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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Get Hogan out of TNA.
Move to a different channel and/or timeslot.
Push Jeff Hardy as the top face.
Stop with the stables.
Sign Chris Masters.
Please no.
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Phantom Thief
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Have Tenay mention WWE every show


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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Bring the knockouts back to a prominent role. The ones who put out for me most get the best push and paycheck. Move Bobby Roode, Austin Aires, AJ Styles into the WHC picture, use Jeff Hardy less but more effectively as a draw by having him mainly wrestle on PPV. Have Aces and Eights lose a war games style match and have to disband. Move Kurt Angle into the icon role Sting has now. If I could get Flair back have him become manager of top indy talent and let him mold my new superstars. There is decent talent to put on top now. Start developmental for the future. Oh, and clean finishes as opposed to the usual cluster endings they use.
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Don't use Hogan and Sting as often as now and specially don't revolve IW around them.

I would hire Paul Heyman.


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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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I would never do an invasion storyline. Ever.

And I would never have a commissioner/matchmaker/authority figure ... I would just have the play by play or color commentator tell the audience what matches are going to happen. Or have the wrestlers themselves tell their opponents that matches are going to happen.

I'd make the X Division title the tier one championship in the promotion. And the only singles title in the company. No one would ever cheat to win the belt. And once again, it would not be about weight limits. It would be about no limits.

It wouldn't be called Impact Wrestling anymore. It would be called Destination X.

There would be two tag matches and two knockout matches every week, to legitimize them as real divisions with champions and contenders.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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keep hogan, but not on tv. just use him to promote tna. radio, tv, ect. use him for occasional tv appearences.

have sting become the gm again and use him like undertaker. just a few matches a year

try to get heyman for creative, could also be gm.

try to get impact live and 3 hrs every week

cut the dead weight on the roster(chavo, hernandez, terry, gunner, robbie, jessie, ect.)

sign some top indy talents(briscoes, tmdk, roddy strong) and use ovw guys(bradley, compton)

rebuild the tag division with briscoes, tmdk, bad influence, 3d, young bucks

remove all the crap from the x division(contender match, triple threats only, x cam) they all stupid. let these guys have fueds and storylines and awesome matches so the x division means something again.

make the knockouts division badass again. try to get kong back, make tara good again, keep mickie.

maybe 6 ppvs a year.
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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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I'd leave Bully Ray as Champion until BFG setting up AJ to take the belt from him and defeat Aces and Eights. During the BFG Series I would have Bully feud with Angle

Kenny King would remain my X Division Champion, I would get rid of the triple threat gimmick and build the division around King/Ion/Sabin/Williams/Dutt/Ryan/York and bring up a few guys like Silva from OVW.

TV title would go to someone like Magnus, who needs the TV time every week to further build himself, the guy could be the future face of the company easily.

Tag division I would have Chavo/Hernandez, Bad Influence, Roode/Aries, Gunner/Crimson, Doc/Knux, Eric Young/Joe Park

Knockouts would remain as it is, if I could I would bring back Cheerleader Melissa and Sarita but if not the current crop is good enough to build the division.

I would try and bring in a few faces to freshen up the roster from the indies; Briscoes/Steen/Young Bucks/Davey Richards. Also look at starting working relationships with NJPW and AAA (ones that actually involve talent being shared a lot more to give guys exposure in foreign markets and also bring in fresh faces for Impact)

I would market the company as Wrestling, make the in ring product the selling point of the company, the roster is pretty solid at the moment and with a couple of additions could be incredibly strong. Storylines should be simple and have a variety of lengths; I love the use of long term booking in TNA but sometimes feuds/storylines don't need to drag on for so long.

I would either move up to 6 PPVs a year or introduce TV Specials for the months where there ain't PPVs, similar to the Saturday Nights Main Event/Clash of the Champions model, have something to break up the big blocks of TV.

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1. Year long reign for Bully - Bully beats anyone @ BFG clean
2. Morgan's as #1 contender - year long build for next year's BFG
3. Joe - Heel turn. Monster run vs Angle, Sabin
4. AJ back to x-division - Morrison, Mistico, Evans
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Damn with some of these ideas ratings would drop to 0.3 in 2 weeks.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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I write this in another topic but I think this belongs here. If I was the president of TNA, I would push for this:

Bring Shane McMahon!

Yes, he is the son of Vince but I think he is not under any obligation with WWE so I guess he can join TNA at any time - not like Punk or Cena. TNA just need to convince him somehow to join them. How? I am not sure - maybe give him a lot of money (even if it means to fire Sting or Hogan). They can even try to play on the "good old father-son competition". Every son is more or less rebellious against his father or want to be more successful. I would try to say something like this to Shane - "you don't have to be whole life in the shadow of your father, you can join TNA and one day make it bigger than WWE. You can proof that you are better in the wrestling business".

After Shane joins TNA, they should immediately start to tease "second invasion, this time for real". Yes, I guess some TNA fans will be pissed off at first because they will think that Dixie has sold the company to Vince - just like WCW and ECW were sold. But A LOT OF (and I really mean A LOT OF) WWE fans will tune in to TNA to see if all the gossips are true. TNA should keep the hype as high as it can gets - they should send some of the wrestlers in the audience of WWE shows just as Voodo Kin Mafia did several years ago. Imagine AJ Styles shows in the public of RAW! Or James Storm, or Roode, or even Jeff Hardy! Sooner or later it will become clear that all this "invasion" talking is not real but just in that time TNA can strike again with "out of nowhere invasion in TNA by third promotion". They can make a deal with NJPW, any of the two main mexican federations, or even ROH to play this. It will not be hard to make such a deal - both NJPW and ROH have had "invasions" in the past and all involved promotions get benefits as all get publicity. The invading party can even claim that they are send by "the higher power" (refering to WWE). They can talk on TV to Shane and saying something like "you know who send us - he is jealous of you". If well done the whole storyline with "TNA invading WWE and then NJPW/ROH invading TNA" can be one year long. It is enough time for the WWE casual fans and all new viewers to notice the greatness of Styles, Roode, Aries, Bad Influence, X-devison, etc. So when the whole "invasion angle" is over, the fans will keep watching TNA because of those I mentioned.
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