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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Originally Posted by KerialSiller View Post
"Little, dorky, keyboard punching, non vagina getting losers that have not had vagina since vagina had them."

Have you got a bag of Doritos beside you?
I do not.

I accept that people like Morgan and I can see why but honestly his matches have never interested me. I'm fully expecting him to be a world champion eventually and I'll probably not be as invested during that point but oh well.

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Fuck Doritos.

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How dare he be judged for his wrestling ability and the character he portrays on screen, and not his communications degree. The nerve of some fans these days, with their bags of Doritos and unathletic cocks.

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Could care less about this nobodys opinion, and any wrestler who gets butthurt about people discussing the aspects of wrestling, the characters, the matches etc. Some of these wrestlers are so bone-idol, yes we dont know behind the scenes but from what we see on television paints a thousand words.

Anyway, Matt Morgan - who is he? oh yeh hes the stutter guy from years back :L
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

He didn't say anything that hasn't been said about the IWC already but it was still quite funny. But it also sounds like the IWC gets to him though. The IWC does kill me too though because while it's all opinionated, the IWC really thinks they know what they're talking about and what's good for the business. It also turns "fans" into negative, nitpicky, whiny, bitches. Trust me, I know as I was once a happy-go-lucky fan myself. I mean, I don't complain as much as most in the IWC as my standards pretty low. I only complain over stuff that bores me. I don't try to tell the companies how things should be like alot of others, just what I would like to see. But I'm definitely more of a critic than I was before discovering the IWC and I hate it. I wish I could go back to when I was a kid, believing in everything I saw, not knowing what went on behind the scenes, marking out left and right, and just overall enjoying things more.

Originally Posted by 1andOnlyDobz! View Post
He made 1 good point, about the fact that we're in a generation where a wrestler could get killed off simply due to someone having it out for them. that's wrong. But the rest of the shit he says is hypocrisy all over. He's saying the 'IWC' type aren't in a place to judge, yet he judges these people without knowing what the hell they look like! That pisses me off, the double standard he's clearly exploiting.
I don't know, it's sounds like he knows EXACTLY what they look like. LOL.

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

I like how he started slurring his words after he said he has a degree in public speaking and communications

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

The title of this thread should be "IWC DESTROYS Matt Morgan"



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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

I never take wrestlers who criticize the "IWC" by insulting them seriously.

Personally I've been watching wrestling since I was 9 and I'm 27 now. I like to think I have a good idea of what makes for a good or bad match and what makes a wrestler a good or bad wrestler. Based on what I have seen of him, Matt Morgan is a bad wrestler. Good character, decent mic worker, but in the ring, he sucks.

I think it's pretty pathetic when wrestlers resort to lame jokes about virginity and sex and say vagina 19 times to insult people who talk about wrestling online. We're expressing our opinions. Do some of us go over a line? Of course. That doesn't mean our points aren't valid. Relying on weak stereotypes like Morgan does makes his arguments weaker since it's just a personal attack.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

To be honest with you, I actually agree with him that the IWC in general is really freaking stupid as far as understanding how the real world of Pro Wrestling works, how to go over, how to lose properly to not be buried by it, how to promote, how to book, and frankly how to do what it takes to be a success at it.

I am no wonder guy at it either, but at least I know a basic amount from following it since I was a kid, and in my adult life, doing it, and being around it. I know the difference between a good interview and a shit one. I (unlike most people on here) know that if you are given a shit gimmick, shit booking, shit writing, or even something as simple as shit are NOT going over. I get so sick of hearing about how (a pro should be able to make it work) HORSE SHIT...Y2J's recent history proves this fact...he is a legend, but with the crap they give him to work with, he lately could not draw a dime. Matt Morgan was given the same damn gimmick that has killed how many wrestlers in the WWE? Vince must think speech problems are funny or something because he has done it so many times its sad, and it always bombs! Then they blame the wrestler instead of the stupid gimmick for why he could not get over.

I also hate how the IWC hates everyone that is not basically a carbon copy indy guy, or a mat technician. There are other wrestling styles you know...Frankly if a guy like Mark Henry wrestled a mostly mat based attack I would be wondering what the hell is going on. Why would a man that resembles a grizzly bear fight like that? Answer is, HE WOULDN'T!!

Morgan is just angry about the same thing all wrestlers hate the IWC for...basically being nothing but smartass marks.
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