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Re: Do any of you feel excited for TNA?

very excited for TNA. skies the limit for them at this point...

I am in LOVE...
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Re: Do any of you feel excited for TNA?

Long as TNA stays TV-14.Book a few Storylines an Improve the Aces Storyline(Cause Man them Guys getting buried in matches).Them on the Road could mean a spike in ratings(not that much,but we'll see a difference).Im very excited for them now.I feel like back in the Old WCW days,Eagered to Watch form Opening to the Closing minutes of the Show without missing a Beat.

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Re: Do any of you feel excited for TNA?

Originally Posted by LILVARIO View Post
Long as TNA stays TV-14.
Same here but you shouldn't bring this point up in these forums, because they will tell you how uber awesome PG is and that wrestling had always been PG until the attitude era (ignoring that TV-14 has not been established before the end of 1997) or that Smackdown in the good ol' WWF/E was PG as well, yet it had cursing and blood. TV-14 is better because the performers have much more freedom to build a reliable feud or a dramatic match. And that's the bottom line. As of now I don't see TNA going PG. It reminds me pretty much of the Ruthless Aggression WWE days just with less sexual content. The violence and the cursing is pretty much the same. It's not as "edgy" as it used to be, but that has something to do with the new timeslot.

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Re: Do any of you feel excited for TNA?

yes and no

yes because they finally reduced the ppvs, are employing more novelties that wwe tends to avoid and are on the road

no because its TNA, much like WWE if they get a chance to disapoint they'll take it
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Re: Do any of you feel excited for TNA?

Holy shitballs I'm excited for TNA. Especially when looking at how they've developed new talent over the last couple of years.

Cutting down PPVs is a good decision, granted its a few less hours entertainment for me, but it will allow TNA to build feuds up better. Also allowing for more tv title changes, and no-one can deny how outrageously amazing the last sequence of roode and aries winning the titles on tv was.

Only negative I can think of is that they need to build some more guys to join the main event angles in a year or twos time. Only guys I can think of right now jumping up there eventually are KK, Ion, Daniels, Kaz and maybe Terry (not my personal choice, but he's been ticking a few boxes lately).
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