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Re: Your first memories of TNA

At the age of 10, I saw AJ Styles vs Raven vs Jeff Jarrett for the NWA title, with Russo turning heel on Jarrett (for me he was turning face because I was rooting for Styles)

What if WCW won the Monday Night Wars?

Here's what I think would have happened: http://inthesquaredcircle.blogspot.c...ight-wars.html
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

turning on the wrestling channel sometime in 2005 and seeing AJ Styles. Became a fan instantly

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I saw several of their first PPV's, and then eventually caught it on TV. my first memories stem from Team Canada, Shark Boy, Curry Man, Styles, and Abyss.

America's Most Wanted was also a big memory.

The thing that put TNA on the map for me was when Jeff Hardy started showing up, as far as I can remember.

Mick Foley on the 2014 Royal Rumble

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Re: Your first memories of TNA

A hype video for Turning Point 2004 was the first real time I found out about TNA and was immediately interested. Perhaps that's why I consider the Steel Cage on that said event as the best in company history.

I didn't really fully begin to watch the product till after Against All Odds 2005 though. It was the build for Destination X where I have all of my early memories of TNA flooding in. Thinking Jeff Hardy didn't stand a chance against the beast known as Abyss, marking when I saw DDP was getting a PPV championship match, interested all the new arway of talent that I was wanting to see more of in guys like AJ Styles, Team Canada, America's Most Wanted, and one I would grow to absolutely love, in Chris Sabin. Fun times.

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Re: Your first memories of TNA

A kid called AJ Styles bringing fire.

Mayorga on BJ: Real men fight- maricons roll on ground and wrestle. Boxeo is número UNO! Tell BJ to box me- after I KO him, I will put him not in a body bag but in a condom so he can think that’s where he shud have stayed

Mayorga on facing Vargas: I'm going to give Vargas the chance to cash his last paycheck. I would like to say publicly that Fatty Vargas has always feared me. I conceded to take this fight at 162 pounds because fatty couldn't lose any more weight. I will do Vargas a favor by retiring him in this fight so his family doesn't have to suffer every time he steps in the ring. I'm going to do his wife a favor and not let her cry anymore.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

Heeeee's HOT! Heeee's SPICY! Heeeee taaaastes greaaaaat!
Literally, the first hting I saw, I thought it was some teleshopping commercial, was stranded at a posh youth hostel. Well, after that there was a six sided ring, a good match Curry vs idk, and afterwards this fat slob in undies walked out. And 2 minutes later the fat slob made some moonsault, grappled like the creepiest pervert and owned an interception while doing it. Samoa Joe hooked me that moment

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Re: Your first memories of TNA

Started watching TNA on the weekly PPV in late 2002 early 2003 but the first things I really remember were the tag match between AJ/Sting and Jarrett/Luger that and Raven's Clockwork Orange House Of Fun match.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

2004. It was one of those CZW/TNA/IWA/etc music videos, with AJ/Red doing all kinds of flips and shit.

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Re: Your first memories of TNA

I first started watching TNA in 2008 when it first came onto TV here in the UK, I hadn't at all be exposed to wrestling before that and had never even watched a WWE show.

I'd say my first memories of TNA were Angle vs. Samoa Joe at Lockdown, Jeff Jarrett vs. Angle at Bound For Glory, and Angle vs Abyss (can't remember the PPV)

Those matches, all containing Kurt Angle definitely made me a professional wrestling fan, without a doubt.
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Re: Your first memories of TNA

I remember the rumors a new company like ECW was coming , I watch the first show it was not like ECW
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