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Re: BFG Series Idea

Originally Posted by USAUSA1 View Post
But the Royal Rumble is a simple concept. Winner gets a title shot at Mania by winning a battle royal. You think the average viewer knows who in the lead or keeping up with the scoring system, probably not.
The BFG-series has 4 rules, thatīs pretty simple.

Since TNA puts the current standing of the scoreboards on screen several times during each show, for the duration of the series, the "average viewer" would have to be a vomplete idiot if (s)he canīt keep updated on the series.

Theres really only two major problems with the current structure and execution of the series. They need to book it properly.
And they need to keep other storylines on TV.
The latter being the biggest problem, it just doesnīt work when you give the audience nothing but BFGS matches/segments for three months.
But if they could cut the BFGS matches/segments down to 2-3/night, and give other titles/divisions/feuds some TV time every week, thereīs no reason it wouldnīt work, even running as long as it does.

The BFG-series is a nice, relatively unique concept for TNA, it should be kept around, but should not be given a majority of the TV time, every week, for three months.
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Re: BFG Series Idea

Tv viewers are idiots, thats why simplicity work best in tv.
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Re: BFG Series Idea

1. Reduce the number of wrestlers in the tournament to six.
2. Adopt round robin rules.
3. Just have the top two wrestle at the end.
4. Drop the point system and just count wins/losses.
5. Have someone go undefeated in the tournament in 2014 only to lose to the number 2 in the final.
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Re: BFG Series Idea

It's not that it is hard to keep up with...because it isn't hard to.

It's not that I want the same tired and tried tournaments... It's that they work.

The BFG Series SUCKS.

Plus why would anyone give a damn in the firsts few weeks, and even months? If it's by points. Hell, someone can go on a winning streak for weeks, and still come short at the end. Which pretty much means, it will be constantly changing til the end..and then at the end (this year) we get the 20 point gauntlet match? LOL. Sometimes it's good to guess til the end...but not always. If anything make the turnament in one or two nights about a month before BFG.

Another thing...all the point crap, and we still get a final 4

Just make it a 12-man, 2 night tournament.

The point system also can compromise "better" storylines... as the y don't really have to write specific storylines for specific people ahead of time, as they can make anyone win it in the end.

JUST MAKE IT AN ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT!!!!! It's not like they still do KOR! I bet u if WWE brought it back, TNA would change it. Thats just their logic. ( I love TNA BTW...just a bit of tough love. right now)

If the kick-off match is by points, people won't care as much as if it was by immediate elimination. Even thought it is scripted, it comes off as there is more pressure o win. You MUST win, or be out until next year.

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Re: BFG Series Idea

Originally Posted by Canadian View Post

I think the BFG Series should occur once every 2 years.
a lot of different sporting events take place every 4 years, wouldn't that be more suitable?
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Re: BFG Series Idea

Take the G1 format from NJPW, stretch it out to a 4-week period and you have a perfect tournament. It's simple and you dont have to explain how it works to the viewers for more than 10 seconds. You dont have to invent your own tournament style, just because you want to be different for the sake of being different. Take something that has already proven to work.

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Re: BFG Series Idea

Originally Posted by nevereveragainu View Post
a lot of different sporting events take place every 4 years, wouldn't that be more suitable?
You are talking about major sport events like the WK soccer, olympics etc. If WWE, TNA, AAA and NJPW would work together for a joint tournament, then it would be every 4 years to keep it special. But a tournament like TNA does would be more across the line of a Tour de France, National Championships, Champions League (soccer), Wimbledon (Tennis) etc.
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Re: BFG Series Idea

the BFG series should be simplified and shortened. It should really take place between August and September and just be based off of Win/Lose/Draw with a variety of different matches to make it more entertaining.

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Re: BFG Series Idea

I like the BFG as it is. I wouldn't change the format. Simply execute it better.

If they do decide to scrap it, however, how about a "Pick Six" double-elimination format to determine the No. 1 contender at BFG?

TNA's Championship Committee can select who they feel are the top two contenders. These would be announced first.

And then the TNA roster would decide on two more contenders, via vote. This would lead to interesting angles. These contenders would be announced next.

And then the fans can vote for the final two participants, the "People's Choice" contestants. These would be announced last.

The double-elimination format would work like how it does in college baseball world series.
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Re: BFG Series Idea

Why would it get stale? It's a once a year tournament. It's not like they're running it for every second title shot.

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