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A TNA Thanksgiving

In honor of Thanksgiving, give us three things about TNA that you are most thankful for. Also, give us your TNA "Turkey."

I am thankful that:

1. Christopher Daniels' talents are really shining in in the company
2. The Aces & Eights storyline is really well done. At the very least, it's intriguing
3. Austin Aries' victory over Bobby Roode at "Destination X" was a great mark-out moment

TURKEY: Whoever is booking the Knockouts Division. It's gotten really stale and forgettable lately. (Bring back TBP and Kong!)
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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

I am thankful that:

1) Austin Aries has turned heel again.
2) Aces and Eights members are being revealed.
3) I am enjoying watching TNA right now more that WWE.

1) The X-Devision is dying and is at its worst right now.


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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

1. Russo is gone
2. Christopher Daniels
3. Joseph Park

Turkey: Mr. Anderson
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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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I am thankful for

Bobby Roode finally being the main event heel he was always destined to be

Samoa Joe is being booked right and seems motivated again

Jeff Hardy has finally sorted his life out and is being the main event star he always should have been

Turkey: RVD is stilll employed and actually holds a title

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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

1. Jeff Hardy Hasnt Killed Anyone
2. Don West hasnt been seen near a commentators table
3. Eric Bischoff is off TV
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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

1. Guys like Aries and Roode being pushed
2. Giving us a pretty decent alternative to WWE
3. Mickie James and her ass

Turkey: The Commentary


Harem List
1. Sara Jean Underwood
2. Aly Michalka
3. Ana Cheri
4. Alexandra Daddario
5. Kate Upton
6. Jessica Nigri
7. Charlotte McKinney
8. Abigail Ratchford
9. Tianna Gregory
10. Zienna Eve
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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

1. TNA is a damn good product right now, far superior to WWE
2. Jeff is still alive
3. A&8's is going well IMO

turkey: An abundance of stars that are seemingly directionless (Anderson, especially.)

Mick Foley on the 2014 Royal Rumble

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Bossing Around Jobbers
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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

1-Best Wrestling Show on TV
2-Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries
3-Aces and Eights

Turkey: Commentary
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Tiger Driver '91
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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

Happy for:

1. Talent such as Roode/Storm/Aries have been elevated to main event status and have all held the World title now
2. Guys such as Mr. Anderson and RVD taking a backseat to more motivated workers(yes RVD is X-Div champ but that's a huge step down for him)
3. #WTTCOTW. Period.
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Re: A TNA Thanksgiving

1. Good wrestling matches from time to time on impacts and PPVs.

2. Logical storylines with a complete ending to them.

3. Pushing homegrown talent and not just blindly pushing ex WWE guys just becayse they used to be in the E.


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