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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

The RVD/Lynn match sounds very cool. That is a pretty nice send off for Jerry.


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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

- Xscape Match: random s fuck, don't like the idea, the match will have no sense probably
- Doug & Kash vs. Nese & Cameron: like this a lot, good to see the Finest Thing in Life back in action
- Robbie E vs. Chavo: fuck Chavo
- Ultimate X: again, it's random as fuck, I have no interest in this whatsoever; it might be good, but why the fuck should I care about something that random
- Bad Influence vs. Petey & Dutt: oh yeah, can't wait for this one
- Lynn/BOB: lol at this match happening again; fuck you, BOB
- Joe/Aries:
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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

Originally Posted by Merc_With_A_Mouth View Post
Doug & Kash/Nese & Sabian: Good match. Nese looked very awesome and got to have a very hot run following a hot tag. Sabian looked pretty good too. Having seen them tag twice today, I liked Doug/Kash as a team. Had some pretty funny lines and they work in an old school veteran type of way.

Last four matches alone make it worth the $15 in addition to the Doug tag. Only negative I could say, which is a catch with doing two shows in one day as well as the show having a lot of "unknowns" to most people is that the crowd did not necessarily favor a lot of the talents. There were occasional chants here and there, but when they are mostly unknown wrestlers to most in addition to no real storyline involvement, some fans don't get as invested and it showed here. However, that does not take away from the in-ring work which was absolutely a thumbs up.
That's like one of my favourite things in wrestling so I can't wait to see it.

Show as a whole looks stronger than Jokers Wild. I think this one airs first too.

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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

Could they make it more obvious who's going to win every match? The "new" one night only guys never win obviously. They're not going to put Matt Bentley over someone like Christian York or Kenny King obviously unless they plan on using Bentley regularly on Impact. Too predictable. From a pure wrestling standpoint it'll be good though.

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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

I'm still lost as to what happened to Red? I figured he'd be the 8th guy in the cage match or something. Also I was replying to someone who was at the show also and it seems like they ended about 20ish minutes early so I'd expect we'll see some segments of some sort inbetween. Given that, I'm sure they could've given Aries-Joe or Bad Influence-Petey/Sonjay more time.
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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

This show looks incredible.

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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

Merc would you say Aries/Joe would be easily ****+. And was this a match the crowd were into
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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

So far I'm ordering both of these and for $15 they seem better than most b TNA PPVs already.

Do I really have to say anything?

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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

^ My opinion on this show

If I could I buy both this and the Joker Tag PPV

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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

Time for some maths

Chaos Theory + Canadian Destroyer + Kazaniels + Aries vs. Joe = aka. Take my money, TNA.

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