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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

There's just no redeeming feature about him. You see him wrestle once, and you've seen it all from Chavo. Not to mention he sounds like a fucking chick on the mic, which makes him come across as a pussy. Hernandez is pretty cool and seems hard but Chavo brings the team down to mediocre at best.

The quicker Bad Influences are tag champs, the better.
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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?




That's why I dislike Chavo Guerrero. Nothing to do with his ring skillz.

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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

Chavo's motto has always been to keep matches at a slow pace, which for TNA's style isn't exactly a good thing. I remember when Hernandez was cool, they need to bring Homicide back in and reform LAX.
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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

Chavo's TNA run is being terrible beyond terrible. There was just one good match from them (last week's tag against Bad Influence), and not to mention he cuts the most generic, boring and cringeworthy promos. Jesus Christ, I wanna hit someone with a brick every time I hear their entrance music.

"Oh, let's pander to the Latino audience.... Hm, send for CHAVO!~"
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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

I really really like the way Daniels and Kaz have re-invented themselves and they are the most entertaining thing in wrestling, they deserve to be champions, but lemme be serious here.

There are so many other more talented wrestlers who should be on TV weekly and PPV monthly. Chavo is an average wrestler. These are dime a dozen. He is a bland character. He is past 40.

He has no spot on live TV and there are other ways to court the Latino audience.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

Chavo has gone from "i dont care" to "please get him off my TV" since his debut in TNA
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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

There's nothing wrong at all with his wrestling. Infact, he's putting on the best matches he's put on in years and his matches in TNA aren't even anything special. That just says something about how terrible he was being used in WWE. His problem is he's boring, as a face atleast. His face promos are as generic as they come. Chavo has always been a natural heel and once he turns heel, you'll see just how good he can be. Especially in TNA where they actually let him do his thing in the ring. I mean, I like where on the card he's at now. Knowing TNA, I thought for sure he was gonna come in and be given the main event treatment but they stuck him in a tag team with Hernandez, something alot of people including myself thought they should of done if they were to ever sign him. But like I said, the problem is he's a face.

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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

Living on Eddies fame.

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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

Originally Posted by krillep View Post
Living on Eddies fame.

you just went through about ten threads and wrote a like five words, trying to get your posts up or something?

Can't Stop Ultras
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Re: Chavo Guerrero's wrestling?

He's boring and has the worst frog splash I've ever seen. Godawful. I mean the only thing I remember him doing matchwise was have a really boring opener with Kid Kash and Gunner where they cocked up a catapult spot to the corner. That says a lot about his stand out moments.

Can anyone name a memorable match he's had in TNA? And if so can you name something he did to actually make it better since if he was in a match where bad influence were great that's not exactly something he caused. Like I'm seriously struggling to find anything positive about him. He doesn't go around botching but that's pretty much standard for most wrestlers (im aware not all can do it though). Like FluxCapacitor said there's better hands you could stick in the midcard or tag division like Eric Young, Doug Williams or Kid Kash.

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