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Re: Mr. Anderson?

never liked him. always thought he was incredibly one dimensional and a very ordinary wrestler to boot. yawn.

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Re: Mr. Anderson?

He was great when he first got to WWE, but then he kept getting hurt...alot. It earned him the rep of being injury prone. Every time they had a push lined up for him, he got hurt. Oh and he also had a wellness violation or two.

OK, then he goes to TNA. Has a great feud with Angle right off the bat and continues to do well. Well then 2011 rolled around and he turned heel and face so many times that nobody gives a shit about him anymore.


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Re: Mr. Anderson?

I think Anderson is given too much creative freedom

I think he thinks he is great so he never tires to mix it up or try new things, as such he gets old and never improves

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Re: Mr. Anderson?

I never knew people disliked Anderson. I really liked his character, still do, when he's not pandering to the crowd. In the ring though, he's just basic for me. He doesn't do anything flashy, its all just stuff I've seen from other wrestlers, and therefore, I do find him somewhat boring. TNA's booking hasn't really helped him though.
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Re: Mr. Anderson?

I doubt he cares anymore, as long as he's getting payed and medically insured.
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Re: Mr. Anderson?

I was a huge fan once he arrived in TNA. In fact, he and The Pope were my favorite things about TNA in 2010. And I'd never really watched them in WWE, I just thought their characters, mic skills, and storylines were really entertaining. Good characters to build the company around and maybe take TNA to the next level, maybe be the next Austin and Rock (obviously that didn't happen, not sure what went wrong). People can criticize TNA 2010 and call it WCW or call me a non-true wrestling fan or Russo mark all they want, but those guys alone, plus a few others like Wolfe (he was brand new to me, too), combined with the unpredictability and edginess of it all, made it entertaining to me.

Maybe Anderson's goal was to be World Champ and, once he attained it, he figured he achieved everything he wanted in this business and that's why he seems so unmotivated now. But what's weird is people saying he's more suited for WWE, since I just can't picture a guy like him thriving in a PG environment with scripted promos. That'd be like Steve Austin trying to thrive in such an environment.

But I'm still a fan, whether its cool to hate on him now or not, so I'm hopeful he and the booking team gets him back on track. I'd prefer him as a heel, though I'd rather see him on his own than as another Aces & Eights thug. I don't really see him as a follower.

Its just sucked lately that, as good as TNA's booking's been (IMO), and as many of my favorites are getting pushed and used properly (Aries, Bad Influence, Parks,...), it makes it all the more frustrating that guys like Anderson and Pope haven't been used properly (and guys like Shelley and Kendrick get let go). I've just come to realize that, no matter who's booking, it will NEVER be a perfect situation, where all the guys you like are pushed and all the guys you don't like aren't pushed. Will never happen, no booker I'll ever 100% agree with, not even Heyman, so you just have to hope the good outweighs the bad. But yeah, hope that both Anderson and Pope can turn it around this year and be as entertaining (and healthy) as they were.

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Re: Mr. Anderson?

In 2011 Anderson turned heel and won the belt as the immortal semi-leader, then out of nowhere he lost the belt to sting and became a babyface. It's impossible to recover from shit like this in a short amount of time, samoa joe for example is only now getting some fire back from the 2010 fuckery.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: Mr. Anderson?

An asshole that can do what he wants.

A character that TNA needs.
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Re: Mr. Anderson?

The man is just a huge bore. He isn't very good in the ring, and in 2012 he looked unmotivated. That's the one thing he always had going for him - he seemed to really care. He doesn't anymore. Unmotivated, out of shape, shit repetitive promo, lame matches. The only good matches the guy has ever has is when he was being carried by the likes of Hardy or Angle.

TNA should let this fat chump go, and let him go on the autograph circuit where his true worth would become very clear.
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Re: Mr. Anderson?

I like this new edgy heel Anderson with the beard and cap worn low.
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