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Re: 2013 the year TNA comes closer to WWE?

Originally Posted by Mrs. Austin Aries View Post
I would absolutely LOVE if people would stop measuring everything Impact Wrestling does against WWE. But since I know that that will never happen, we must continue to endure such talk. All it does is encourage elitist WWE fans/Impact Wrestling haters and negative people to trash the promotion. I am always suspicious of the motivations of people who make threads like this. *sigh*

But, okay, to play along just by responding to to the general title. I think that they have the potential to become more popular than WWE. Bigger? Maybe down the line. But so what??? If they provide a great product and promote it, if they provide a great product and promote it, and oh, if they provide a great product and promote it, fans will be there. WHY do they NEED to have the same number of WWE fans or whatever WWE has? They have what they have and what they have is a lot to real fans of the promotion. Why can't people learn to live without compulsively needing to compare every single thing that exists on this earth? Boggles the mind.

If they grow and they are as successful as they can be then it's wonderful. I would instead fear if they became like WWE, which, to me, is a step in the wrong direction. Doing well but constantly comparing yourself negatively against something/one else is like being a beautiful woman who is never satisfied with her appearance; in a word: stupid. One thing people have complained about over the years is TNA's focus on WWE. Well, it seems like they're trying to do their own thing now and they're progressing. Idgaf if they never have what WWE "has" because what do they have to me that's better than what TNA has? More fans? So??? How does that affect the product I enjoy in any way? They have a better show, more interesting/mature storylines and wrestlers, and I'm fine with their production value, and it's nice that they're getting out of the Impact Zone but I still liked them regardless if they were in it because it was about the wrestling, the company, the product. If they succeed on their own terms rather than trying to nip at the heels of WWE, I'll be far more impressed.

This kind of thread serves almost a single purpose: to service the irrational, pathetic pride of WWE-exclusive fans who will jump at the opportunity to say, "No, they never will." And if they don't, I, as a real fan of wrestling, will always follow whoever is providing the superior product, whether they're on the road, in the Impact Zone, or in a school gym.

Please try to digest this way of thinking and you will enjoy yourself far more. People kill me with using words like "legitimate" just because they're on the road now. smdh So I guess WCW weren't legitimate either when they were performing at Disney/Universal Studios. Gtfoh.

Honestly, my apologies; I HATE rants, but I just had to do it. Not trying to jump on you, OP, but still, come on. I'm not obsessed with TNA beating WWE (we have seen what a virtual monopoly can do to a product), but competition would be great. Then maybe WWE can remember why people came to the dance in the first place. So if that was your point, OP, then I understand where you're coming from.

And I like Tony's enthusiasm, actually.
Pretty good read, they need to focus on themselves and improve their numbers. If tomorrow RAW drops to 1.0, how does that help TNA?

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: 2013 the year TNA comes closer to WWE?

When TNA has over 5 million people watching Impact and sell out a 40,000 plus seat arena and hit over one million buys for a single PPV event....reopen this thread at that time.
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Re: 2013 the year TNA comes closer to WWE?

WWE is the measuring stick of wrestling that's just the way it is unfortunately.
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Re: 2013 the year TNA comes closer to WWE?

If they continue to push Jeff Hardy..I have my doubts.
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Re: 2013 the year TNA comes closer to WWE?

Originally Posted by joeisgonnakillyou View Post
Pretty good read, they need to focus on themselves and improve their numbers. If tomorrow RAW drops to 1.0, how does that help TNA?
Excellent point and a compelling question. If anything, they 1st need to focus on getting their product smoothed out and increasing their popularity/fan base and then focus on trying to elevate the popularity of wrestling in general to the point where wrestling = TNA in new fans' minds. In order to succeed in these two ways, the two promotions need to be mutually exclusive in their focus, because obsessing over what the other promotion is doing (especially if that other promotion has been standing still or has regressed) only weighs/slows down their own. In order to progress and evolve, you need to innovate. They've tried to do WWE things before, but as other people have mentioned, WWE has actually seemed to copy them in some ways. If TNA is doing their own thing and winning at it, and not trying to be, as some like to put it, WWE/WCW-lite, then it's already a great measure of success. If I have a small business that is successful and I can manage it at its size with some expansion, I'll be doing a lot better than trying to jump the gun and be a major corporation before I'm ready and fail at it. The new fans TNA bring to the product will likely be TNA fans. So wtf should TNA care about getting WWE fans when many of them have been so trained on that product that they can't watch anything else (though I do understand why from a business point)? Focus on converting the convert-able and other people may turn over in curiosity, as has happened and is happening. And that's if people get/stay into wrestling to start with. That's why their focus on increasing the popularity of the sport should be paramount compared to trying to compete. By existing they present themselves as possible competition to start with; it's built in by default. And why would I want them to be over-produced and dumbed down (both in-ring and on mic) when providing a somewhat grittier, more mature alternative is why they're more attractive? I really hope they don't become like WWE because then I won't have any wrestling to watch at all, aside from indies.


And Jeff Hardy doesn't hang the moon, nor does he take it down. Don't blame the success or failure on one wrestler when you have Aries, Roode, Kaz, Daniels, Bully, etc. who are great at what they do and who are exceedingly more entertaining. If it was "The Jeff Hardy Hour" then we could talk. But even though I don't like Hardy as champion, I don't care about him enough to where I feel like he makes me enjoy the product less over all.

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Re: 2013 the year TNA comes closer to WWE?

*TNA vs. WWE*

There is no TNA vs. WWE war, please don't try to create. Any thread that tries to compare the companies or the shows will be closed

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