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Re: Tag Team Division

maybe have D.O.C and Knox split from Ace's and 8's and have them put over as a face tag team after helping the roster against a&8's after becoming sick of playing second fiddle to d-job?
would assist in winding down the whole story line of aces and 8's too
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Re: Tag Team Division

Originally Posted by Quasi Juice View Post
They can have;

Young Bucks
Roode/Aries (seems to go to a Power Trip scenario)

Problem is they have a lot of heel tag teams and so they would need a face team as champs (preferably not Chavo/Hernandez )
That seems to be a huge problem right now in TNA in general. Very few faces, and those they have are old, boring, and suck on the mic. Seriously. You can't have your top face be over 50 and your second top face suck so hard on the mic he's not allowed to talk out loud.
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Re: Tag Team Division

Originally Posted by adrian_zombo View Post
Until they actually let some teams stick together regularly, it'll keep being a joke. Seriously, hinting at breaking up Morgan / Ryan already? That's crazy fast, if you ask me. And a little while back, Magnus and Joe had a solid thing going, which lasted all of a few weeks it seemed. Let some of these teams run with tag matches, instead of having everyone constantly out for themselves
Exactly this.

I remember everyone saying beer money would be a flop like the third week they were together. And they were horrible, with Jackie and the booking it was crap. But they left them together and let them work the story and crowd.. and eventually they worked up to probably the second best tag team a couple years ago behind the KOW.

MCMG was the exact same scenario. People said Shelly and Sabin were Xdivision guys they shouldn't be in a tag team. They left them together and after 2 years they were one of the best teams around.

Even AMW probably the best tag team TNA has had wasn't supposed to last nearly as long as it did.

Same thing I've been saying about the WWE. The only way to build the tag team division back up is to let tag teams be tag teams and not just two single guys that are tagging. They need to totally forget about singles where their tag teams are involved for 3 years. That's conservative too.

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Re: Tag Team Division

Originally Posted by bme View Post
Funny thing you mentioning that series since beyond that and the MCMGs/GenME matches the division was shit then too.

I said many times that people were too focus on the series to see how bad the division was, it wasn't until both feuds with BMI and GenMe were done that people finally started to see.

While the tag team roster was fine, the writing wasn't fine at all, to say the least. You can have the best roster in the world but if your writer is a complete moron, it doesn't mean anything. That's basically the story of Impact 2007-2011.

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