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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

It's sad that Both companies made the same mistakes with both of these men. Really, entertainment wise, both are so far out in front of most of their generation of wretlers it makes me want to pull my hair out their used in such horrible ways.

Anderson in OVW was like a breath of fresh air (especially at the time) when they brought him up to the E they pushed him hard way to quick.. they rode his gimmick hard and put more on his back than needed to be there at that point in time. He was like a bottle rocket, shot up, got white hot, then burned out and fell. Thinking it was his fault they decided to pull back on the push and take him off tv. they put him in a movie and brought back their best prospective future top heel as a face.. He got over, like a bottle rocket. Again they fail, blame it on him, and throw it away. When he was released there were tons of stories about how he was being difficult, and he was always injured, how he was injured the night before he was released and almost injured orton in the process.. Turns out he wasn't injured, and in fact Orton botched. Dirt sheets are Dirt Sheets. In TNA they pushed him far too hard far too quick and lit the bottle rocket again. I honestly believe for a few months when he first showed up he was the best thing in wrestling by far. But it only lasted so long, then they turned him, then they turned him, then they turned him, then they... No folks this is not a broken record.. Hopefully he does something with the aces and 8s thing..

Pope.. They straddled the guy with a meaningless, cryptic, and kinda racist gimmick.. that made very little sense and didn't fit in.. What did he do? He talked whenever he got the chance and put on pretty exciting (if not all that technically sound) matches and worked the crowd. He was getting over as a heel in ECW with little mic time and short matches. Not exactly a simple task. So what did WWE do? Put him on a losing streak then cut him. In TNA it was the same thing. A confusing and (probably?) racist gimmick that screams early 90's wrasslin' and doesn't fit in at all. What does Pope do? He talks every time he gets the chance and puts on exciting (if not technically sound) matches and gets over. How do they re pay him? 3 heel/face changes in a year combined with some of the worst booking and storylining I've ever seen and finally taking him off tv till his contract goes up.

I keep hearing all this stuff about the pope having attitude problems, but while he was working for tna I wasn't reading anything bad about him... I heard stuff for a little while after he left WWE, but I hear stuff about people after they leave the E about 70% of the time and believe about 10% of that.

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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

Originally Posted by TehBrain View Post
I heard stuff for a little while after he left WWE, but I hear stuff about people after they leave the E about 70% of the time and believe about 10% of that.
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