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Bobby Roode is gold!

I loved on Impact how he ran his mouth big time then backed it up to beat James Storm to earn the Number 1 contender shot. Storm was saying how he worked hard for a year to get this title shot, but the superior Roode took the shot away in just a few minutes. Did I feel bad for Storm? Nope, I don't like him so I laughed and cheered on Rooode!

What does everyone think will happen? Will Storm win the number 1 contender shot back from Roode or will Roode go on to win the belt again before Storm?
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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

Either way whoever faces hardy will lose.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

You say all this like wrestling is real...

Roode won because Hardy is a face, and they just turned Aries 'heel' for that feud. Turning storm or Hardy heel, with a possible pending Styles heel turn gives TNA too many heels. So leave it at Roode vs Hardy, not saying Hardy vs Storm wouldn't work, but its harder to get a "personal storyline" out of face vs face. That's why I miss Aries as a tweener. He was a fan favorite, who did whatever he wanted because he was a bad ass.


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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

I think we already knew that Roode is gold.
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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

Storm wins his title shot back on Impact sometime in the next few weeks and beats Hardy for the title at Final Resolution. TNA is advertising Final Resolution as possibly Hardy's last match. Hardy's contract with TNA is up soon. If Roode keeps the title shot, that will just set up Storm VS Roode for the Title with Storm beating Roode at some future PPV (possibly Lockdown).

Its also possible that TNA turns the match into a 4-way and Storm leaves with the belt by pinning Roode. Its very likely that Storm is getting the World Title soon and that Hardy is losing the belt at Final Resolution. The only real question is how TNA will move the belt to Storm. If TNA didn't see Storm as one of their top guys, he wouldn't have been given the World Title last year and he wouldn't have finished 1st in the BFG Series. If TNA wasn't serious about pushing him, we wouldn't be so close to the World Title so often.
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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

Roode is the best in the business right now, and has been for at least two years.

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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

I disagree, he's second rate gold. He's better than Storm, but he isn't main event material. Doesn't have a solid gimmick, and isn't great on the mic.

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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

has no gimmick? Roode's gimmick is being TBITW, which he is
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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

Yes, Roode is awesome. Ever since his singles heel turn, he has been my favourite wrestler in TNA.
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Re: Bobby Roode is gold!

Great in ring, great on the mic, pretty much perfect.

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