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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

For me it was the six sided ring, thought that was awesome and the x-division was in he spotlight, I was/am always a fan of cruiserweight matches and loved to watch TNA because of that.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Honestly I don't remember, but I was a WWE fan since probably 04', started watching TNA late one night and saw Sting come down from the rafters and I wanted to watch just cause it was cool, Angle's debut was cool and I really liked the program a lot, I have been hooked ever since then. Stopped watching though a little bit after Hogan showed up, Sean Morley going over Daniels killed it for me and that was the end of it for me. Did not like the direction of the company one bit, so I stopped watching wrestling as a whole. Came back just for fun one night cause I was bored, stayed for Aries.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

AJ tearing it up. I also was a big fan of Raven, so him going to TNA naturally piqued my interest.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

The Knockouts and the X-Division. I'd become so disenchanted with the direction the Divas had taken that when I saw that the Knockouts were able to do a lot more and at that time were valued more, cutting longer, edgier promos, getting longer matches, and being generally (let's not be coy here) more violent than what I'd previously known, I was like, "Oh yeah, this is it right here." Seeing the X-Division guys doing things that they never allow in WWE hooked me as well. Also hilarious storylines. It was so different from what I had known (including the lovely 6-sided ring) and what I'd grown bored with that I was hooked and I stuck around.

And since you say Velvet's butt, I say AJ Style's. Worth the price of admission, my friend. The action in the vid in my sig is one reason I got hooked.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

I watched since day one, but the WWE product was still very appealin to me. I started to become more interested in TNA when WWE became a little worse, while Cage and Angle showed up in the Impact Zone. The first year I would consider myself a TNA fan was 2007: the roster became better and better, there were awesome shows and feuds - especially in the tag team division - and then they even started the Knockouts division, which I'm a huge supporter of. 2008 sealed the deal then once and for all to become a TNA die hard. PG invaded WWE, so I stopped watching it, while Russo wrote some awesome weekly stuff. I'm little less of a fan since 2012, but because there's really no alternative (wrestling-wise) and the shows are still good, I'm still a TNA fan.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Flicked through the channels on Free TV and it was there, had stopped watching WWE years before, thought i'd give it a watch. That was about 20 months ago. Since then slowly got fully back into watching wrestling, have spent a LOT of time catching up.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

The E being crap so I switched to TNA

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Just me being a wrestling fan. Im not of those guys that HAVE to choose one or the other. I remember in highschool playing a wrestling game after finals and thos guy had AJ Styles as a CAW and I was like who the hell is that. later ended up learning bout TNA and started watching.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Being a huge fan of Raven, I was bummed when he left WWE (because I thought that would be the last chance I would see him on TV), then I heard about his debut in NWA-TNA (which happened literally days later after leaving WWE) and I instantly started watching every weekly Wednesday PPV show ever since... been a huge fan of TNA through all of its changes/phases... btw I wish Raven would come back as a manager for someone or an on-screen character, it feels weird without him.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

I started watching it in 2009 when it was excellent and WWE was shit, and have been on and off since then.

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