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I can't get over....

That Sting return. In all seriousness, how does that happen?
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Re: I can't get over....

Me either, it was so awful and his return match against...Mike Knox of all people. No offense to Knox but even if they were going to use him for Sting's return match, they could have at least built it up, rather than just giving it away randomly on TV.


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Re: I can't get over....

There wasn't really a build up to his return needed, the guy had only been out for less than two months?


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Re: I can't get over....

Should've done a rafters return and the full on leather jacket.

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Re: I can't get over....

I just watched it; it was dreadful.

I mean I never saw it built as a MASSIVE return but at the same time it was something advertised to create a buzz and interest in this show and to be fair the crowd were in to it. But it was really such a let down. He walked to the ring in a t shirt and joker gear, no entrance music or lighting. No one in the ring realised until he started hitting people with a bat and the camera's didn't even acknowledge him until he was in the ring.

I guess it was just another Sting return but at the same time they really quarter-assed this return. They could've atleast turned the lights off and played his music. Also not allowed him to wear a freaking t shirt. At this point where he is so far gone every shitty booking/production decision involving him just exposes that and makes his career shitter.
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Re: I can't get over....

anyone know that sting returned the same way in WCW..but that time even though there was no music played the camera showed him arriving and he was not wearing this shitty gear but his leather jacket

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Re: I can't get over....

I don't think it was as awful as others might make it seem, but it wasn't good either. I think the lights should have gone out and he just randomly appear in the ring with the bat or whatever.

I think the buildup for it for about a month was better than the actual return.
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Re: I can't get over....

He hadn't been gone for a long time anyway, airing video packages for weeks was a bit much.

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Re: I can't get over....

Yep. Everything about it was a huge let down. It could have been kinda cool. They had some interest built up that got some people watching which is the main goal in the end. But then what they provided was kinda shit. Not to mention that they not only fucked up filming his return, they also fucked up the unmasking of Mike Knox.

Sometimes the production team in TNA amaze me with their incompetence. You have two major things happening on one show and manage to not show either of them, while also making the Sting return feel very unimportant.
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Re: I can't get over....

Yeah it was kinda anti-climatic.
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