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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Final Destination 2012 thoughts

Storm vs Kaz: This match was unnecessary and didn't need to be on the card. Was an impact quality match which could have been seen for free. *1/2

RVD vs King: Horrible match, very sloppy especially from RVD. RVD is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time but he is clearly coasting and is there for the pay check. Unmotivated. This is probably the worst ive ever seen him and is a shell of his former show stealing self. Sad to watch. *3/4

Hernadez and Chavo vs Ryan and Morgan:Mediocre tag team match. Again, was impact quality. Nothing much to say really, boring to watch. **

Bully vs Aries: Very good match. Great chemistry between these two and was telling a great story throughout the match. The finish however was bad with the Brooke Hogan soap opera crap (aka get that bitch off my tv screen) and Hogan knows best tripe. Execution of it was bad as well and looked weak with Aries rolling up Bully the way he did. Very good match, bad finish. *** 1/2

Mickie James vs Tara: An okay knockouts match. They've done better matches together. Didn't like the finish, fell flat for me. **1/4

Aces and Eights vs Team Angle:Pretty good match for what it was. Smart move to let Angle and Joe do the heavy lifting to mask the greenness of Garrett and Brisco. From a booking perspective however this was nonsensical. So much for making Aces and Eights a credible threat by having them get beat right off the bat and derailing their momentum. Don't get that booking decision at all. **3/4

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels: Typically great match from both these men. All of their matches together have been great (well except that dreadful I Quit Match) so its no surprise. Doesn't top their last man standing match from these guys this year though. Loved the finish with Daniels beating AJ with his own finishing move. Rub's more salt in the wound of AJ Styles. I really like this storyline they are going with for AJ who has been doing a great job with it as well. I'm very intrigued by AJ Styles character right now and where its going. Best part about TNA at the moment. Great match. ****

Hardy vs Roode: Very good main event that delivered. This could have been even better but it got cut short when it was just about to hit that next level. I have a problem with the finish of the match but its not Hardy using the twist of fate to win. Unlike some I have no problem with it as its Hardy's 2nd finisher and it caught Roode by a surprise. What I have a problem with is is what went down with Aces and Eights at the end. Not only was it really predictable that they would turn on Roode they pretty much repeated what they did with Roode a few months back when Roode accused Storm being a part of the aces and eights. It was the exact same twist with the exact same person. So essentially, this storyline in some ways is not progressing at all. That along with Aces and Eights losing their match at the PPV, its becoming hard to take them seriously as a threat. Match was very good. *** 1/2

Overall, decent but disappointing PPV. Expected more. 6.75/10

**** <3 ****

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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Morgan is fucking awful, God help us if they put him in the main event next year.


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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Aj should have kicked out of the angels wings or bme , that was missing from that match. imvpo

Started off as a great story, but then it just stopped.

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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Re-watched it again, best secondary ppv after DX. Sacrifice and this one are at the same level.

- All 3 main matches were pretty good (bully vs AA, AJ vs Daniels and Roode vs Hardy)
- KAZ vs Storm was a fun opener, the tag match was solid and even mickie james vs tara was enjoyable.
- The only "disappointment" in this ppv was aces&eights losing but they kinda fixed that with the final segment. Still, I don't get the point of having the babyfaces beat the "dominant" heel group before the pay off.
- Hardy is busting his ass for the company.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

The worst TNA PPV of 2012
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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

They could've atleast somehow hinted at the fact Brisco saved Doc from the hammer to make that match not seem pretty much pointless. It was an ok ppv I suppose, I can't get excited when Hardy is in the main event.
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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

here is what match I see happen at tonight impact taping.

Ryan and Morgan vs Hernadez and Chavo for the tag team champion in a no dq match.

Aces and Eights vs Angle and Joe.

Velvet Sky vs madison rayne.

Roode vs Bully vs Aries vs Christopher Daniels in a number one Contender Match.
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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Disappointing PPV which was all too predictable.

Honestly why are they delaying the reveals of Aces and Eights everyone apart from people in the IZ know exactly who they are with the only interesting reveal being the President. Awful crowd once again from IZ I can't wait till they show less PPV's there.

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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

There was a some really questionable booking (fucking LAX, Team Angle winning), but it was a good show overall. Ray/Aries and Styles/Daniels ruled. The main event was really good too. Tara and Mickie surprised me, tbh.
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Re: Official Final Resolution 2012 Discussion

Just finished watching it, pretty lackluster PPV overall. However with that said, I still enjoyed it more than almost every WWE PPV this year.

Daniels/Styles was fantastic.

Only big negative I can really say is that team Angle won and RVD won.. Which was easily the worst finish of the night IMO.

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