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View Poll Results: Which talent's release upset/annoyed you the most?
Christian York 0 0%
Crimson 4 25.00%
Joey Ryan 7 43.75%
Taeler Hendrix 5 31.25%
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Re: TNA releases talent

Originally Posted by Bookockey View Post
Keller is saying a source says TNA is behind on their payroll - supposedly a month. These cuts are not going to save any real money. I bet Hogan and Brooke are getting their checks on time. The company needs to reorganize (or maybe just organize)around a core of wrestlers like an old territory and wait to build things up instead of featuring guys who seldom work (Hogan, Sting) and make 6 figure deals. No indication that they have drawn any more ratings than the guys they let go would have.
Haha Wade Keller? He's the guy who said cena was better than savage a day after he died.
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Re: TNA releases talent

Not a big fan of Crimson. Never have been. I thought he was pretty bad in the ring, and other than a unique look, I didn't think he really brought anything to the table. With the other releases, I could see them getting other opportunities in wrestling (Hendrix would be a great addition to the Divas, York fits in with Ring of Honor). Can anyone see Crimson going to WWE, or ROH for that matter? I can't.

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Re: TNA releases talent

Originally Posted by Liverpoolkelly7 View Post
Haha Wade Keller? He's the guy who said cena was better than savage a day after he died.
What relevance does that have?

Also Keller didnt write that story.
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Re: TNA releases talent

TNA trending worldwide! Great job Dixie!
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Re: TNA releases talent

Sucks Joey Ryan never got a run within the company, he was going good with the invading TNA angle due to not getting picked for Gut Check then Tazz couldn't wrestle so they put him against Al Snow and from then on he went nowhere he could of been a good enough midcard at least another X-Division talent.

I'm sure Madison will return once she is back in ring shape after her pregnancy, don't get why they cut Hendrix she was just getting started and she was nice to look at as well. For the rest I don't care, but funny that I remember they did a 'Gut Check' flashback awhile back and how Christian York won and it was his dream to finally make it and now he's unemployed.

I hope the ones next to get cut are ODB, Eric Young, Rob Terry, Chavo Guerrero & Tazz

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Re: TNA releases talent

Happy that Ryan is gone, absolutely despised him.
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Re: TNA releases talent

Originally Posted by cheese27 View Post
If brisco is a WWE guy then AJ and Joe are too. You have more luck in saying Bradley is a WWE guy, but if you go by that definition in every wrestler in the world is a ex-WWE guy. Because they have all at some point, made a WWE try out or a training program.

Bully got pushed because he deserved it. Angle&Hardy are solid very well known workers that have no problems putting talent over.

One curiosity, what is RVD now? ex-WWE-ex-TNA reject?
Not really. Wes was actually signed and under a developmental contract for 3 years. I over looked Bradley, my bad, but he was under a WWE contract longer than Wes. But the time span for being a "WWE guy" or "TNA guy" or whatever isn't the issue. Bully 100% deserves his title reign and I'm glad that he got it. Couldn't agree more about that as well as Angle and Jeff and what they give back. I've always been a fan of three and continue to be. But they can't provide for the company much longer that's my point. As for RVD, well like a said classification isn't really the issue.

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An Indy alumni headlines WrestleMania
Antonio Cesaro does a no-hand airplane spin
WWE signs Kevin Steen
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Re: TNA releases talent

My Thoughts on the releases

Madison Rayne-
This is the saddest of the releases and the most undeserved Release, she had a huge face run in her and was great all around, hey if TNA does not want her, I know WHO WILL! Very Very Sad!

Christian York-
This one also stinks because of his potential

Taeler Hendrix-
Also one of the saddest because of the all around potential, I know who will want her if TNA doesnt!

The most predictable of the releases, I saw this one coming a mile away, they should have never turned him heel, that killed his momentum!

Joey Ryan-
Not a surprise at all, never was into him

Sam Shaw
another Sad one indeed!

I only agree with 2 of the releases, I disagree with the other 4 and strongly disagree with 2 of those 4 (Both KOs!)

They Cut Rayne/Hendrix/Shaw/York

Yet they keep Christy "Friggin" Hemme, Robbie Egghead and Jessie whatever his name is?

and that Toppa lady hasnt even wrestled yet and shes still around!

Dumb move TNA, dumb move!

The only ones i am happy are gone are Crimson and to an extent Ryan.

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Re: TNA releases talent

except hendrix i don't see any potential in any of them. so good decision to cut (the) cheques.
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Re: TNA releases talent

Sam Shaw was apparently not released.

Many thanks to CJ for the sig!
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