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Aries-Hardy ladder match

I posted that topic saying Aries and Hardy feud sucked, but have to go back on what I said after that ladder match. One of the best singles ladder matches I've ever seen, with tonnes of innovative spots. It was a total spotfest, but it was awesome.

Neither guy has anything on Aces and Eights right now, but when Hardy collides with the DOC sometime down the road I'm sure it'll elevate the belt higher
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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

100% agreed. I don't know what in the hell everyone in the PPV thread was on about how "OMG that match BLEWZ!~!" It was fucking awesome. Awesome on levels of a misspelled "This is awsome" sign.

The final spot looked dangerous as hell, but it was among the very best finishes I've ever seen in a ladder match. This was on-par with the TLC matches in the WWE; Aries' athleticism and finesse was a step up from anyone else Hardy worked with in most of those matches.
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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

Match of the fucking Year! "but...but there were too many spots and it didn't happen at wrestlemania and it wasn't a 75 minute wrestling clinic" who cares. shit was fun and no one got injured. If you want to see two guys play it safe I suggest chess.

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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

Match was awesome.
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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

Loved the match.

SPOILERS --------------------------------
(Shouldnt be reading this thread anyway if you havnt seen it)

I dont think I've ever seen anyone hijack the controls to raise/lower the belt (or belts in this case) in a ladder match. That was fun to see.

Or the whole trapping hardy inside a ladder using the steps (but then hardy sneaking under the ring. Dont remember seeing that in a ladder match.
(the fall he took after that looked nasty as fook)

The last twist of fate on top of the ladders sitting in the corner....I cant believe he did it. There was so many ways that could have went very wrong.

Enjoyed every bit of the match. Brilliant stuff. Quality entertainment

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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

Are people really complaining about that match? I agree it wasnt a 5 star ladder match or best ladder match of all time but it was pretty damn good. I loved it. Last time I enjoyed a one on one ladder match as much as this one was HBK vs Y2J.

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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

It was an insane match.

I have to say despite being a terrible world champ and still being beyond appalling on the mic, Hardy has really pushed his in ring game since getting the title. He is unrecognisable to the shyte we have had for the last two years, its really genuinely impressive.

So many of those spots made me cringe, ridiculously risky, props to both men. They have huge balls to do that.
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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

the spot where hardy went ribs first into the support thing of the ladder i was legit "WOW" that was so nasty ... Great Match indeed.
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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

I personally wasn't a fan of it and I could name a lot more ladder matches that are better than it. I also think it's Aries' weakest PPV match of the year so far, which may not be a bad thing given his catalogue of 2012 PPV matches. Be that as it may, however, I wouldn't blame someone for enjoying it, it just wasn't my cuppa' tea and I PERSONALLY think it's being overrated a great deal.

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Re: Aries-Hardy ladder match

It was a good match, and I really enjoyed watching Harvey taking all those ridiculous bumps. But few things bugged me, such as Hardy's too obvious and exposing "movements" when Aries was in control, and how Aries just gave up the victory because Hardy escaped his trap.

But yeah, it was a lot of fun overall.
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