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DH 05-16-2009 10:01 AM

The Amazing Race - Game Thread
The Amazing Race - WF Edition
Season 1

You should know the rules. If you haven't read them, major facepalm. Here they are: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/mafia-...in-plz-xd.html


[Intense music plays as we cut to several overhead shots of a populated city, with big skyscrapers and neat attractions. We recognize the area when we see a shot of the Statue of Liberty, before zooming in on DH. standing in Central Park].

DH: I am standing in arguably the most famous park in the world - Central Park.

[Many quick shots of Central Park].

DH: This is New York City, quite frankly the most popular city in the world. Known for it's many sports teams, endless number of tourist attractions, and quite frankly for being New York, this will mark the beginning of a journey around the world for 7 teams of 2. They are about to begin on a race around the world for 20 billion credits.

[Shots of cool convertibles driving down a road that seems to be headed towards Central Park]

Old-school convertibles are now transporting the teams to the starting line. Each team is made up of 2 people with a pre-existing relationship.

[In the first convertible are 2 young guys, probably around 15 or 16, each looking jolly but determined to win].

DH: Richie and Steven L.

Richie: Many people playing this don't have the advantage of seeing your teammate everyday at school, and I think that's where we will surpass the other teams as we have great communication and teamwork.

Steven L: I honestly think that we will come in 1st place. Anything less than perhaps 3rd place would be a disappointment.

Richie: If it's not 1st, we'll go down with a fight. Bank on that.

DH: RetepAdam & The Ace

RetepAdam: To be fair, chicks dig guys who appear on TV, so I guess I would be lying if that wasn't one of the reasons for me doing this.

The Ace: (Is apparently .. well, he can't speak I guess.)

RetepAdam: I'm gonna laugh when Steven L and Richie are the first eliminated. They sound like a group of pansy white boys to me.

DH: Alcoholic & Postage.

Alcoholic: I'm a winner. I want to win and this race is no different. Everything but the first place will make me a very sad panda.

Postage: My motive is to destroy the other teams and once again display that I'm the King. Every other team here looks like they could be the first team eliminated. None of them are at the calibre that I'm at, and that's a fact.

DH: Lostfan & Chris Supreme.

Chris Supreme: I expect to get first. I won't be satisfied any other way. The timezone difference may appear to be a problem, but we'll still own the place, you'll see.

Lostfan: This isn't Survivor where the threats go home. This is survival of the fittest. Gonna do darwin proud, baby ;).

DH: Susan Dealer & TheHitmanHart.

Susan Dealer: My team is a good team to have on the Amazing Race(ist) because we will try really hard to kick some ass. Also, we are 100% behind your crusade or whatever against WWFTM.

TheHitmanHart: Meh, Postage's team is gonna be the first gone. Postage always seems to lose. But in all fairness, it will be tough competition, but I'm expecting 1st place.

DH: Hazabaijan & MetalX.

MetalX: We're getting first. Anything other then first is a complete failure. I competed in WF Survivor not too long ago and finished first. People pretty much already know who I am. Oh, might I mention that for those of you out there who consider us to be weak, you might as well call yourselves stupid. We're by far the strongest team here, just keep animals away from me.

Hazabaijan: We will bring Enthusiasm and Energy, both of us have a desire to win, and that is why we will win.

DH: And Eveny Screwd & RKO920.

Eveny Screwd: (Shit in mouth, can't talk).

RKO920: We are going to show you that we are the most dominant, manipulative, and amazing team on WF. Our team is great.

[Shot of all teams getting out of the convertibles and approaching the starting line in Central Park]

DH: Can these teams stand up to the stress of travelling together across 4 continents, 8 countries, and nearly 30,000 miles? And who will muster up the right combination of brains, braun, and teamwork .. to win .. the 20 billion credits?

These are the questions waiting to be answered, as we get ready to begin ... ... The Amazing Race.

[Cut to the starting line as all 7 teams are lined up, ready to begin].

DH: In just a few minutes, you will be leaving on a race around the world. The race is divided into 8 legs. At the end of each leg of the race, there is a pitstop. 4 of these pitstops are elimination points, so you need to get to them as fast as you can, because if you're last ... you will be eliminated.

When I give you my word, you can run over to your bags, read the clue, and jump into one of the marked cars in the parking lot. Whatever you do after that is completely up to you, but the first team to cross the finish line, will win the 20 billion credits.

[Everybody cheers]

DH: Is everybody ready?

[Another loud cheer from the 7 teams]

DH: The world is waiting for you...

... Good luck ...

... Travel safe ...









[Everybody makes a mad dash across an area of Central Park towards their backpacks as people start ripping open the first clue of the race]

Clue 1:
Fly to Shannon, Ireland on one of these two flights: Aer Lingus Flight #110, departing 6:30 PM and arriving May 17th, 5:50 am, OR, Delta Flight #122, departing 10:00 PM, arrving May 17th, 9:55 am. Note, the first flight can carry 3 teams, the second flight can carry 4 teams. To get to JFK Airport (the airport you must fly from), you must take one of the marked cars and drive there.

When you land in Shannon, you must then choose a marked car and drive 88 miles to the Rossaveel Ferry Terminal. It's here where you will find your next clue.

You have $225 for this leg of the race.

Remember, Patience and Likability may squeeze you on the earlier flight here, or maybe your speed will get you to the ticketing counter first.


Good Luck ;) And remember, post in the colour that you are above (Ex. Lostfan & Chris Supreme post in Yellow).

Victarion 05-16-2009 10:03 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
Never mind :lmao

DH 05-16-2009 10:04 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
Lol you're driving, not taking a taxi ;D

Victarion 05-16-2009 10:18 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
We're winning. Discuss

Chris Supreme 05-16-2009 10:24 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
Hey people enjoy your not driving. ;D Like we're gunna own even with this shitty color.

CM Dealer 05-16-2009 10:36 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
So what are we supposed to do? Just wait?

DH 05-16-2009 10:41 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
No, you need to get to JFK airport.

THH 05-16-2009 10:53 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!

Victarion 05-16-2009 10:56 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
Why are you giving directions in thread? ;D PM them etc, or the other's can follow you

THH 05-16-2009 10:59 AM

Re: The Amazing Race - Game Thread!!!!~!!
Yeah you're right. :$

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