary win/loss compilation is done.

Notes to read before you complain(cause I know its coming):
- I am a new member of this community. I've tried my best to go back and make sure these are acurate. But I am human and prone to mistakes from time to time(outside Mafia game, of course).

- Win/Losses are tabulated based on the faction the player started with.

- If you replaced out of the game, you got no credit for the game, win or lose. Keeping track of this would have probably added another month before I could release the results. If you wanted credit for the game, you should have stuck it out.

- If you replaced in to the same alignment you started with, you didn't get a replacement win/loss. Some replaced as many as three times into the same game for the same alignment. I saw no need in having a "true win" and three replacement wins being given to the same player for a single game when his win condition was identical.

- If you replaced in to a different alignment, you get credit in the replacement columns. Conversely, you are now playing the game different, on a faction you were working against than you were before. For every replacement win you recieved, you just created a "true loss" for yourself as well. It sucks, but the best I could come up with for the scenario.

- Considering non-town factions rarely could replace in due to breaking the game, replacement stats are minimal. Usually former town players rep'ing in for non-town role.

- Games that did not officially end were not counted. A list of included games will be added to the bottom of this post.

- No total win/loss nor percentages have been added yet, as I'm assuming some human error will have occured. These can and probably will be added later once I am comfortable with everything.

- If you have a pressing dispute about the records, let me know. I'll try to get it worked out. But after a time, I will probably say no more edits. I'm currently thinking July, when I will probably do a mass update again with this years stats included.

- If you don't like how I did this, feel free to spend 40+ hours on it and create your own

- reserved for more notes when I remember them.

Spoiler for games included:
* WF Mafia IV
* WF Mafia V
* Heroes Mafia
* Lost Mafia
* 24 Mafia
* Tri Branded Mafia
* Power Rangers Mafia
* Space Jam Mafia
* Mafia V
* Superheros Mafia
* Movie Mafia
* Survivor Mafia
* Chain of Memories Mafia
* Mortal Kombat Mafia
* WWE Mafia
* Resident Evil Mafia
* Heroes II Mafia
* Prison Break Mafia
* Cosby Show Mafia
* Family Guy Mafia
* Breakfast Cereal Mafia
* Harry Potter Mafia
* Video Games Mafia
* Mushroom Kingdom Mafia
* Dark Knight Mafia
* Simpsons Mafia
* GTA Mafia
* Hip Hop Mafia
* No Idea Mafia
* A Super Cool Mafia
* Watchmen Mafia
* Buffy Mafia
* Tekken Mafia
* ECW One Night Mafia
* Kings Court Mafia
* Mafia on a plane
* Super Wildlife Mafia
* Tennis Mafia
* Post Restriction Mafia
* Survivor Mafia 2
* Arkansas Mafia
* Disney Princess Mafia
* Star Wars Mafia
* Final Fantasy 7 Mafia
* Apocalypse Mafia
* Attitude Era Mafia
* Christmas Mafia
* Tin Tin Mafia
* Pokemafia
* Cartoon Mafia
* MSN Smiley Mafia
* Survivor Mafia III
* IWC Mafia
* New York Mafia
* No Fucking Theme Mafia
* Heroes Mafia III
* WF Mafia Hostile Takeover
* Looney Toons Mafia
* WWE TriBranded Mafia 2
* WF Posters Mafia
* MMA Mafia
* DBZ Mafia
* Christmas Mafia 2010
* Pokemon Mafia 3
* Naruto Mafia
* Historical Figures Mafia
* South Park Mafia 2
* Dexter Mafia
* Better than Lawls mafia
* 2012 Mafia
* American Sports Mafia
* Nintendo Mafia
* English Premier Mafia
* WF Mafia x
* Mass Effect Mafia
* Most Hated Americans Mafia
* Majoras Mask Mafia
* Mad Men Mafia
* Harry Potter Mafia 2
* Futurama Mafia
* Resident Evil Mafia 2
* XMen Mafia
* Scrubs Mafia
* Christmas Mafia 2011
* TV Mafia
* Batman Mafia
* Gossip Girl Mafia
* Countries of the World Mafia
* Breaking Bad Mafia
* Metal Gear Solid Mafia
* Fifa 12 Mafia
* Game of Thrones Mafia
* Marvel Movie Mafia
* Wild West Mafia
* DBZ Mafia 2
* Deathnote Mafia
* Bourne Mafia
* Stoner Mafia
* Pick Your Power Mafia
* Archer mafia
* The Wire Mafia
* Justified Mafia
* Misfits Mafia
* WWE Jobbers Mafia
* Nintendo Mini Mafia
* 80s Action Movie Mafia
* Hunger Games Mafia
* Rurouni Kenshin Mafia
* Cartoon Network Mafia
* WF Mafia The Escape
* Public Enemies Mafia
* SWL 2 Mafia
* Samurai Jack Mafia
* Clash of Kings Mafia
* Sopranos Mafia
* Dynasty Warriors Mafia
* Jigsaw Mafia
* Avatar Mafia
* Monster Mafia
* Twilight Saga Mafia
* Fallout Mafia
* WF Mafia 6
* NFL Mafia
* Christmas 2012 Mafia
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Re: Mafia Records.

and it was at that moment people discovered I was decidedly average

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Re: Mafia Records.

12 games as scum, 2 games as indy, and 14 games as town. Statistically unlikely.
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Re: Mafia Records.

pretty sure I've played more games than I have listed, especially town games. although I guess some mistakes were expected.

also I only have four scum wins? I know I haven't been scum 8 times normally either. That is rather impossible, might actually look into that unless you included indy/survivor games into that.

edit: yeah, I've started out as scum 6 times from what I counted.

Futurama mafia
TV show mafia(lol fuck you kenny)
A Game of Thrones Mafia
Bourne Mafia
Death Note mafia
Star Wars mafia.

A modkill, a four man team, and a 2 man team. THREE GREAT LOSES.

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Re: Mafia Records.

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
12 games as scum, 2 games as indy, and 14 games as town. Statistically unlikely.
Check the names, I'm counting ~27 games for you. Maybe you have another name not added in yet.

Edit: Also, see below.

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