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Originally Posted by J.S. View Post
Damn with some of these ideas ratings would drop to 0.3 in 2 weeks.
Don't be silly. We the (IWC) know more on how to run/book a wrestling company over people with years experience or former big wrestling stars. If we was in charge, we would be getting 10.0 ratings brother!!

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1.) Sign a mix of new talent. Some of the bigger indy names you could be mid-card to upper mid-card (Kevin Steen, Willie Mack) Sign some wrestlers who actually look like wrestling stars (John Morrison, Masters).

2.) Slowly phase out the wrestlers who have reached their ceiling (Storm, Styles, Joe) and replace them with wrestlers with upside and potential (Jason Wayne, Shaun Ricker, Chuck Taylor)

3.) Sign more tag teams to compete with Bad Influence and Roode/Aries like Dark City Fight Club and The Briscoes.

4.) Skin to win with the KOs Division. I know it is a cheap way to draw fans but men younger men would tune in.

5.) Try to steal one big WWE name. Hopefully, Randy Orton.
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Make Hogan the heavyweight champ for 6 years like Bob Backlund was.

Have the tag champion belts change hands every month but only between Roode/Aries, Kaz/Daniels, and Super Mex and Chavo.

j/k with all this

But seriously I would bring in new wrestlers that are colorful with personality and have them watch some 80's matches for gimmicks. Add a few managers.

And if I was rich enough to buy anything I would buy my way into Madison Square Garden to piss off WWE.
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Originally Posted by AOS View Post
Please no.
Why not?

He has a great look, is decent on the mic, has immensely improved in the ring and he's a great babyface worker.

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
I also can't believe how much you let Cena ruin your own lives by doing what he does.

You all may make fun of people with "IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!" for the young kids or marks or whatever, but you guys are even worse than them. You have this deep-seeded legitimate rage for Cena and his fans to the point where you let it affect your day to day life.

Grow up. Seriously.
If you don't understand why John Cena wins all the time, maybe professional wrestling is not for you.
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1. If I were TNA President, I would reach out to several other promotions (ROH, AAA, New Japan, etc.) and try to form cordial working relationships with them. Once a year, maybe in the summer time, we'd hold a "Super Show" PPV that features stars from all the companies. I'd build an entire weekend out of that event, to include autograph signings, panel discussions, a "roast" of a wrestling celebrity, etc. Basically it would be a celebration of the sport and a "Thank You" to the fans. Because we'd share in the revenue, TNA probably wouldn't make a whole lot of money from this, but I believe it would help the industry in the long run.

2. I would try to restore the luster of the Knockouts Division, which I see as the weakest part of TNA Impact right now. There's no reason why it can't be interesting again. I'd bring back Scott D'more(?) to book that division. I'd bring back Angelina Love and (if she's willing and available) Awesome Kong. Also: Daffney and maybe a couple of others like Daizee Haze and Roxxi.

3. I would bring back Don West and have a three-man announce team of West, Mike Tenay and a different TNA star each week.
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1. Fire Hogan. Pocket the money he makes.

2. Fire Sting. Pocket the money he makes.

3. Ask Spike for more money. Pocket the money.

4. Ask Bob Carter for more money. Pocket the money.

5. Sell TNA, laugh all the way to the bank.

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This comes from no knowledge whatsoever of how importatnt certain individuals are to the TNA brand. Just going on what I think being an outsider.

I would want to give TNA it's own identity. It doesn't even know what it is... is it Impact Wrestling or TNA? Just pick one and that's it.

This identity would be more sports orientated, with the focus on Championships and rankings.

No GM, does the GM of NFL, NBA etc. ever walk out before a game? No, so why can't everything be announced via the commentary and backstage interviewers. Contract signings would only need someone, and that person can be Dixie Carter and some road agents perhaps.

So on the commentary team I would get a good one. Which means releasing Taz. Atleast Don West brought some heart and enthusiasm to the role. Both WWE and TNA commentary teams are either trying to get themselves over or just make you fall asleep. What ever happened to the day when Jim Ross would have heart attacks nearly in every main event when someone would hit a huge move or a swerbe that would impact the storytelling.

