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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Originally Posted by Ramsay Snow View Post
How can you destroy something that has no life?
So we're all ghosts then? Well done on ruining my outlook on life forever more.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Wow, folks caring and fussing about random thoughts from Matt Morgan as if he was addressing us all personally. In that case...

*waves down Matt*

Oh, hey there Matt Morgan! You've heard of this thing called the IWC, huh? And you have opinions on it that you'd like to voice? It doesn't really exist as you thought it did back in whenever you had this brilliant interview but I won't hold your lack of understanding about something you aren't a part of against you. I mean, just like anyone else, you might have second hand knowledge of the IWC acquaintance in the ranks. And maybe you've even met and gotten to know a few IWCers over time. I'm cool with that.

But, but...Matt, I have a vagina. I see it every day. I've also seen you wrestle; I'm not so sure you're more athletic than me. And I can't stand Doritos they taste like chemicals and salt. I hate chips in general but Doritos are especially wretched.

Now I'll grant you that I do wear glasses (since they're trendy these days gotta keep up with fashion, ya know) and I am typing on a keyboard, but I'm not fat. I lift everyday too, but I'll never build bulk. Genetics, you know. Can't have it all in life.

I get your point about the proliferation of podcasts and dirtsheets produced by Joe Nobody but I hope you've gotten over the idea they have any actual influence or that most folks give a shit what they have to say. At the same time, I kinda have to point out that professional wrestling, while it is, to my mind, an athletic art that incorporates showmanship, training and dedication, is not rocket science. It really isn't all that hard to understand, nor is it all that difficult to tell good wrestling from bad wrestling. Not a slight on you, man; what I do is hardly obscure, genius work either.

So, we're all good now, right Matt?
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

6/10 rant. Mediocre at best. Just like Matt Morgan.

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

holy shit this guy is a moron.

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

This interview is like 6 years old and this is the first time anyone sees it?
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

LOL morgan is awful on every level - just because he is tall and used to be in wwe is why he is even on my tv when he shouldn't be

just a shame he is about to be pushed as he is awful in every way - especially on the mic and considering on the good talkers in tna like daniels, aries and bully they have him being pushed when he is dreadful

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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Originally Posted by J.S. View Post
This interview is like 6 years old and this is the first time anyone sees it?
IWC finally reacted
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

I saw Doritos in the supermarket earlier and it raised a little smile from me. Seriously, I'm never looking at the snack again.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Matt Morgan probably can't even see his rubber sized cock due to the steroids. Who the fuck does he think he is? Especially calling HHH by Hunter, I bet he has no clue who Morgan is, and rightly so.

1) "I graduated 5th in my class with a telecomms degree, did you know that?"

No, I didn't know that. But you say this is about wrestling not school so why should we give a fuck?

2) "Typical big man squash isn't me."

Damn right it isn't you, some big men actually have something called charisma and can stand out on a show.

3) "None of these guys get pussy" do you know them personally?

Again, you want to cry about wrestling so stop bringing other shit up.

4) "Meltzer knows what he's on about, so that's fine, he's done it ages." "Dirt sheets are scum, blah blah"

Uh, Meltzer runs and has run a dirt sheet for years you moron, and he's the stereotypical person you described, I think you'll be insulting him more than anything.

End of the day, Morgan is an absolute loser. There's a reason you'll never be a World Champion, and that isn't because of us, it's because you fucking suck. If the IWC kills and makes so many people why on earth are you on TV every week and where the fuck is Samoa Joe? Why is Cena and Ryback headlining PPV's and Chris Hero is in developmental? Warped logic from a deluded human being.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Morgan has a point about some internet smarks who think they know more than they actually do. Those group of fans piss me off as well.

even still:
- Matt Morgan still sucks
- "Keyboard" warriors shouldn't get under the get skin of pro-wrestlers, especially when they trash the people who are make the comments
- Just because you graduated with a communications degree, doesn't mean you can cut promos.
- Morgan is a mediocre talent with the charisma of a broomstick, and average in-ring ability. It's no wonder why he was fired from the WWE, and is jobbed out to a 55 year old Sting for a title shot. GEEZ

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