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Re: Your first memories of TNA

I was a big wrestling (WCW/WWF/ECW) fan during the mid-late nineties until about 2002/3.

Then summer 2011 I heard that Sting and Hulk Hogan (old favorites of mine) were still around, but on a show that wasn't the WWE. I tuned in the next time it aired, and the first match that I caught was Austin Aries vs. Kid Kash vs. Jimmy Rave - fighting to see if they could make it to the PPV to get a contract. I was knocked out by how different it was and how good I thought Aries and Kash were and I've tuned in ever since.

So, Sting and Hogan did bring me in, but it was Aries, Kash, and others that kept me here.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

It was 2006 and I saw the Dudleys wrestling again. I had no idea where they went so I marked out when I saw them, but was confused when they had different names. This was after I took a break from watching wrestling so I was sort of lost at what had happened and didn't follow it as closely as I do now, so I didn't realize that "Dudleys" is copyrighted by WWE.

I watched again the next week and saw all past WWE stars, and thought "This just looks like the rejects of WWE" and stopped watching. I never really got into TNA, and probably never will. I just like to see guys that I miss seeing in the WWE work a match for nostalgia purposes. Other than that, it just reminds me of how bad WCW got during some/most segments.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

In 2005 I had read about TNA on a different forum. I checked it out and got hooked.

I remember Team Canada, Americas Most Wanted (w/ Gail Kim), The X Division.. which consisted of Styles, Daniels and Samoa Joe. Back when Joe was very over. The tag team division was pretty huge back then. At least 8 tag teams if I remember right. I was a fan of The Naturals. Can't forget the original LAX with Konnan.

Totally different from where TNA is now. I really wish that Petey Williams was still in TNA. That Canadian Destroyer was fun to watch (especially on Styles because he sold it well).

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Re: Your first memories of TNA

The Wrestling Channel! 437 on Sky if I remember correctly. Two matches that really won me over were AJ Styles vs Abyss tables match and Chris Harris challenging Jeff Jarrett for the NWA Title, really won me over. Then I got on their website in the build up to Victory Road 2004, got excited that names like Nash and DDP came in shortly afterward. I was a major TNA fan 2004, 2005 and 2006 (attended Victory Road 2006), but think they really blew it at the end of 2006. Bound For Glory should have been Samoa Joe winning the title, and Joe-Angle should have been built for far longer than 4 weeks. Completely fell out of touch by the end of 2007, and apart from occasional glances (and a real love of the "Grappleworks" Youtube videos where he inserted a laugh-track into particularly bad Impact episodes), didn't reignite my interest until hearing that Hogan and Bischoff were coming in. Loved the first night of Monday Night Wars, but in the aftermath it was blatant how poorly TNA presented themselves that night. Fell completely out of touch shortly after that, although I did watch RVD winning the title from AJ. Had some spare time last summer, and started to hear good things about TNA in 2012 with Russo leaving (I'm not endlessly knocking the guy, but him leaving TNA definitely seemed like the right move). I decided to watch Slammiversary and judge by that show whether I would get back into the product: it just so happened to be one of their best ever PPVs. Aries vs Roode the next month completely got me back, and watched Impact all summer. I haven't been watching that much in the last few months, but I've kept completely up to date, and plan on doing so for the next while as long as they maintain my interest.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

In 02 scouring Limewire for various wrestling matches I came across the Shamrock/Sabu Ladder Match. Watched and have tried my best to follow ever since.

I love professional-wrestling.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

Not too sure what the first match I watched was, but I remember getting really into wrestling in 2004 and watching The Wrestling Channel in the UK religiously. They used to show all the NWA-TNA PPV's from It's inception up until they actually got a proper TV deal.

I loved the X-Division guys and the tag team division the most. Jeff Jarrett as champion bored me quite a bit... I remember when Jeff Hardy first debuted in TNA and marking out! I wanted him to take the title off Jarrett so badly! I think early TNA Jeff Hardy was my favourite time as a Hardy mark. These days... I'm not so much a fan.

My heart will go on... </3
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

Probably around the time, right before Angle came in. Saw it on TV, enjoyed seeing some guys I hadn't seen in a while. Then, stopped and began right after Kurt came in, be watching since.

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Re: Your first memories of TNA

Back in the asylum days, I turned on to TWC (I miss the wrestling channel) in 2003 and the first thing I saw was this big dude in a blue denim shirt and black pants who we all know as Abyss. It was a segment where Abyss had one of The Red Shirt Security on his shoulders 'Kevin Northcutt' I believe ready for Shock Treatment and Don Callis was telling him to put him down, I remember when Abyss joined Callis and Jarrett for a little bit., The Asylum days were awesome.


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The Undertaker. Kane. Sting. Raven. DDP. Jake Roberts. The Great Muta. HHH. nWo. Sid Vicious. Vampiro.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

My first memory of the TNA is a TNA Impact from 08 that I watched on Dailymotion. We only watched that because the french commentary were so terrible, so stupid, so pathetic that we couldn't stop laughing
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

Dad got us an "illegal" dish, and I saw previews for TNA on the local ppv channel. I tuned it to see Jerry Lynn vs AJ Styles, best 2 / 3 falls match for the X-division title. Then I saw James Mitchell and the New Church, with Synn and Slash. Ken Shamrock win the NWA/TNA title. Abyss Debut a few weeks Later. The debut of SEX.... Oh fun times.
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