Speaking of releases, and this probably wont be popular, but I would get rid of guys like Hulk Hogan. The reason is not because I hate Hogan or he's old, or he doesn't contribute or why because he brinsg so much to the table. My first reasoning would go back to my initial point and that is to ensure TNA had it's own brand, it's on identity. Hogan is Hulkamania, Hogan is 80's WWF and 90's WCW. With Hogan on the show he just doesn't allow TNA to have it's own identity. This is simply my opinion and others can disagree.

The money I pay Hogan ( and others I would release) would go into the marketing department. Start marketing and advertsiing TNA now that an actual identity, mission statement and direction has been decided upon.

As stated before the direction would be more sports focussed with the grudge match feuds type format built in to make people care about each match. Just like people care about the Bound For Glory series. Each match counts, each match even without a feud would make sense.

I would also release dead weight and start pushing hard those who the comapny after big meetinsg would see as the future. The attitude era happened when the glass ceiling was lifted. When Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels left, Austin, Rock and Mankind stepped up and were all pushed to the top. Creating some of the most popular wrestlers of all time. They had the opportunity as there was no top talents to hold them down or for management to book above them.

If Hogan was released, and Sting and Angle put into an Undertaker type role like we saw last year, guys like Roode, Aries and Storm flurished. The emergeance of guys like Aries was a breathe of fresh air and I would continue to do this with guys like Magnus. Give them the ball and see how they do. Give them a strong storyline, see how they do. If they do well give them strong pushes.

Cena is as big a name as he is because he just doesn't lose. TNA once upon a time had Samoa Joe who was matching ti with Angle who had just come off beating the Undertaker a few months earlier. Fans take notice of this. Cheap wins wont help a talent. Look at how over Desmond Wolfe was due to his program with Angle.

Also after I release guys like Anderson who provide nothing to the show, and have some moneyI would take a tonne of it, and give it to Wolfe/McGuinness. I'm not upto speed with his health, but I heard he was healthy again. He just isn't wrestling because he refuses to not put his body through it all if it's not for a big pay day and notoriety. I would give him cash and a top spot. Here is a guy you can build your comapny around. What a super talent on the mic and in the ring. Hire back Shelley and promise him a big push, the guy although small has all the skills to be a big name if given the platform.

I would then try and sign who are the total package like him, but ensure they had different looks. A lucha guy, a big monster type guy in the mould of a Vader/Tensai, gimmicks that would work in today's society. Add some vareity to the roster.

Lastly it would be about match quality. I would want Aries vs. Styles, Aries vs. Angle, Joe vs. Roode, Bad Influence vs. Aries/Roode, Styles vs. Wolfe etc. Big time fight feel matches that are up around 4 star ratings all the time. The X Division would feature prominently again and ensure that title was elevated by big feuds and great matches. Talent like Senshi (Low Ki), Prince Devitt, Kenny Omega, Evan Bourne etc. would all be reached out to with the new direction sold to them and good contracts, so the X Div would be one of the main draws of TNA once again.

That's what I would do. Not perfect, not what everyone else would want, not even sure if it would work. But the OP asked...

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Originally Posted by WE-NEED-WCW View Post
It's a great company, if I were president...

1- Have Hogan bring in Goldberg to challenge Bully Ray and the Aces and 8s. The BFG in the Georgian Dome with Goldberg winning the title. He'll continue to be champion until Genesis in the UK when he drops it to AJ Styles with a 75-1 streak.

2- Push for Live every week on Spike.

3- Plan to bring TNA to Canada for a cross country tour hitting Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax with Impact Wrestling shows.

4- Push to get Christian Cage, Chris Jericho, and Dave Batista signed on with the company for 2014.
Jericho? Never going to happen, even in your wildest dreams.

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I'd run it into the ground.
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Have Joseph Park come out to tell Aces and 8's that the producers of Sons of Anarchy are suing them for stealing their gimmick so they're banned from TNA. That'd be the end of the angle.
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