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Greatest Theme in TNA

I was thinking bout making a poll, but realized that there's probably too many stars who might have had non generic themes, and were with TNA for too short of a time(or at a time where many people on here might not have watched).

But in general, what do people think was the best theme in TNA history?

For WWE, I believe many people would say a theme like Edges(his most recent one),Austin,Hogan(real american) are probably some of the best in WWE history, so interested to find out about what songs people think are best in TNA, especially considering TNA has had many generic themes as well.

I'd say maybe one like Daniels(the one he used up until about 2-3 weeks ago) and Roode(current theme)

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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Bobby Roooooooooo

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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Roode easily.
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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Roode, Storm, Hardy, Joe, LAX, Beer Money, Styles, Kong, and Abyss come to mind.

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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Hands down, Roode. AJ's old theme was pretty cool, too.

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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

By and large, the cumulative spectrum of TNA themes are about as memorable and flattering as the average Brendan Fraser movie. They've sucked Herculean balls. They make me want to waffle myself over the head with a manhole cover.

With that said, here is a short list of themes that do not sound like passing a kidney stone:

To be honest, I always thought Roode's original theme song was far better than the one he currently uses and was more fitting of his no-nonsense personality:

Any list citing Haley's Comet-esque examples of good TNA themes would have to include this. For some reason, I prefer it to his WCW one.
It's probably the definitive theme of TNA's history, and the first 20 seconds or so are pretty memorable. With that said, this does contain the lyrics, "I'm trying to do my best to pass a test and show respect to the other guy" and "It's not evil, just like being Evil Kenevil. I jump to the left and I roll to the right, I'm trying to win the belt every night." I mean, this shit is reminiscent of the Birds of War song that Mac, Dennis, and Charlie write in the episode of Sunny where they wrestle for the troops. I'm not sure if this is a good theme or the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard.

Samoa Joe's original theme (this one) was fucking awesome. Then they changed it to a song that sounded like audio foot porn. Bad. The Motor City Machine Guns originally came out to a great knock-off of this song until Bang Bang! threatened to sue TNA, or something like that. TNA then proceeded to give them music that sounded as intimidating as a Timeflies song. What a spectacular waste of a great theme on a worthless talent. Scott Hall, one of the saddest stories in wrestling history. Basically his WCW theme, which not even TNA could mess up. Fits Steiner perfectly. Shelley hated this theme, but for some reason I always loved it. This goes hard. Ohhh yeah.

The best theme in TNA history is hardly even in question, though. This is probably one of the greatest themes in wrestling history and in an entirely different league from any others on this list:
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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Austin Healy Aries ‏@AustinAries
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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Beer Money
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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Yep, Roode's current could pretty much take the cake.

Toss in Chris Sabin's circa 2004 - 2007, AJ Styles original, Abyss' original, Jeff Jarrett, Naturals, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim's current, Magnus, & Samoa Joe's current.

Shane Douglas & New Church had some good ones too iirc.

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Re: Greatest Theme in TNA

Roode and Jarrett's themes are timeless.
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