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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Well it's a weird story I was at my neighbors house and we started playing smack down vs raw2008 and I started getting back into wrestling after 2-3 year hiatus. So I was at FYE and I was looking at the wrestling DVD I saw the best of AJ for cheap bought on a wim and then i became a huge Tna fan and even a bigger AJ fan. My interest in tna petered off a bit since the hogan-Bschoff regime


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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Flicking through the wrestling channel and finding AJ vs Abyss on one of the weekly ppvs. I kinda watched sporadically from 2003-04 then after I heard hype around Unbreakable I tried to tune in more often. Styles/Joe/Daniels/Christian/NASH&Shelley always provided entertainment.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

I liked the six sided ring, very unique. Actually have some actual good matches, not the same predictable outcomes for the most part. Also the X division.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

ive never considered myself a tna fan AT ALL

i just see tna as nothing more than the only forseeable cure to pro wrestlings disease of insulting disapointment

whenever i see something good in tna my first thought is "AHHH, IS THIS A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME?" but then again i had no idea how stubborn mainstream fans are

i still consider tna as essencially WCW ver. 2 and i would rather stay a WCW fan than consider myself a tna fan

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

The X-Division, 100%
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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

1. WWE had rubbish story lines

2. TNA was way more streamed.

3. Superstars were better

4. The X Division

5. Matches
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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Originally Posted by tmocita View Post
Uh, nothing. I've tried, tried and tried, but have not ever been able to enjoy even a single episode of Impact.
This is one of the funniest, strangest comments I've seen on this whole forum. Also, one of the most ridiculous.

:drake2 I believe you didn't. I also believe you didn't want to.

Originally Posted by Morrison17 View Post
i started to watch tna because it was unique, six sides, x-division, sexy women who actually can wrestle and matches like kotm, fof, steel asylam and ultimate x

funny thing is, almost all of this are gone
no more unique matches, no more 6 sided ring, knockouts are still way >>>>>>>> than divas, but the division isn't the same it was in 2007-2009. x division is like a bootcamp for cruiserweights who can became stars
and that total non stop action gone to. tna dont even use their pg14 advantage much (and i'm not a big pg hater)

probably dixie and tna managment are smarter than random guy from the internet, but i really miss all of those things, and imho being unique is good
No, you're dead on. "Random guy from the internet," I very much agree, and no rationalization could make me think otherwise.

Originally Posted by TheGreatBanana View Post
Not a fan anymore, I want them to succeed. The company is just totally hopeless. They are not going to the right places.
I sincerely - not sarcastically - would like to know where those "right places" are, in your opinion. Furthermore, it's nice that you want them to succeed. More than can be said for some people. Hopefully wrestling as a whole succeeds.
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When I was younger my friends dad knew how to get all ppv channels for free, so he put a satellite box in my house. I saw a indemand commercial for the first tna weekly tv ppv in Nashville. Tuned in every week. Loved it at the time. Then they moved to fsn for 1 hour i think on a friday at 3 or 4 pm and it just got worse...

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I am an enormous Sting mark. When he retired from WCW, I thought I'd never see him wrestle again. Then he came back and teamed up with Christian against Jarrett and Monty Brown, the rest is history. And watching TNA, you could see there was talent there. And an interesting and promising product.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

I started watching the weekly PPV's & became a huge fan of AJ Styles. Have always liked watching other avenues of wrestling besides the WWE
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