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Re: Since TNA appears to read these forums...

Just my little list...

1. Do something with Aces and 8s other then have them as a giant job squad. last week Magnus makes his return and makes the top 3 members look like total bitch material. They never win matches clean, like ever...the last clean win I remember for the group was Devon vs fucking Joseph parks...How can you expect your top heel stable to be taken seriously when its just a bunch of clowns that cant do shit right? Also, get Tazz, Anderson, and the poor mans legacy out of the group...they DO NOT FIT with the group at all and are just watering it down.

2. Hulk cant even walk right anymore, he rambles about in his promos, and honestly gets no pop unless the people try WAY to hard to give it to him. Bully and Sting had to start a Hulk chant FFS...Get him off of my TV screen please. I used to be a huge Hulkamaniac, I even had a Hulk Hogan tooth brush, but for god sakes he needs to just retire already.

3. For the love of all that is holy end the Brooke and Bully love is the most forced story line I have seen in years...they both clearly dont like it, or even hate it, thus the two of them have no natural chemistry on screen. Not only that, but I find the damn thing gross knowing that Bully is pushing 42 and Brooke is 24...He is literally old enough the be her father...last checked he first met Brooke when she was like 13...and now he is kissing her on the lips...Its just freaking weird to me, and clearly weird to him seeing he is married on top of it.

4. Push the x division

5. I want 6 sides back, fuck all you wrestling purists that hated the none traditional was what made them stand out and set them apart from the WWE. TNA will NEVER beat the WWE at their own game, NEVER...they must establish their own look, own identity, own fan base. They need the 6 sided ring back

6. FUCKING ADVERTISE!!! that is all
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Re: Since TNA appears to read these forums...

Originally Posted by joeisgonnakillyou View Post
The only thing TNA should have done differently was to give aries title reign a bit more time...
I definitely would have liked to have seen him as champion longer. He's a guy that I personally think can handle a long reign.

And I've always seen Aries as a tweener (that lovely word that rhymes with "weiner"), though he did have definite babyface moments ("New...World...Champ").

Originally Posted by FeelingSupersonic View Post
The proposed new ring ropes will change the face of professional wrestling forever.

Originally Posted by GothicBohemian View Post
I'm asking this in a sincere way, just to make that clear.

Why are you so focused on the branding, set and colour scheme? I see your posts appear pretty regularly and in so many of them you talk confidently about TNA switching to the Impact name as if it's an inevitable, done decision. I do a lot of work in media design, mostly interactive. I've been involved in company/product branding process before, so I'm not oblivious to the aesthetics or the importance of proper brand recognition or any of that, but when it comes to TNA these are not the first priorities that pop into my head.


Oh hey, TNA, if you're reading, keep amping up the crazy. I like that. Just try to remember what's actually bringing fans to you at the moment quality matches, a somewhat less family night feel, strong characters and the occasional nod to the indies. Don't waste money on nostalgia names. Don't get too focused on competing with WWE. Don't become a two-hour promo ad for Bellator.
I have to say that, while I appreciate where people are going with the ropes, music, set, you can have a show that is aesthetically pleasing but is still lacking very critical elements (*ahem*). I personally feel those elements center on and revolve around the wrestlers - every aspect of the talent.

And that which I bolded? Yeah, I wants that too.
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Re: Since TNA appears to read these forums...

TNA you reading this STOP MARRYING your wrestlers there was no reason to bring back Velvet, Morgan, Hernandez, Devon..

Oh and RVD, Anderson, Sameo Joe, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting, James Storm are stale
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