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.BD 02-28-2008 07:22 PM

Official WF Mafia Thread!
Although on the surface, it appears that superstars from Smackdown and Raw exist harmoniously, that is merely an illusion that WWE production portray. Inside the locker rooms, there is distrust and dislike between the two factions, and it seems that it will never stop.

Smackdown has recently been cancelled by CW, and it appears that Smackdown is unable to find a home. Worried by their lack of employment, Smackdown members seek a new home on Raw. The 10-man Raw roster, however, refuses to let them join.

After a particularly gruelling episode of Raw, the superstars enter the locker room to relax. However, much to their surprise, there are not 10 men in there but 16. Where did these extra men come from? What are they trying to do? Before long, they realise that Smackdown superstars have infiltrated their locker room. In all the panic and confusion, Mr. McMahon makes his appearance.
"Good day, my employees. It seems that we have a little confusion here... well I am here to tell you one thing. I don't give a damn what happens backstage, but no matter what the show goes on. You guys sort out your own problem, fight to the death if need be. McMahon gives a wry smile as he leaves the room, knowing that he wouldn't need to rely on his booking team to build this feud.

Welcome to the latest WF mafia game. What is the aim of the game, you might ask? Well as you can tell, the Innocents (Raw) have been invaded by the notorious mafia (Smackdown). Mr McMahon has given the locker room the chance to lynch one of their own during the day, all in the interest of.... ratings During the night however, the mafia secretly operate in an attempt to dispose of the Raw superstars and gain control of WWE.

Each player will be assinged a role as either a Raw or Smackdown superstar. The Smackdown mafia will be in the minority, but are aware of who their fellow mafia members are. By this they are allowed to secretly communicate with each other, via PM system to talk about who to kill off during the night stage of the game. The Raw superstars, as far as they are aware, are everyone.

During the day, everyone talks in the topic about who to lynch. If a majority cannot be reached, no one is lynched. Lynch witout reason and you may remove one of your own, lynch intelligently and intuitively and remove one of the dangerous mafia from your ranks. Note that this is not real-time, its game time.

During the night stage, the mafia will discuss who they wish to kill off. Then, their leader will pm me with his/their choice, and that person will be killed off by the next morning.

Some characters may have special abilities. Some may be known early on, others may come to life later in the game. Using these powers is essential to making accurate predictions and gaining ascendenscy throughout the game. It is also in your interest to ensure these characters don't survive.

Special Commands (always bold):

vote: (username) - choose to lynch this player
VC: - Get me, the moderator, to do a votecount on who to lynch.
prod: (username) - Get me, the moderator, to remind someone about this topic
unvote: (username) - choose to remove your vote for this player

Lets go! Enjoy :) Remember keep all discussion in this topic, and play to the best of your abilities :)

Current Day: NIGHT 3

Alive Players: (15)

Daredevil Jeff
ADR Lavey
Doddsy V1

Dead Players

Sweet Cherry Pie (RAW) (Lynched, Day 1)
Novus Audax (RAW) (Killed, Night 1)
Postage (RAW) (Lynched, Day 2)
Killswitch (RAW) (Killed, Night 2)
TheRealThing (SD) (Lynched, Day 3)

SoberX 02-28-2008 07:27 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
This is the discussion thread rit?

And when do we get are roles?

ThunderAngel 02-28-2008 07:31 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
We need our roles. Oh and don't send out the same PM to everyone as it says who else you sent the PM too. So if you send someone a PM saying there are NOT in the mafia, then he or she can see who else you sent it too so they know that they are also NOT in the mafia. Don't be lazy and give us all seperate PM's.

RKO920 02-28-2008 07:35 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
this should be fun...

Killswitch 02-28-2008 07:44 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
Can't wait to see what my role is.

DH 02-28-2008 07:48 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
Got my role BrownieDude. Thanks for PMing it to me. Can't wait for this game to get going.

Postage 02-28-2008 07:58 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
I got my role

Now let's get this game crackalackin.

Killswitch 02-28-2008 08:00 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
My role is awesome sucks.

Got all excited for nothin'.

SoberX 02-28-2008 08:02 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!

Originally Posted by Killswitch (Post 5442399)
My role is awesome sucks.

Got all excited for nothin'.

I Agree tbh.

My Is Shit.

thks for giving me a sucky role after I basically told half the people on the list to join up.

.BD 02-28-2008 08:04 PM

Re: Official WF Mafia Thread!
All roles sent, and sent separately. That was purely coincidental that I sent separately, as I gave everyone a different name rather than generic role. Lucky :)

If you didn't receive PM, require clarification on something you may have received the wrong PM (Highly unlikely) feel free to PM me :) It is night 0, so if you have a night role you may PM me your choice. But there is plenty of time and probably not any suspicion yet, so enjoy =)

I apologise if anyone doesn't like their roles, I did this completely randomly. Besides, you don't need a powerful role to be a powerful player in the game, and just because you don't have a role yet doesn't mean you won't develop one. Without giving too much away, lets just that someone in the game has the power to grant roles in certain circumstances, so don't fret.

There were many roles I thought of that I wanted to implement, but as I'm not sure too many people are adept at this game yet and there is only 20 players it was difficult enough to balance as it was. There are a good spread of roles predominantly on the RAW side.

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